Saturday, March 10, 2012

Welcome to this World, Sammy!

Welcome to our third son, Samuel Elias Saylor! Sam was born on Friday, March 9, 2012 at 8:54PM. He was born on his due date – I found out only 4% of babies are born on their actual due date…so, he is kind of already amazing, but we already knew that. (So thankful he came when he did...I was starting to get a little freaked that I would have a day old+ baby living inside me...yikes...yes, I think about those things.) He weighed 6lbs. 13oz. and was 20in. long! He was right in between Hugh and Judah for weight and was our longest little boy. I was certain this little guy would be over 8lbs…since he was two weeks late in my book (Hugh and Judah were both born a little over 38 weeks and of course, this baby would follow suit…ha). Well, clearly he wasn’t over 8lbs…nope, it was definitely my thighs and tail that gained all that extra weight…oh joy. It is for my milk supply…I’ll just tell myself that. So, I got my tiny baby…I LOVE tiny babies! He is so long and skinny – he looks a lot like Hugh, but we said that with Judah and they don’t look anything alike now…so, I guess time will tell. It does look like he has those Johnson big lips…and hopefully, Jake’s nose (getting my nose would be sad). We are so excited to be home with him and so excited to start this next chapter of our lives (with a lot less sleep!)!

So, as I should have known…all pregnancies are different, all babies are different, and all labors are different. And this labor, definitely different. As most know, I wanted a leap year baby…which was ten days prior to my due date, which was timed perfectly with how the other two boys came early. Well, leap year came and went and so did the days past leap year. This time around, we decided to deliver at a birthing center away from the hospital – we have had no issues with St. Joe’s in the past – they have been great, but we wanted to follow the midwife that delivered Hugh and Judah. So, when she left the practice at St. Joe’s, we really prayed about it and felt this was the best decision for our family. And, as it would be…since I would be delivering at a birthing center, there would be no inducing at all…not an option. And of course, this was going to be a time where I would have thought about getting induced…so ironic, and you just have to laugh. Well, on Thursday night I was having a lot of on and off contractions – I went to sleep certain that I would wake up in labor on Friday morning…I was wrong. I had no contractions…oh well. So, I went about my day and at about 7:30AM…I think my water broke, or I had wet my pants…like a lot…it was gross. I told Jake that if my water didn’t break, I had bigger problems (like much bigger problems). My water has never broken – they normally break my water when I am about 8cm dilated. So, I know all the risk of your water breaking and infection…so I called my midwife – she told me some things to try and get contractions going and for us to come in around noon to verify my water did break. So, I tried those things and nothing – there were zero contractions! So, I knew my window was short – my midwife would send me to the hospital to be induced if the contractions didn’t start. (Side note – I am really afraid of Pitocin…most people say it is horrible for women who do unmedicated births – making their labors ten times worse. I know what labor feels like…the thought of it even being twice as bad is a nightmare and I really wanted an unmedicated birth. I have a sister-in-law who has had four babies on Pitocin and unmedicated – every labor and delivery nurse I speak to says she must have some type of super human strength – I don’t have that strength.) So, my midwife checked me at noon and confirmed my water had broken, Sammy sounded great, and I was 4cm dilated (mind you, I was 4cm with no contractions – I was in one of my pre-natal labor groups with a mom who was having her seventh boy (yes, seventh boy) and she said she was dilated to 4cm and after six kids, it is where she just starts…I think I am in that boat now). So, again she told me of some “natural” ways to start labor – one was some herbs (those scare me a little) and one was castor oil, which she explained would be horrible but it would probably get labor started since my water had already broken.

So, I went with the castor oil – oh my word, horrible is an understatement…seriously. At first, I swore it didn’t work…but she told me to be patient. At around 3PM it started working…oh my wow was it working (I’ll save the details…they are not blog appropriate and normally, I like to share – just ask my sisters-in-law). And contractions started around 3:45PM – the contractions started getting painful about 5PM…so we headed to the birth center and sadly, I was only dilated to 5cm (I told my midwife that maybe Pitocin would have been easier than the castor oil (I was cursing that castor oil…big time)…she swore to me it was not). However, I think the castor oil made the contractions stronger or my body was already beat up from the castor oil. Anyway, we walked for a little – until it was dark (the birthing center is in the da’ hood…so walking around at night…not a good idea). The contractions were definitely picking up and so I headed into the tub – the warm water was so relaxing, but as soon as the water would get cold…I would start convulsing and it wasn’t fun. So, I got checked around 8PM and was 7cm – I stayed on the bed and Sammy was born at 8:54PM. So, in all about five hours of labor…piece of cake (well, cake would have been better – but it honestly wasn’t too bad…just focused on my verse – Phil. 4:13)…and we got to follow our hearts with delivering in the birthing center. So, in hindsight was the castor oil needed…who knows? Today, we have our baby and I still have the joys of the castor oil (and my curse continues) – two for the price of one…doesn’t get much better than that (I am only a good eight jars of castor oil away from my goal weight). The best thing about the birthing center, we left at 12:30AM…three and half hours after baby…love it. Honestly, the birth center was AMAZING – I would recommend to everyone (and honestly, I am not a “crunchy” mama…but I am passionate about birthing my babies…not in a crazy way (at least that is what I tell myself)). We are so thankful God brought our sweet boy into this world safely – He is so kind to us. (Another side note – Jake is amazing. I know we all have amazing husbands, but he is the best labor coach there is…shoot, he could be a doula…he is that good.)

So, we start our first week with Sammy at home. Jake’s parents have been fantastic and have taken our big boys for a couple of days…so, real life hasn’t actually set in just yet. It will all start tomorrow. Hugh and Judah are already loving on little Sammy, but we definitely have to keep an eye on them all…we know it can get crazy quickly in our house. I am so excited to see the relationships of these boys grow. We pray we raise these boys to chase after God’s heart – we all know this world needs some good men. We are so blessed – it is all surreal.

So, bring on the breastfeeding joys, let the sleepless nights begin, let Mama falling asleep in the playroom while the big boys go wild start, let random meals begin…it is all about survival. And I really want to enjoy it all…I always say this and then I realize how hard it all is and my trust in God drops and I have lots of pity parties…blah blah blah. So, I am really hoping I have a better attitude with this season…at least I can have some wine again (like a bottle). And as I watch my sweet son sleep on his Dada’s chest…I wouldn’t change this season for anything…as we all know, this season is so short and babies don’t keep! (And let the weekly posts begin...what did I get myself into?!?)


Amy said...

welcome sweet Sammy! We love you already, precious boy!!

Jen said...

What a great post Jenn! Can't wait to meet baby Sam!!! :)

Heidi said...

Your not a crunchy Momma!! That is priceless Jenn. Loved reading your birth story but castor oil??? Seriously? That sounds horrific. But I am pretty sure I would have tried anything suggested with one of my babies. No one suggested it though (thank goodness)!

Can't wait for the weekly posts.

Cynthia said...

We love you! Such a great post. You're such a good friend and sister to share you labor story. Much love and we will babysit for you whenever you need! xoxo

Theresa said...

Yay for Baby Sammy! Man, what a story. I guess that's a good one to "end" on...that is if your done making babies! ;) Can't wait to meet that boy. I'm guessing your most "Johnson-looking" baby thus far...:)