Sunday, May 20, 2012

Back to Basics...

Happy week ten to our little Sammy! Ten weeks – hard to believe. I finally felt this week that it was hard to remember life before Sammy – now of course, I can remember it…a full night’s sleep, my body as my own, and the list goes on…maybe it just has taken ten weeks to truly embrace it all…who knows…remember, I don’t get a full night of sleep most nights! He fits us so well – it is always so amazing to me how God gives you the perfect child for you. So, I wouldn’t trade him in…even for a full night of sleep!
So, what did week ten bring for Sammy? Well, it brought back some sleep basics…back to the swing. Sam takes naps in his crib for one hour and then he is done…so, I believe he is still tired most times (although he is happy…until the end of the day and then he really tries to put on a happy face, but he is all done) and I put him into the swing to finish most naps. Now, this is no magic swing…so, he gets another 30 minutes to an hour (or sometimes he is all done). Nothing like how Judah was in the “magic” swing…like seven hour naps. Sam is just not the greatest napper – Judah was my good napper…at least I had one…sigh. And honestly, I am not worried about him sleeping in the swing – it is a right of passage in the Saylor house…and we realized it doesn’t turn your kids into pirates or anything. He has been sleeping most nights all the way through…except for the “paci placement,” which normally happens once or twice a night. I don’t love the “paci placement,” but it really isn’t terrible – I go right back to sleep. I am thankful that we started putting him down around 7ish since about five weeks at night – and then he gets a dream feed when I go to sleep…best situation possible.
He is starting to move all over the crib and doesn’t seem to love his Woombie so much (and shoot, still no picture)…however, he still has a very sensitive startle reflex…so, the Woombie continues. Sammy is just sensitive all around – he can burst into tears with no reason at all…well, I am sure he has a reason, but none of us can figure it out. And for a little guy, he has a BIG cry and it is very sad. I think he really wants to try to roll to his tummy…not sure why he wants to do that since he hates tummy time. I am nervous we’ll have another flat headed baby…ugh. We’ll keep working on it. Sammy had his first trip to the library this week…exciting times in the Saylor house. He is so close to giggling…and I just bet he’ll do it for Jake first…and I’ll be okay with it since all the boys giggle for Jake first. He has lots of smiles, but you would never know it because every time I bust out the camera he gets super serious and the smiles disappear. He looks like such a little man to me...not a baby at all. I think he may want to be a thumb sucker…but that Woombie always gets in the way…darn Woombie. I love thumb suckers…they are cute…but sleep is more important right now than him sucking his thumb…so, right now we are all about the paci. I will be shocked if he ends up not being a paci baby…but my boys shock me all the time. The shower time with Daddy is still one of his favorite things…ranks right up there with staring at the fan (all fans – he loves all fans), staring at his big brothers (especially when they are not mauling him), and his Mama (oh, he has a special place in his heart for his Mama…I love it!). Sammy is so sweet – we look forward to each new week! We love this little guy so much and thank God every day for this incredible blessing!
So, it took ten weeks…but we finally went out on a date night! We went to the awesome (using that term loosely) wine thing…that got cancelled…but we got some swag…like an around the neck wine glass holder…get back…doesn’t get much more awesome than that! It was nice to go out…I know these date nights will be few and far between in this season of life, but we’ll take what we can get…and how many times do you get the opportunity to get a hands free wine glass holder?!?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

(It should be noted that this post was ready on Sunday - I had no idea blogger didn't post it...Sammy, I would never forget about you!)
Sammalamb is nine weeks! Nine weeks…two months! Hard to believe it has been two months since this baby boy blessed our family. He is such a sweet baby…seriously. He is turning into a very low key little guy who goes with the flow…which we all know I need for my third baby. Now, that doesn’t mean he sleeps all day (that is for sure)…but he is a happy guy most of the time. We love love love this little boy. I could stare him all day and the big boys love on him so much. We are so blessed!
So, what did week nine bring for Sam? Well, it brought his two month well visit…so, his first big round of shots. I swear that the number of shots my boys get has doubled for each time – no joke, he got like five shots and one oral vaccine…yikes. So, bring on the whooping cough, measles, typhoid…Sam is covered…kidding…I don’t really want any of those things, but he is covered. He now weighs a little over 10lbs. (15%) and is 22.25in. (25%). So, I’ll be honest – I saw the 15% for weight and I started having a panic attack…that is small. So, I spoke with the doctor about it and she said it is where he started, so he is right on track – the other boys were 12lbs. at two months. So, I am trying not to stress over it and not allow my subconscious to tell me that I am failing at breastfeeding – he is growing…almost three and half pounds since he was born…not too shabby…but that darn 15%...sure wish I could claim that I was in the 15%. I am sure if he was a girl I wouldn’t even be thinking about it (I know…terrible…just being honest). The doctor reminded me that head growth is the main factor for everything and he looks good. So, no stress (deep breaths). Overall, he is doing great and we are so thankful for a healthy baby. So, Sam got to experience the Ergo this week…ah, the amazing Ergo (love affair with the Ergo). He did great for the most part, but he did not enjoy being kicked or hit in the head about 100 times from his older brothers as I was trying to wrangle them. Let’s just say that I am not ready for a solo trip to the Children’s Museum – no, I am not. He enjoys his mobile – however, it does not lull him to sleep… He continues to remind me of Hugh with his lack of daytime sleeping and how he’ll pump his legs like he is charging himself…yikes. He’ll still start most naps in the crib, but he will not last more than an hour in the crib for naps…that is the limit most times. So, then he’ll either get up or I’ll put him in the swing and he is hit or miss with more napping in the swing. Honestly, the short times in between feedings doesn’t really bother me – he is normally happy and is so sweet. Of course, I always think in the back of my head that he must not be getting a full feeding that is why he waking up…you know what, maybe he isn’t and guess what…who cares?!? I do the best I can at making sure he eats as much as he can, but what I have learned very well over the last three plus years is you CANNOT force a child to eat…when they are done, they are done. Sam fits that very well – when he is done, he is done…end of story. He does well at night for the most part – seems to be giving me some longer stretches, but I always have to get up to put the pacifier in…darned pacifier, but I love that pacifier too…love/hate relationship. So, with the longer stretches of sleep…it makes me start jonesin for Mr. Pump…ten plus hours is going to be really bad…but totally worth it for the sleep. We put up a black sheet in his room to help with the sleep…not sure if it is helping and it looks trashy…so did the aluminum foil we put up with Judah…but I don’t care. He still sleeps every night and all naps in the Woombie (still need to get a picture)…and we just realized that I left it at my parents’ house. Now, of course, I have a back-up Woombie, but it is the big baby one…and Sammy is a small baby still…we’ll see how the night goes…might be making the drive in the middle of the night for that Woombie! He is talking more and more, which I love hearing. He smiles a lot, but is a serious little guy most of the time (again, reminds me of Hubey…definitely not Judah who we nicknamed Jolly Judah because he would have a permasmile). However, he does love to see me each time I get him from his crib…oh the big smiles and the wild kicking…melt my heart. He tried formula for the first time this week and was not having it – he seems to have no problem with the bottle, so it must have been the formula…well, my friend, you better like it because the mommy milk train will end. I decided that he goes into a mini nursing strike after he gets bottle – like he is saying, “Seriously woman – I remember that wonderful bottle and now you want me back on your boob…no way.” We work it out. I have tried nursing without my “brest friend” a few times and I think to myself, “Shoot, it sure would be nice if a shelf would come out of my belly so that baby could lay on it.”…oh, and then I remember my “brest friend” and bust that bad boy back on…baby steps. Sam's hair is super jacky right now - real bad, but is starting to grow back on top. He still doesn't love tummy time - will normally roll over or start crying...flat head city for this boy (I hope not!). He is such a sweet sweet. Overall, another great week!
So, I just need to remind myself to have no stress over Sammy’s size…he looks good and he looks bigger…because you know what, he is bigger! Honestly, if Sam was sleeping through the night, I think I would freeze time right now…I love this baby stage – it is hard, but it so sweet and so short. I cannot think of a better gift to have been given this year for Mother’s Day (and Jake couldn’t either)!

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Our little Sammy is eight weeks! Hard to believe he has been with our family for almost two months. I love seeing our three boys together – hard to believe I am a Mama to THREE boys, but honestly, it was what I always envisioned (however, a little girl would be so fun…maybe one day). I pray for these boys – to have a passion for the Lord and to love one another – to do awesome works for the Kingdom together. Before I know it, Sammy will be running around with his big brothers (and driving them crazy)!
So, what did week eight bring for Sam? Well, I am thinking it brought a growth spurt since it seems like he wants to eat all the time. I really felt like last week we started getting into a better routine and then week eight hit and forget about it. Sam likes to be awake in the mornings…at least this week he did. Honestly, I had a bit of breakdown with it all…I just want him to fit into this perfect little schedule box and he doesn’t fit into it…ugh. My sleep deprivation seems to hit every third day and I am guessing my breakdown was on one of those third days. So, we threw the schedule out the window…and guess what, we all survived. Sam is fairly happy guy – especially in the day. So, he’ll just chill (unlike his Mama) even when I don’t think he gets enough sleep. He likes to hang out on his mat and try to survive the torturing from his big brothers, and just kick around. He has been doing fairly well with tummy time and he rolled from his tummy to his back this week…so much for tummy time now. Hoping for a round headed child. He continues to LOVE (love/hate…whatever) his Woombie! I still think it helps him sleep…more so at night. And, I would be fine to stop using it, but his startle reflex is still so strong that I would prefer to not have him wake me up every forty-five minutes at night.
He weighs 9lbs. 10oz. now – big boy…and then I read that babies really need to weigh close to 12lbs. before they start sleeping through the night…oh well, cheers to late night nursing sessions. That is what I get for smaller babies. I have realized we just don’t make chunky babies (but we do make chunky adults) – all the zero to three month clothes look enormous on him still. We’ll continue to work on the sleeping thing – I feel like that is a forever thing with my boys. And the swing is definitely not magic – however, he did sleep a super long time in it this week, which was fantastic (and yes, we are so not Babywise…I cannot wake up a sleeping baby…I don’t care if it has been three hours since he last ate, and yes, I know it will take him longer to sleep through the night…just remind me of all of this when I am whining about him waking in the night). He stopped going to work with me…so, my mom braved the three kids and he had a bottle and LOVED it – downed 4oz. in about five minutes. He appreciates a fast flow. So, of course my crazy set in (I swear this was on the third day of sleep deprivation)…and I broke down with Jake (after a bad nursing session) swearing that now he only wanted bottles and I was heartbroken (mind you, I still don’t really enjoy nursing) and that I couldn’t pump this time around. Ah, I love my dramatic flair. He is fine with nursing, but really there is no love affair and there are times when he nurses terrible. The last session at night is so bad – it is like nursing an octopus. Overall, it is going fine – and he is growing so I don’t worry about it, but I will have NO problem giving it up…that is for sure. I still use my pillow for EVERY.SINGLE.NURSING.SESSION…yep, every single one. I am really going to try and wean myself from the pillow soon, but I honestly I cannot figure out how to nurse him without it. Obviously, I know it is possible and more normal, but I just wonder if I’ll grow another set of arms out of my stomach to help me in the process…you never know. And again, I love my dramatic flair. He is getting more expressive and LOVES to stare at his big brothers to get them to notice him. He still LOVES his Mama. He is really starting to notice his toys on the mat more – think it may be time to bust out the toys (which will become more toys for the big boys and it will drive me crazy because I already hear myself saying a thousand times a day, “That is Sammy’s toy. Put it down.”). He holds his head up so well during tummy time – getting so strong. He LOVES fans – could stare at them all day…ah, the simple things in life…wish life was always so simple. We didn’t venture out this week for any big outings…I thought about it and that counts for something, but he did get to go to his brother’s swim lessons…and sweat like a little piglet…poor buddy. Maybe we’ll venture out this week…maybe.
Another week down! Hoping for some type of sleeping schedule this week…maybe just a little more daytime sleep…a girl can hope. I have even thought about letting him cry a little…like more than three minutes, which is pretty much my limit right now. Ugh, if he wasn’t so cute. I love this little boy to pieces…sometimes, I can actually start crying when I think of how incredibly blessed I am – I have an amazing husband and three amazing little boys…God has shown His incredible favor on me and I don’t know why, but I praise Him for it. Cheers to another week!