Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Sammy!

Sammy is fifteen weeks!  I was really trying to get back on track to my Sunday posts, but life is so crazy right now…so, I am being more laid back about everything…just like Sam! (I still have a lot of work to do in the laid back department…baby steps.)  It is crazy to believe that Sammy is fifteen weeks…a little unreal.  My baby is passing through everything so quickly and I’ll NEVER get it back.  This time is so short (I have to always remind myself of that when I'm getting up in the middle of the night…it can’t last forever!).  He’ll be four months in a couple of weeks…one third of his first year gone!  I am going to miss this, oh yes I am…I love me some little babies (I love me some big babies too…I have two of them, but there is something so sweet and innocent about these little babies and I love it!).  So thankful for this season…even the lack of sleep.


So, what did week fifteen bring for Sammy?  Well, it brought better sleep – only getting up once or twice in the middle of the night…much better than six or seven times.  I am already starting to pray for my heart for the sleep training, which WILL happen in the next couple of weeks…it is going to be SO hard – break my heart.  I also reverted back to the swing for all naps…you see, we started potty training Judah (yes, we potty train early and yes, we are firm believers in it and no, we don’t believe it is best for everyone and no, it doesn’t happen in three days (in what world does that happen?!?  I am sure some people are thinking it does happen if you wait…but that is no guarantee...ugh, I digress)...more like sixty days and so we do it – we commit and don’t look back and a diaper will not touch Judah’s bottom again)…so, I could not be distracted with Sam only napping for an hour in the crib and then me moving him to swing and possibly going up to him numerous times.  I needed to be on Judah like a hawk…and like a hawk I was…so, back to the swing for naps.  You know, I’ll be sleep training Sam in a couple of weeks anyway – might as well just throw it all in at once.  The swing is a good friend to my boys…and to me.  It is all good.  We have been letting him out of his straight jacket (aka Woombie) for little bits…he seems to do okay, but we keep it close in case of any freak outs.  Seriously, this kid has such a sensitive nervous system – should be interesting.  Sam is drooling like crazy, but I know the teeth won’t come for another five months; however, I will blame any fussiness on the teeth.  He also tried biting me this week…just with the gums, but get back, it hurt.  I swear if he does that with teeth (and yes, I know he will), I will freak out and end nursing fo’ sho’…I am not down with that…not one little bit.  He still LOVES his voice – so loud and so sweet.  I cannot get enough of it, even when he is squawking at me.  So, I showered with him this week…I don’t normally do that, but I needed a shower (I am sure it had been days and I was in the midst of potty training…so, I needed a shower…enough said.)…so, he came with me.  Honestly, it was really sweet…I won’t be doing it often (that is Jake’s thing), but it wasn’t too bad…Judah will still get in the shower with me almost any time he gets a chance…it is how we roll.  Sam is super ticklish – and I love to torture him.  I love getting him (even in the night)…he always has such BIG smiles for me…makes it all worth it.  I believe that once this kid can move, he will be a mover…so, I am praying he starts crawling around a year – this Mama is in NO hurry for another mover in this house.  He continues to move all around the crib…getting his legs stuck a lot…ugh (miss that bumper).  He still loves his paci, but I also think he would be a fan of his thumb if he could figure it out (and I wouldn’t be opposed to a thumb sucker)…and then of course I saw some pics today of kids who suck on pacifiers too long…yikes…those are some jack-y teeth…but, let’s be real, he’ll be getting braces regardless…bring on the paci!  He has been enjoying more time in the pool – hoping for a water loving child unlike his big brother, Hubey.  He enjoys the Bumbo and his mat – seriously, he is such an easy going guy and is so happy…all he needs is the slightest bit of attention and he is all smiles…LOVE this boy! 

Sadly, I was telling Jake that I kind of want to wish away the next two months…by that point we should be in the clear with potty training, Sammy should hopefully be over the hump with sleep training, and I FINALLY will be finished with this work project that has been so consuming for the last six plus months…but, I don’t want two months of Sammy’s life to be wished away…just want some of the hard stuff done…I guess that is the way life always is.  Praying that I seek the Lord first during these crazy times rather than getting overwhelmed in my circumstances – we are so incredibly blessed…that is what I want to focus on!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Sammy is fourteen weeks! (Well, quickly approaching fifteen weeks now…ugh, late again on the blog. No excuses – life is just very busy. It is not that I forget about it…just delay it…it fits with Sam’s laid back personality.) It is a little crazy that he is fourteen weeks – I swear it feels like I just had him yesterday, but it also feels like he has been a part of our family forever. We love this little guy SO much – every last one of us. Both the big boys absolutely adore him and I know the feeling is mutual (now, ask me again in six months…we’ll see how much all the boys adore one another!). Honestly, Sammy completes our family!

So, what did week fourteen bring for Sammy? Well, it brought his voice…oh, wow, did it bring his voice! Not in a screaming way – just a “loud” talking way. He such a little squealer…like a little piglet heading to slaughter (no, we don’t roll that way in the Saylor house). I love his little squeals and squeaks…so sweet. He even likes to do it for like forty minutes prior to falling asleep…awesome. He needs to have a voice in this house to be heard…Jake is really loud. So, now Sammy just “yells” at me rather than fusses…he knows, eventually, he will be heard…still takes a while unfortunately. And he continued his “awesome” sleep this week…honestly, it is brutal. He is a TERRIBLE sleeper! I still haven’t slept more than four hours straight in fourteen weeks! However, he is still the SWEETEST baby ever – very thankful for his sweet disposition. But now I start to wonder if I will ever sleep another eight hours again! Sammy is a smart boy – he knows I won’t leave him with anyone if he isn’t sleeping through the night…so, he just won’t do it. Lucky me! So, we are pretty much trying anything to get him to sleep – we have tried to sleep him out of the Woombie (but it just takes him forever to calm down – he isn’t crying…just lots of talking and moving all around), Jake has tried giving him a bottle, and the list goes on. I do normally take the Woombie off after his late night feeding. But he has also been waking up like he is ready to party in the night…wait, I don’t have a three week old?!? I swear, you wouldn’t think this is my third baby. In hindsight, sticking to a stricter schedule probably would have been a good idea…oops! I know it can’t last forever (at least I think it can’t)…and I’ll always be able to sleep when I am old (sometimes, I wish I was old right now…and no, thirty-three is not old). He still splits his naps between the crib and the swing…I know, bad habits. I’ll break this when I start sleep training him…at four months (or maybe five months…I just cannot stand to hear him cry…I know I’ll reach my breaking point though…I am getting  very close!)


Sammy got to celebrate his first Father’s Day with his Daddy – he loves he Dada…and this Father’s Day was not a total epic fail – yay me (I wish I would get some pics of the boys with Jake…he truly is the best Dad in the world!). So, I totally became that mom and tried to pop a little zit on his face - yes, I am horrible mother. This little zit has been there since birth and I thought it would go away and it hasn't yet...totally driving me crazy. So, I did what any self-respecting mother would do and took one for the team and tried to pop the zit. Wow, it was a lot harder than I thought. Sam remained totally calm - just staring in my he was saying, "I totally trust before comfort." I think it is going away now...we'll see. Yep, MOTY award - here I come! He is loving the Bumbo time and still loves the play mat (good thing – he spends A LOT of time there). Sometimes after putting him on the mat, I’ll come back and he has pushed himself all the way to the wall – so, his head is under the curtain and he is just kicking his legs. I feel bad for him, but he seems to enjoy it…so it is all good. He is still trying to roll over, but it isn’t going to happen any time soon. And I have no problem with him being immobile…like for the next three years. He is still a total peanut and every time I think he has a really good feeding, he’ll normally vomit about half of it up…total puker. Only eats to survive…I heard that line before…from my Dad…he eats like I do…more than just survival…I have a lot to learn from Sammalamb! I have had several nursing sessions without my “brest” friend…I am a total traitor. I still love my pillow, but I know I can manage…but it still doesn’t look pretty. We’ll get there…all in time. I just love this little guy. So much! I love how he holds my fingers (or nursing bra straps…whatever) when he eats. I love how he greets me with the biggest smiles. I love how he will just stare at me until I look at  him. I love how he looks at me. Oh, just so in love!


Even with little to no sleep, we are all surviving – I make some serious mistakes due to the lack of sleep, but everyone is still alive…so, the mistakes cannot be that bad. I am realizing why I am not losing weight…because I am losing all my hair. When I got my haircut, the hairdresser said that she was glad she knew that I just had a baby because she would have thought I was going bald…awesome. Sadly, female baldness is not completely out of the realm of possibility in my family. Bald and chunky – yay me! Here is too hopefully a week with sleep (don’t tell anyone, but we are already into week fifteen…and I am still not getting any sleep…ugh!). And a favorite line from this week – me to Hugh, “I need to go nurse Sam.” And Hugh, “Oh, wow – I didn’t know you were a nurse.” Oh, my son – little do you know of how much I
can truly do.


Monday, June 11, 2012


And here are the boys...each a pic from twelve or thirteen weeks. Yes, I birthed all three of these boys...not sure if any of them look like me, but they all look like Jake in some way. (Hugh is the first picture, then Judah, then Sam - I would have labeled the pics, but Blogger is now terrible and I cannot label them up to my standards!) Maybe Sam is a good mix of his brothers? I'll have to do this again at six months...maybe that will give me a better feel.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

What a Week!

Sammy is thirteen weeks and three months old! It has been a big week for this sweet baby boy. And let me tell you, he is a sweetheart. I could cuddle this sweet baby all day…but he is my third baby and I am not able to cuddle him all day. Sometimes, I spend a little extra time rocking him amidst all the yelling/screaming/fighting of the two older boys – the big boys can handle not having me around for an extra three minutes (even though, you would think they were going to die – my boys LOVE to have someone with them ALL.THE.TIME…not very independent in the Saylor household). I know Sam is growing up so fast and I’ll never get this time back – I know how fast it goes…especially the sweet moments, those times go by really fast. So, I am going to get every extra minute of cuddle time that I can. So, what did week thirteen bring for Sammy? Well, as I said it was a big week! He had his first trip on an airplane – we went to California. I had to be in California for work, and since Sammy is still such a little guy and I am breastfeeding, he came right along with me (with his Gramma in tow…thankful for my mother and mother-in-law for watching all the boys…sometimes, it is REALLY hard to work, but we are supported by some amazing family to help us get it all done). So, I got to breastfeed at the airport…awesome. And of course, I brought my “brest” friend…don’t leave home without it. At first I thought I would feel silly bringing it, but you know what – I didn’t because I don’t care – did I look silly, I bet I did. Sammy hates nursing under the cover – he pulls at it and moves it all the time. At one point, I realized he had completely pulled the cover to one side and left my lady a little exposed…oopsies…I am sure it was more horrifying for the person who got a peek than it was for me. No, there was no nursing on the plane – that doesn’t work for me (at least not yet). He did great on the flights – no crying…just hanging out and sleeping. He did great overall on the trip – this was the longest I have ever been gone from him…a full eight hours (because we all know that he has never slept that long…so I am never away from him for more than four hours). Sometimes, I think he enjoys the quiet of being an only child…oh well, never going to happen. And I got to pump – love the relationship with Mr. Pump…such a good friend (who I am glad stays in the closet like a good friend should). I learned how much he takes per feeding (I brought A LOT of frozen milk just to be on the safe side…no, he doesn’t drink twelve ounces per feeding…you never know), and I also learned that when he is done eating there is no chance in getting him to eat more (just like with nursing…he does not like to overeat…smart boy…wish I could learn that as I am eating my second helping of sorbet…shoot). I also learned that he is a junky napper whether he is bottle feeding or breast feeding – I was happy to learn that…I was wondering if it was the breastfeeding…it is not, he is just a junky napper…story of my life. He was a great travel friend and I look forward to future trips with my buddy. In addition to being quite the traveler, he also got in the pool. His initial response was total horror (the pool is a little chilly), but he was fine within a minute and he just chilled out with Dada – I see many pool days in our future (praying this little guy loves the water). Still can't figure out who he looks like (will post comparison pics of the boys this week) - when Jake is holding him, he looks so much like him - Sam does have a lot of Jake's features, but I don't think he looks 100% like him...who knows, what I do know is that I will have three boys who looks nothing alike, which is so crazy! He is still a total peanut – I held some other babies today and wow…Sammy is such a peanut. I still moved him up to the three to six month clothes – the onesies and jumpers are fine on him – the pants and shorts are HUGE! Honestly, I think he would still fit into preemie sized pants and shorts – he will follow in the footsteps of his big brother! I let him cry this week for a nap – for like ten to fifteen minutes (I was trying to cook dinner and I have firm rule in this house – I do not cook and hold a baby.)…of course, I broke down and got him…and he was MAD at me. Ugh, we are never going to get there…that is okay. Nope, still not sleeping all night…still needs the paci placement at least once during the night. We tried to break him of the Woombie this week…not ready. Clearly, I am the mother of “crutches”…the pillow, the pacifier, the Woombie…you name it, sign me up. We’ll try to break him of the Woombie in another couple of weeks. I told Jake I am going to need to order the mega baby size. You know what, he is only three months old…we still have plenty of time to figure life out. He is doing awesome – lots of smiles, some giggles, and just as sweet as can be! So, it was a busy week – aren’t they all? Looking forward to completing a work project that has been super consuming the last few months. I won’t know what to do with all my free time once I am done with it…maybe clean my house, finish unpacking, work out…nah, that would take too much effort! However, I really need to work out…very thankful for maternity work clothes (not really – sad that not a single piece of work clothing fits…and if I can zip it up, it looks downright scary…scary…ugh!).

Monday, June 4, 2012

Getting Back on Track...

Sammy is twelve weeks! Yep, almost three months – hard to believe that he is already three months into his first year of life. It goes by so fast, it is crazy. Again, the fast is always when you are looking back…not always in the moment. I have a great desire to be present with my boys – in the moment. And I struggle so much with it – it breaks my heart to see the level of selfishness I see in my heart…it is ugly. So, I really pray that I would be intentional with my time that I have with them and not worry about the little things and the endless to-do list, because that endless to-do list will always be there…once I cross one item off, three more pop on…never ending! So, what did week twelve bring for Sammy? It brought giggles! Yep, he giggled - it has only happened like four times, but it was so sweet and I cannot wait for more. And yes, Jake beat me on getting Sam to giggle - he is three for three with the boys. It should be mentioned that he totally stole my move to get Sam to giggle - and he would even reprimand me for trying to steal his moves (which did not bring on the giggles). Sam giggled for my dad before he giggled for me (I was third)...seriously, my dad?!? However, my dad can be rather funny and what he was talking to Sam about when Sam started giggling was so typical of my dad - the boys adore their Papa...crazy as he is. So, we wait for more giggles - he has lots of the silent giggles, but I like to hear them. Now that he is giggling – he is totally not a newborn…sigh. Well, we moved during Sam’s eleventh and twelveth week of life – he was a total trooper. We could tell by the end of the week that Sam was all done with moving (trust me buddy – we all felt the same way). He spent many naps in arms as the A/C unit was out upstairs in the new home for most of our first week. I can say that moving with a baby is not easy…makes everything take a lot longer, but it was fine and we are moved in now for the most part…but still have A LOT to do! He has been doing fine in his new room. No…still not sleeping through the night, but I know (and pray) it will come one day…one day soon (please, please, please). He has yet to try out the pool, but we did dip his feet in and he screamed in horror…guess he doesn’t enjoy the cool water. He tried out the Bumbo this week – seemed to do fairly well for a little bit. Unfortunately, we cannot seem to find our Bumbo (what a travesty) – guess we’ll be borrowing one…anything to keep his head from becoming as flat as a pancake. This boy moves all around the crib at night – completely spins himself around – Woombie and all. So, since he does that now – he gets his feet stuck in the slats and it wakes him up…awesome. We don’t have a bumper this time around – nursery bedding can only last so long and I guess three plus years was the max on the bumper…oh, and the fact that I guess they banned bumpers or something?!? I’ll make sure to remove the pillows and stuffed animals from the crib! This kid has so many carseat diaper blowouts – seriously. This carseat is going to be trashed after this little guy – a total sign for no more babies . He is also starting to move for diaper changes…really at three months?!? I think we are in a world of trouble if he is already trying to move for diaper changes…ugh. He is still really trying to roll over and normally sleeps on his side. I am sure once he rolls to his tummy there will be some serious crying. He is fine with tummy time – very strong neck. He will normally roll himself to his back once he is done. And our big debate right now – do we drop the Woombie? Hmmm… He is past the “fourth” trimester now, but I still think his startle reflex is there…so, we’ll see. The Woombie has been a good friend and provided sleep when I thought I would never sleep more than thirty minutes again…so, we need to be kind thru a break-up. Who knows…maybe he’ll get out of the Woombie and sleep all night every night…a girl can dream, oh yes, she can…and a dreamer I am. Hard to believe we are packing up the zero to three month clothes and pulling out the three to six month clothes…he still is a very little guy, but he is growing…I have yet to have a baby who was not true to size….they can always wear clothes that are smaller (shoot – Hubey can still fit into twelve to eighteen month clothes), but don’t ever jump to the next size of clothing. I’ll say again – we don’t make chunky kids, just chunky adults. Sammy is doing great – happy as can be (most of the time, but when he is upset…get back…it is VERY dramatic…hard being the third baby)! I am slowly getting back on the blog track – week thirteen here we come. Oh, and as a side note – at twelve weeks I could fit back into my work clothes…not so much this time around…ugh. I guess I should be thankful for elastic waistbands. Maybe I should bring Mr. Pump back out…just kidding (but not 100% kidding)! (By the way, I HATE the new blog set-up...I love you, Google...but you are jackin' it all up!)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Not Forgotten

Sammy is eleven weeks! Well, not really - Sammy is actually twelve weeks today, but week eleven will not be forgotten in Sammy's life - no it will not. I have been thinking about this post since last Sunday, but it became one of those things that I hear myself saying all the time to my kids..."maybe tomorrow" or "how about later" or "not right now"...and the list goes on (I am working on it). So, Sammy's eleventh week of life was not forgotten...just merely postponed. And, good excuse to the delay - we moved! Yep, we went from the west side to the east side of town...big deal in Sammy's life! We were very excited to move, but it is a very bitter sweet time - we had wonderful neighbors. Also, a little emotional for me - that was the only home our boys ever knew...that is the home we brought all three boys home to...but honestly, the move hasn't really phased the boys at all...just me being the emotional one (remember, my hormones are still crazy). So, onto Sammy's eleventh week of life!
So, what did week eleven bring to Sammy? Well, originally, I was going to title this post "Finally"...because I finally feel like we have a decent groove with breastfeeding. He seems to do well most feedings and I no longer feel like I have to put a wrestler's hold to keep him at the breast. He also seems to do fine going back and forth from bottle to breast. Ah, finally. Now, I am not saying there is a love affair with breastfeeding...but I can see one year being a realistic goal now...however, ask me about it all once he gets some teeth. And yes, I am still using my "breast" friend at.every.single.feeding...truly (truly) my "breast" friend. We'll work on the pillow weaning at a later date - I am actually breastfeeding a baby and not a pump...pat me on the back. Jake laid Sammy down for the first time - I was out one night (yep, he actually lets me out the cage every now and then) and he did great (and Jake realized I don't really "need" to be spending forty-five minutes every night laying Sam down...shoot). We are still trying to figure out his schedule or his "unschedule" - to be honest, it is just not a priority to me this time around. He sleeps, I sleep...whatever. We still have a routine, but it never looks the same day after day. My work this time around is more flexible so I don't feel this crazy need to have a perfect schedule like I did with the first two. Would I love more sleep? You bet I would. However, my lack of sleep this time around is really not bothering me - my mornings start slow, but once I have a little coffee...I am ready to roll. No, Sam doesn't sleep through the night unassisted - he'll sleep through, but I always have to do paci placement at least once. And no, I am not ready to let him cry it out...four months...maybe. I swore at eight weeks I would let him cry it out, but now I say four months...I am sure once I get there I'll tack on more time. It is all good. He'll eventually sleep all night...with no paci placement (or, at least I pray he does!). He is still doing a combo of napping in the swing and the crib...I am flexible. Sometimes he takes great naps in the crib and sometimes he doesn't...would love the consistent naps in the crib. He is a great baby (all babies are great), but he is a such a sweet little guy - goes with the flow all the time. I praise God for every blessing, but I am thankful for a low maintenance baby (I would have been thankful for a high maintenance baby...but the low maintenance baby makes life a little easier for me). He still has lots of smiles for all of us and he continues to love to just stare at me...and of course, I LOVE IT! His hair is really starting to grow in on top...looks to be lighter like Judah's color. And I think he might end up with blue eyes...could it be?!? Could I really have a blue eyed baby?!? Maybe...we shall see. I swore Judah's eyes were going to be blue and they are not, but he has beautiful a gray green (and yes, I think Hugh's eyes are beautiful even though they are brown). He drools like crazy - I know it isn't teeth (better not be) and still loves the paci (mostly when he is tired). He has been gripping onto more toys and opening his hands more...I am officially losing my newborn (and my excuse as to why I look like a train wreck I brought out the toys for the bouncer and he is in love...absolutely in love. He gets so excited to see his "friends" every time I put him in it. Sadly, he spends a lot of time in the bouncer or on his playmat...he is the third baby. It is hard to think this will be our last time with a newborn and seeing how new life is to them at every turn...ugh, it goes too fast. We love this little boy so much - he is such an incredible blessing.
So, week eleven not forgotten. And week twelve is down as well. You know what isn't weight. Shoot. With the first two boys, I was getting a lot closer (i.e. not only wearing pants with an elastic waist bands) to getting back to my goal weight. Not so much this time, I'll wait...patiently...and I should probably get my tail off the couch and put away the Cheetos (oh, how I love myself some Cheetos...the darn good with all those yummy preservatives). I'll just remind myself that all that extra weight was for a wonderful give into my Cheetos craving!