Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lucky Seven

Sammy is seven weeks! Hard to believe he is already seven weeks, but honestly, I feel like I have forgotten a week and he is actually eight weeks. I know he is not, but it feels like it…yep, I am a little crazy (or a lot crazy). Some days I feel like the days are inching by, but when I come to the weekly posts, I look back and realize the week has flown by…and I can’t remember a single thing that happened…ugh. I know this week has been about focusing on a better schedule for Sammy…and I feel like we are slowly getting there…and I am sure I wrote the exact same thing last week. I really want to soak all of this in with this sweet baby!
So, what did week seven bring for Sam? Well, I actually left him…twice! Now, I have no problem leaving my boys; however, this time around it has been a little harder. The main issue being we have three boys three and under, and I know they are pure joy…but not everyone can handle this pure joy. I know we’ll get there in time. So, Jake got the chance to watch all the boys (however, not really sure it counts if one was sleeping…just sayin’)…and I got to go to the dentist! Ah, my love for the dentist…I needed to finish up some dental work back from November. I know, that sounds terrible, but I have a great endodontist and back in November he said to me, “I’ll do a lot of build-up work on your tooth since you are going on vacation, so you’ll be good for a little bit.”…so, in my mind that means five plus months…I don’t think that is what he was thinking…oh well. Luckily, there were no other issues, but I still have several follow-up appointments…lucky me. Sam was fine…and still hasn’t had a bottle. For some reason, I feel like giving him a bottle seems like so much work, which is so crazy because it is pretty much all Hugh and Judah had and I was always fine with it (and I think in the back of my mind I am a little afraid that he will prefer the bottle over me and I'll be back to my affair with Mr. Pump). I know I need to give him a bottle very soon…I am going back to work and Sam will not be coming with me (that is a fact…bringing your baby to work isn’t always the coolest thing to do). So, we’ll get on the bottle thing this week…who wants to come watch all my boys?!? I have learned to relax with Sam and bfing…finally. I should be thankful he eats super fast and not worry about it being a full feeding (because normally, it always is…but I am freak about it). I took all three boys to the zoo…all by myself…well, we met some good friends and they did provide some extra hands and eyes, but I still did it. And now that I have pulled the trigger, I’ll keep pulling it…you just got to do it. Sam did great – we were sweating like some super pigs (he was in the Moby), but a little (no, a whole heck of lot) of sweat won’t kill you (and I know this because I am a sweater). However, I did not feed him while out…I didn’t have my pillow. I saw another mom just walking around bfing…belly tats and everything…good for her…but this girl still loves her pillow, yes she does! Sam is SUPER sensitive…like a little scratch will cause him to scream like you are cutting his arm off…no joke…it should make life interesting in about six months when he is really in the thick of it with his brothers!
So, I feel like the schedule is getting better…but he still ends every single nap in the swing. He is still loving the Woombie (I use the term “loving” very loosely) and it is helping him prolong his sleep a little longer at night (I do normally have to get up to put his pacifier back in at some point…I know, bad habit, but I am okay with it). He still has a rough transition at night for bedtime (he gets gas bubbles and he is miserable…it is very sad), but I feel like it is getting better and I love it once he calms down and I just get to rock him (and rock him and rock him…yes, I LOVE to rock my babies…we bought a rocker for a reason and I use it…enjoying sleep prop #112). He is starting to track people with his eyes more…especially Mama. He has a special place in his heart for his Mama right now and I love it…yes, I do. I love that he just melts into me when I hold him – I had the same thing with my big boys…like God made them just for me…love it. He seems to enjoy his playmat a little more and will try to reach out at the toys…I look at him and think, “how is this already happening?!?” He is smiling more and is “talking” more…I love it. He still LOVES showers…definitely his favorite time of day. He got to meet his Uncle Clayton and looks forward to meeting the rest of his AK family. He is such a sweet, little guy and I cannot imagine life without him!
Life is crazy, but so good! I live in Crazy Town, but it is all good. I want to embrace everything and have a good attitude – I want to thank God for every season even when it is crazy! I want to have a good attitude…even when I don’t get my way. I love these baby days…worth every minute of lost sleep.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sleep?!? Who Needs It?!?

Happy six weeks to our little Sammalamb! (Jake loves that nickname…I personally think it is quite cute.) Hard to believe six weeks is past, but honestly, I felt this last week…oh yes, I did. I felt every long minute during the nights…oh, yes I did. Even Jake felt it as well…yep, he was getting up as well…a girl can only handle getting up every forty-five minutes for so long before she has a nervous breakdown. I am so thankful for my wonderful husband for helping out in the night…two nights in a row. Still working on some serious sleep schedules…obviously. So, it was a bit of a rough week, but there was a light at the end of the week…a very bright light!

So, what did week six bring for Sam? Well, as I stated above it brought some bad sleep at night…some very bad sleep. This little guy has a serious moro reflex (the startle reflex)…serious case of it. He startles himself ALL.THE.TIME. So, after two very bad nights of sleep (which felt like two months)…I started thinking about all the variables that could be causing the bad sleep…was it the time in the Moby, was he not getting a full feeding, was he hot, was he cold…yes, I think in variables – I spent ten plus years in accounting prior to having my sweet boys…so, I think in variables. Sam started screaming with the swaddle – we only half swaddle, so we thought maybe he was hot…not the problem…so I bundled him up…not the problem…ugh, why wasn’t he sleeping?!? Well, meet the Woombie – the swaddle straight jacket and my new best friend (not to be confused with my brest friend who still remains a VERY faithful companion to me). I bought the Woombie prior to Sam being born – bought multiple sizes – people swore their babies slept using the Woombie…again, I will but ANYTHING that people say helped their baby to sleep…no joke…ANYTHING (Jake LOVES this quality about me.). We tried the Woombie right after Sam was born and he seemed to hate it and I was still in that, “If my baby doesn’t like it then I don't want to do it.”…well, six weeks in and no sleep you start to change your tune. So, we put that baby back in the Woombie and he fights it a little bit, but he sleeps…ah, glorious sleep. Now, I am not going to sit here and give a testimonial about how the first night in the Woombie he slept six hours…that is not happening, but three and half hours is good for me! So, I heart the Woombie – yes, I do! So, I put him in it for naps as well and the car seat – oh, yes…it unzips from the bottom so the five point harness still works and no, the arms are not the important piece in the car seat…stop with the judgment, or keep with the judgment, I am cool with it. (I will include a pic of the Woombie next week…so awesome.) So, unfortunately we were not able to fix the “magic” swing…sad day. Jake gave it a really good try...and for that, I am proud of him…A for effort. So, now we have the step child swing…not a magic swing, but he’ll still sleep in it (sometimes…his favorite place is someone’s arms) and I REALLY try to lay him down in a stationary place for naps first prior to moving him to the swing (and yes, he usually ends in the swing…it is all good…sleep is sleep at the end of the day). He had lots of outings this week and did well. He still has his fussy period, but we are all managing…he is a baby…I say that for myself so I remember. I actually ran an errand with all three boys…by myself. Now, it was just to Target to get one thing, but it is a start and I think more outings are to come…it is fact…I have three kids and I have to leave the house at some point. We dropped Sam off in the church nursery this week (much to Jake’s horror) and he was fine…and I nursed at church again…this time bringing my brest friend (my clutch)…always better with my brest friend. He loves his paci still, which buys me a little time when he is sleeping. It seems like his reflux may be bothering him a bit more now…still watching it. He is so alert all the time and he continues to be more interested in his brothers and sometimes will scream just when they are close to him…a flare for the dramatic (he gets that from Jake). He continues to have a loud cry and can get spitting mad very quickly. He continues to smile more…sometimes when he just hears my voice (I am the Baby Whisperer). I look forward to him smiling more at his brothers…and to me actually catching it on camera (that would actually mean I would need to take out my camera and take pictures…ugh). He talks and I love it – so sweet. Shower time with Dada is still his most favorite time of day. So, even with a serious lack of sleep, it is all good and I LOVE to sit and snuggle with our sweet Sam – I love praying for him and see the incredible faithfulness of God every time I look at our sweet boy.

So, again for this next week the theme will be “Schedules”…or lack thereof as in our case…ugh. Again, I know we’ll get there…it takes time. I gotta start getting more sleep at night to get myself back to working out…going from Fat to Fab (Jake's nickname for the couch to 5k program I plan to do…sweet husband)…and let’s be honest, I just want more sleep…it has nothing to do with working out…not one little bit!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Five weeks! Yes, five weeks and still surviving…all of us. And, Sam seems to be adjusting to our family well…all the crazy noise and everything. He seems like he would prefer a quieter environment…oh, well…not going to happen. Sorry my son, but when you are number three of three boys, there is no such thing as quiet…ever. Sometimes I wonder if there will ever be quiet again…I know there will be and I’ll miss the yelling, the crying, the constant questions, the whining (oh wait…I will never miss that), and the fighting (oh, nope won’t miss that one either). Life is crazy…as always!

So, what did week five bring for Sam? It brought his first Easter! He did really well going ALL over the Valley…seriously, we drove from one side to the total other side. I had got him a super cute tie to match his brothers…but could never find a shirt to go with it, so he wore a different outfit. (I also never got a picture of the boys in their super cute ties…terrible mother…they became total pig pens…so, no pics…ugh…lesson learned – always get pics before candy.) He got his first set of shots (catch-up since we didn’t vaccinate at birth…I know, we are such rebels)…he cried for like thirty seconds…total champ. Our doctor said, “You’ll probably want to nurse him after his shots.”…ah, no…I had all three boys with me in the office the size of a bathroom. Judah and Hugh were getting stir crazy…and I am going to sit and nurse…I don’t think so my friend…get me out of there…sorry Sam. Sam is now 8lbs. 7oz. and 21in…so, he is doing awesome with his weight gain and I can stop freaking out about my supply (not going to happen…but I am doing much better this week). He is doing great. And, still no reflux meds. He definitely has reflux…spits up a ton and you can see it with him (the spit up going up and then back down), but I don’t really think it causes him pain, but we’ll continue to watch him. He had his first full vomit session…this is a norm among our boys and it is disgusting. This was a tougher week for me…I'm really starting to worry about getting on a decent schedule and may have taken a visit to Crazy Town. While nursing, I spend time reading blogs…have been reading one about Babywise. And I started feeling like a failure for the eight hundred “sleep props” we use to get Sam to sleep…he is just like our other boys…naps in the swing and sleeps in the crib at night. It works for us, but then I started thinking maybe he would be a better sleeper if I just bit the bullet and started napping him in the crib now…but I can’t handle crying it out…especially right now. We are a “cry it out” family…but not at five weeks….or six weeks…or seven weeks…just can’t do it. So, I stopped reading that Babywise blog and started reading Dr. Sears and I felt much better about myself and my parenting…always go to Dr. Sears when I am wondering…am I rocking him too long? Is nursing him to sleep really that bad? Dancing all around the room trying to get him to sleep is normal…right? Yep, just read Dr. Sears and I feel like I made it…stay away from Babywise. (Side note…we are scheduled parents…we just are very lax about it…do we have the best sleepers…nope, but that is okay.) However, I do think we’ll try to break the swing a little earlier with him.

He still eats about every three hours and pulls a little longer at night…wishing he would pull even a little longer at night…we’ll get there…I know that. He is a lazy eater and sometimes will only eat for like three minutes at night…no joke…three minutes. Want to do something that will drive me crazy in the middle night…wake me up to nurse and only eat for three minutes! He seems to only enjoy nursing to eat (he is not a lover of nursing either…once again, not a boob man)…not a special bonding time with Mama…I feel you buddy. So, still no love affair with nursing…honestly, not sure we’ll ever get there. I actually nursed in a public place with no pillow…and yep, bad as I thought it would be…well, not that bad…but not a full feeding (we are still working on the full feedings)…I like my pillow. He still definitely has his fussy period at night, but we are starting to lay him down earlier to help deal with it…this boy gets easily overstimulated, which I am learning during the day for naps…surprised at why he gets so overstimulated…the constant TV blaring, the boys screaming…I wonder what it could be? He LOVES the shower with Daddy and it will ALWAYS calm him down (I told Jake the other night that they should just hang out in there for a few hours every night.) He still reminds me of Hugh by being WIDE awake and struggling to sleep. He loves to be held…especially by his Mama. He still enjoys the time in the Moby – unfortunately, my back and neck hate it…another reason why I heart the Ergo. I swear he smiles at me. He is becoming more interested in his brothers…probably more out of fear (I don’t blame him). He still seems to love his paci…and yes, I am pushing it (another sleep prop…love it). Everyone keeps telling me that he looks just like me, but he totally has Jake’s hairline…the widows peak or island in the sun as Jake likes to call it…so, does that mean I am balding as well? Judah has given him the nickname “Shammy” and I think it may stick. It was a tough week, but a good week…always good weeks.

So, I am constantly learning and this week was no different. I may have taken the bus to Crazy Town, but I learned on that bus…I learned that babies are there to be loved and cared for, not always figured out…and God places them in my life to sanctify me; schedules will happen…in time (I should know this after three children.); keeping a clean house with three children is actually impossible…seriously; and the thought of working out is frightening...however, I am wearing workout pants and as G.I. Joe would say, “That is half the battle.” Even with the trip to Crazy Town, I am enjoying this little guy so much! Sometimes it is just hard to get pulled in a million directions and feel like you always have a million things to do…I’ll figure it out and I know (one day) I am going to miss this craziness!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Flying Solo...

Flying solo and survival…definitely the themes for week four. Jake left for eight days last Friday and returned this past Friday. Honestly, I was scared to death before he left thinking those eight days would be the longest eight days of my life…and it really wasn’t that bad. I have LOTS of support – wonderful family, friends, and neighbors…so, it makes it so much easier. The big boys stayed with each set of grandparents for a night, so that was very nice for me…I love all my boys, but a girl doesn’t mind a break every now and then. The hardest parts of the day are always the same…meals and bedtime…those are hard with or without Jake. I learned a little bit of coffee goes a long way and I really can survive on a total of five hours of sleep a day and actually really function on it (I never thought this was possible…I love me some sleep, but I am really doing it this time…go me). So, we all survived (thankful for processed foods and TV) and we are SO glad to have Daddy home!

So, what did week four bring for Sam? Well, it brought A LOT of time with Mama…we are attached to each other. And he LOVES his Mama…like really (really) (really) loves his Mama. I only have such a short period with them…I know he’ll go to the other (Daddy) side before I know it…I lost Judah before he was even a year…hoping Sam stays with me longer! I need to be more fun. I swear he is smiling at me…or at least really trying. He has also started cooing, which is so cute…he has lots to say. He definitely has his fussy time at night (even his love for Mama cannot take that time away from him)…I am guessing it is because he is a baby and gets fussy, not because he has tummy issues, but we’ll see. I am going to start him on probiotics this next week and I am going to start taking them as well…I figure it cannot hurt. We go to a very conservative pediatrician now and they don’t hand out reflux meds like candy…bummer (not that we want to use meds…but we are always willing if they help…we are pro meds over here). I know the fussy period will just be a phase, but it is hard at times. He gets into such a frenzy and I have sat trying to nurse him for like hours and it is terrible…I am sure he is thinking, “Lady, get that boob out of my face already!” So, we wait patiently…patience is NOT my middle name. He seems to love the pacifier and we are already playing the “drop the pacifier” game, which I HATE. It is the curse of the pacifier, but there are also so many blessings to the pacifier. Judah dropped the pacifier about this time, so we’ll see if Sam keeps it…I am pro pacifier even with the fun game. He passed his hearing test (since he was born at the birthing center, he didn’t get a hearing test)…passed in like five minutes…glad I spent forty-five minutes driving to the appointment.

He seems to not enjoy tummy time or his time on the play mat. Call him crazy, but he likes to be held…he knows what is up. He actually seems to get irritated if I do something while holding him (like trying to play (actually get beat) Scramble on the iPhone…that game is like crack for me…just what I needed). He has been going to work with me (yes, I am still working…no maternity leave this time…too hard when you work for a small company…and I know my mom is horrified at the thought of being with all three…so, he comes with me…and he gets to nurse in the car…classy…but it is better than a bathroom). And the very sad news for the week, the magic swing broke…our wonderful neighbors gave us the magic swing with Hugh and he started napping…it was heaven…and Judah would take like seven hour naps in it..and now seven plus years later (they used the magic swing with their two kids) it has died. Very sad day in the Saylor house. So, of course I found a fix on the internet (because I can find anything with Google)…Jake is really trying to branch out and fix it…I’ll update next week if my MacGuyver husband was able to fix it (keep your fingers crossed). So, we have our other swing back and Sam doesn’t love it as much, but we are going to REALLY work on it. Yes, all my boys sleep in the swing in the day and the crib at night and no, I don’t know why they can’t sleep in the crib during the day, but they really can’t…and I can’t let them cry it out yet. He has been napping in the Moby in the last two days while we were swingless…now that is a habit I probably don’t want to start. He still seems to be on a two and half to three hour schedule…would love to get to that four hour schedule…again, patience is not my middle name. Overall, he is doing really well and I am really enjoying him…fussiness and all.

Well, it wouldn’t be my blog without a bfing update. So, we are exclusively bfing…it has been almost two weeks since he touched a bottle (I am sure that will backfire horribly on me…ugh). And, I put away the pump this week…I will actually go places without my pump. Okay, that is a huge deal for me. With my first two boys, my pump was another child…it went everywhere with me. The thought of not having my pump with me would be horrifying. But bfing seems to be going well this time around…except for my OCD about not knowing how much he is getting or wondering if my milk supply is going to dry up (yes, I have some crazy…you all already knew this). I have to admit it is nice not washing bottles and pump parts all.the.time. (Well, we still wash bottles...nineteen months is too young to drop a bottle...I don't care what the experts say.) My milk supply did regulate this week, which was nice…but it is just so different than pumping (where you ALWAYS feel engorged…and I have learned that isn’t the norm with bfing…I have also learned that you can shower and water can touch your boobs and you won’t start crying). I am relaxing over the supply issue…I know I got the milk! And, I am trying not to freak about how much he is eating. Unfortunately, Sam is a bit of a lazy eater and tends to fall asleep while eating. I am sure I am creating a total snack feeder…fantastic…remind of what a terrible idea this was when I am still nursing him in the middle of the night when he is nine months old! So, this week we are really going to work on the full feeding! There is still definitely no love affair with bfing and sometimes it all seems a little weird to me, but I am praying I learn to enjoy it. There is still no way I can nurse without my “brest friend” and I am sure the day I nurse in a public place will be the day every person in that public place will get to see my boobs. I have learned through all of this that my strength really does come from the Lord…not from sleep, my husband, the internet, etc. He sustains in everything…praise God!

(It is hard to bust out a camera and take care of three kids...just sayin'.)