Sunday, March 25, 2012


Crazy that it has been two weeks! Really, already two weeks has passed by…honestly, today it feels like it has been longer than two weeks (I am just tired (this blog was started on Saturday…but I am still tired), so I guess that is why I am feeling that way because I didn’t feel this way yesterday.). We love the added spice Sam brings to our family (my gut tells me this post may be a little off…I have started speaking slower in the last couple of hours and am having a hard time processing thoughts…ah, the joys of the lack of sleep…or maybe it is the margaritas?). So, this last week I was solo (not all week…my mom still comes over like she did when I was working…fine by me…not trying to be a super mom)…but I was solo for the bulk of the week, and overall, it went well. I learned that I would rather have all three boys than our youngest two…I need Hugh to help entertain Judah. I love Judah with everything in me, but at times…he can get a little crazy, so Hugh helps keep him occupied. So, this is our new season…crazy, but good…very tiring, but I know it is just a season and I wouldn’t change it (however, I would freeze time for a few additional hours in the night so I could get some more sleep…yes, I would).

So, what has week two brought for Sam? Well, it has definitely brought back breastfeeding – it is going okay…working through it each day. So, he doesn’t always get the best latch, but we are working on it. (We just don’t have “boob” men…they don’t know how to treat “them” like ladies.) Just like I have told myself that I could handle twenty-four hours of hard labor…I tell myself that I really am going to give breastfeeding a go for at least four weeks. So, I am in that super fun cycle of breastfeeding/pumping/bottle feeding…however, I don’t try to spend like an hour breastfeeding. I give it a good go for ten minutes prior to going to the pump. I am hoping to eventually drop the pumping, but it is still needed right now (I am not using Fenugreek this time around)…it is a vicious cycle with the pump…it helps build supply, but almost to a fault…ugh, I just can’t win. And, the freezer is already starting to get full! I am not ready to try any bfing in public…I could care less if the world sees my boobs, but just not ready for the struggle in public…eventually we’ll get there. So, not planning on going anywhere any time soon (much to Hubey’s dismay). So, my saga continues…(yes, bfing is one of the hardest things ever for me…seriously). So, besides the boob, what else did this week bring? Well, we realized that Sam can get hit in the head with a tub of Vaseline and be okay (you’d be surprised by how much those tubs can roll after little hands throw them). Sam realized that he does not enjoy being covered by a blanket (and his Mama realized that she needs to pay a little more attention to older brothers during a shower…can’t a girl just get a shower…like twice a week?!?).

Sam enjoys sleeping on Mama’s chest and could probably sleep for like six hours straight (if two missiles weren’t ready to launch)…we normally end up in this position around eight-ish every night. Honestly, he has been doing okay with sleeping…but there is such a difference between getting six hours of sleep in one stretch versus in pieces. No complaints…I am functioning. And we are so napping him in the swing...oh, yes we are…and yes, we know it is one more thing to break…not worried about it…there are lots of things that we have to break, but we do them…we just add swing to the list. I am all about sanity in the first few months…really don’t care how we get there. He is in his room at night now…sleeps in the crib and is doing well. He enjoys his half swaddle…so much for all the fancy swaddles I bought…I love baby gear and can pretty much be sold on anything that people swear helps their babies sleep better (I would buy a puppy if people swore it helped their babies sleep.). Well, I should have known that it would be pure torture to keep Sam’s hands away from his face…lesson learned. We are really working on tummy time...don't want another flat headed child! He is enjoying the shower with Dada –we learned our lesson with Hugh and will forever throw our boys right into the shower. I took all three boys out for a walk on Friday…by myself…yes, I am sort of amazing. We are back at church – I am sure I didn’t understand one word that was said – I can barely understand Sesame Street right now…definitely will not be able to comprehend any theology right now. Glad we are back…but I won’t really be back mentally for another four to six weeks…let’s just be honest. He is hit or miss on the car rides…we heard a bit of the dying kitty today. And the big question is, who does he look like? I have a lot of people saying me this time around...honestly, I think he looks like Sam...time will tell.

Overall, I am doing well. Bfing can definitely take its toll, but I am not a quitter (oh, wait…yes, I am…but I am really going to try this time). What I have had to get over is my unrealistic expectations of getting Sam on a four hour schedule from birth (honestly, he is fairly close), but what I have to tell myself is it doesn't need to be a focus...I am such a schedule person so this is easier said than done. I am sure I mentioned before, but I LOVE my iPhone and I have been reading so many encouraging things as I nurse or pump…I am really trying to focus on God’s faithfulness and that my strength and energy comes from Him and only Him. I cannot rely on my sleep or my husband or my children’s behavior to dictate my day – God doesn’t change – He is always there for me…even on days when I don’t think I am going to have the strength to make it to the next hour. So, that is what I am trying to focus on…not always easy, but I am trying. So, I am hoping this baby weight starts to come off soon…do not enjoy wearing maternity clothes still and don’t really want to buy more “transition” clothes (transition clothes that turn into normal clothes…ugh…I am going to need to get me a Spanx…seriously…like ordering it now). And no, this time I will not be doing any Thirty Day Shred by Jillian…no thanks…I’ll just keep eating cookies (and praying the weight comes back off). So, until next week…let the fun continue.

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DeeBoyzMomma said...

Oh my goodness, that last picture is adorable. He is so precious. Keep up the good work Momma. You deserve a medal in my book. You are a great Mom. Love you!