Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sleep?!? Who Needs It?!?

Happy six weeks to our little Sammalamb! (Jake loves that nickname…I personally think it is quite cute.) Hard to believe six weeks is past, but honestly, I felt this last week…oh yes, I did. I felt every long minute during the nights…oh, yes I did. Even Jake felt it as well…yep, he was getting up as well…a girl can only handle getting up every forty-five minutes for so long before she has a nervous breakdown. I am so thankful for my wonderful husband for helping out in the night…two nights in a row. Still working on some serious sleep schedules…obviously. So, it was a bit of a rough week, but there was a light at the end of the week…a very bright light!

So, what did week six bring for Sam? Well, as I stated above it brought some bad sleep at night…some very bad sleep. This little guy has a serious moro reflex (the startle reflex)…serious case of it. He startles himself ALL.THE.TIME. So, after two very bad nights of sleep (which felt like two months)…I started thinking about all the variables that could be causing the bad sleep…was it the time in the Moby, was he not getting a full feeding, was he hot, was he cold…yes, I think in variables – I spent ten plus years in accounting prior to having my sweet boys…so, I think in variables. Sam started screaming with the swaddle – we only half swaddle, so we thought maybe he was hot…not the problem…so I bundled him up…not the problem…ugh, why wasn’t he sleeping?!? Well, meet the Woombie – the swaddle straight jacket and my new best friend (not to be confused with my brest friend who still remains a VERY faithful companion to me). I bought the Woombie prior to Sam being born – bought multiple sizes – people swore their babies slept using the Woombie…again, I will but ANYTHING that people say helped their baby to sleep…no joke…ANYTHING (Jake LOVES this quality about me.). We tried the Woombie right after Sam was born and he seemed to hate it and I was still in that, “If my baby doesn’t like it then I don't want to do it.”…well, six weeks in and no sleep you start to change your tune. So, we put that baby back in the Woombie and he fights it a little bit, but he sleeps…ah, glorious sleep. Now, I am not going to sit here and give a testimonial about how the first night in the Woombie he slept six hours…that is not happening, but three and half hours is good for me! So, I heart the Woombie – yes, I do! So, I put him in it for naps as well and the car seat – oh, yes…it unzips from the bottom so the five point harness still works and no, the arms are not the important piece in the car seat…stop with the judgment, or keep with the judgment, I am cool with it. (I will include a pic of the Woombie next week…so awesome.) So, unfortunately we were not able to fix the “magic” swing…sad day. Jake gave it a really good try...and for that, I am proud of him…A for effort. So, now we have the step child swing…not a magic swing, but he’ll still sleep in it (sometimes…his favorite place is someone’s arms) and I REALLY try to lay him down in a stationary place for naps first prior to moving him to the swing (and yes, he usually ends in the swing…it is all good…sleep is sleep at the end of the day). He had lots of outings this week and did well. He still has his fussy period, but we are all managing…he is a baby…I say that for myself so I remember. I actually ran an errand with all three boys…by myself. Now, it was just to Target to get one thing, but it is a start and I think more outings are to come…it is fact…I have three kids and I have to leave the house at some point. We dropped Sam off in the church nursery this week (much to Jake’s horror) and he was fine…and I nursed at church again…this time bringing my brest friend (my clutch)…always better with my brest friend. He loves his paci still, which buys me a little time when he is sleeping. It seems like his reflux may be bothering him a bit more now…still watching it. He is so alert all the time and he continues to be more interested in his brothers and sometimes will scream just when they are close to him…a flare for the dramatic (he gets that from Jake). He continues to have a loud cry and can get spitting mad very quickly. He continues to smile more…sometimes when he just hears my voice (I am the Baby Whisperer). I look forward to him smiling more at his brothers…and to me actually catching it on camera (that would actually mean I would need to take out my camera and take pictures…ugh). He talks and I love it – so sweet. Shower time with Dada is still his most favorite time of day. So, even with a serious lack of sleep, it is all good and I LOVE to sit and snuggle with our sweet Sam – I love praying for him and see the incredible faithfulness of God every time I look at our sweet boy.

So, again for this next week the theme will be “Schedules”…or lack thereof as in our case…ugh. Again, I know we’ll get there…it takes time. I gotta start getting more sleep at night to get myself back to working out…going from Fat to Fab (Jake's nickname for the couch to 5k program I plan to do…sweet husband)…and let’s be honest, I just want more sleep…it has nothing to do with working out…not one little bit!


DeeBoyzMomma said...

He is so, so sweet. Seriously, you are Super Mom and deserve a medal. Those boys are lucky to have such a good momma. I completely feel for you about the sleep. You are right smack in the some of the hardest days, but it'll start getting better here a little bit everyday. There's no way that I could've made it through those nights without my wonderful husband. No sleep here or there is one thing (even for weeks on end), but it really catches up with you at a point. Hang in there. Glad to hear that the Woombie (??) worked. I wish I'd known what that was!

Amy said...

All of this will be a fading memory in just months. BUT I understand the desperation for sleep! Hang in there momma!