Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lucky Seven

Sammy is seven weeks! Hard to believe he is already seven weeks, but honestly, I feel like I have forgotten a week and he is actually eight weeks. I know he is not, but it feels like it…yep, I am a little crazy (or a lot crazy). Some days I feel like the days are inching by, but when I come to the weekly posts, I look back and realize the week has flown by…and I can’t remember a single thing that happened…ugh. I know this week has been about focusing on a better schedule for Sammy…and I feel like we are slowly getting there…and I am sure I wrote the exact same thing last week. I really want to soak all of this in with this sweet baby!
So, what did week seven bring for Sam? Well, I actually left him…twice! Now, I have no problem leaving my boys; however, this time around it has been a little harder. The main issue being we have three boys three and under, and I know they are pure joy…but not everyone can handle this pure joy. I know we’ll get there in time. So, Jake got the chance to watch all the boys (however, not really sure it counts if one was sleeping…just sayin’)…and I got to go to the dentist! Ah, my love for the dentist…I needed to finish up some dental work back from November. I know, that sounds terrible, but I have a great endodontist and back in November he said to me, “I’ll do a lot of build-up work on your tooth since you are going on vacation, so you’ll be good for a little bit.”…so, in my mind that means five plus months…I don’t think that is what he was thinking…oh well. Luckily, there were no other issues, but I still have several follow-up appointments…lucky me. Sam was fine…and still hasn’t had a bottle. For some reason, I feel like giving him a bottle seems like so much work, which is so crazy because it is pretty much all Hugh and Judah had and I was always fine with it (and I think in the back of my mind I am a little afraid that he will prefer the bottle over me and I'll be back to my affair with Mr. Pump). I know I need to give him a bottle very soon…I am going back to work and Sam will not be coming with me (that is a fact…bringing your baby to work isn’t always the coolest thing to do). So, we’ll get on the bottle thing this week…who wants to come watch all my boys?!? I have learned to relax with Sam and bfing…finally. I should be thankful he eats super fast and not worry about it being a full feeding (because normally, it always is…but I am freak about it). I took all three boys to the zoo…all by myself…well, we met some good friends and they did provide some extra hands and eyes, but I still did it. And now that I have pulled the trigger, I’ll keep pulling it…you just got to do it. Sam did great – we were sweating like some super pigs (he was in the Moby), but a little (no, a whole heck of lot) of sweat won’t kill you (and I know this because I am a sweater). However, I did not feed him while out…I didn’t have my pillow. I saw another mom just walking around bfing…belly tats and everything…good for her…but this girl still loves her pillow, yes she does! Sam is SUPER sensitive…like a little scratch will cause him to scream like you are cutting his arm off…no joke…it should make life interesting in about six months when he is really in the thick of it with his brothers!
So, I feel like the schedule is getting better…but he still ends every single nap in the swing. He is still loving the Woombie (I use the term “loving” very loosely) and it is helping him prolong his sleep a little longer at night (I do normally have to get up to put his pacifier back in at some point…I know, bad habit, but I am okay with it). He still has a rough transition at night for bedtime (he gets gas bubbles and he is miserable…it is very sad), but I feel like it is getting better and I love it once he calms down and I just get to rock him (and rock him and rock him…yes, I LOVE to rock my babies…we bought a rocker for a reason and I use it…enjoying sleep prop #112). He is starting to track people with his eyes more…especially Mama. He has a special place in his heart for his Mama right now and I love it…yes, I do. I love that he just melts into me when I hold him – I had the same thing with my big boys…like God made them just for me…love it. He seems to enjoy his playmat a little more and will try to reach out at the toys…I look at him and think, “how is this already happening?!?” He is smiling more and is “talking” more…I love it. He still LOVES showers…definitely his favorite time of day. He got to meet his Uncle Clayton and looks forward to meeting the rest of his AK family. He is such a sweet, little guy and I cannot imagine life without him!
Life is crazy, but so good! I live in Crazy Town, but it is all good. I want to embrace everything and have a good attitude – I want to thank God for every season even when it is crazy! I want to have a good attitude…even when I don’t get my way. I love these baby days…worth every minute of lost sleep.

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