Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Sammy is fourteen weeks! (Well, quickly approaching fifteen weeks now…ugh, late again on the blog. No excuses – life is just very busy. It is not that I forget about it…just delay it…it fits with Sam’s laid back personality.) It is a little crazy that he is fourteen weeks – I swear it feels like I just had him yesterday, but it also feels like he has been a part of our family forever. We love this little guy SO much – every last one of us. Both the big boys absolutely adore him and I know the feeling is mutual (now, ask me again in six months…we’ll see how much all the boys adore one another!). Honestly, Sammy completes our family!

So, what did week fourteen bring for Sammy? Well, it brought his voice…oh, wow, did it bring his voice! Not in a screaming way – just a “loud” talking way. He such a little squealer…like a little piglet heading to slaughter (no, we don’t roll that way in the Saylor house). I love his little squeals and squeaks…so sweet. He even likes to do it for like forty minutes prior to falling asleep…awesome. He needs to have a voice in this house to be heard…Jake is really loud. So, now Sammy just “yells” at me rather than fusses…he knows, eventually, he will be heard…still takes a while unfortunately. And he continued his “awesome” sleep this week…honestly, it is brutal. He is a TERRIBLE sleeper! I still haven’t slept more than four hours straight in fourteen weeks! However, he is still the SWEETEST baby ever – very thankful for his sweet disposition. But now I start to wonder if I will ever sleep another eight hours again! Sammy is a smart boy – he knows I won’t leave him with anyone if he isn’t sleeping through the night…so, he just won’t do it. Lucky me! So, we are pretty much trying anything to get him to sleep – we have tried to sleep him out of the Woombie (but it just takes him forever to calm down – he isn’t crying…just lots of talking and moving all around), Jake has tried giving him a bottle, and the list goes on. I do normally take the Woombie off after his late night feeding. But he has also been waking up like he is ready to party in the night…wait, I don’t have a three week old?!? I swear, you wouldn’t think this is my third baby. In hindsight, sticking to a stricter schedule probably would have been a good idea…oops! I know it can’t last forever (at least I think it can’t)…and I’ll always be able to sleep when I am old (sometimes, I wish I was old right now…and no, thirty-three is not old). He still splits his naps between the crib and the swing…I know, bad habits. I’ll break this when I start sleep training him…at four months (or maybe five months…I just cannot stand to hear him cry…I know I’ll reach my breaking point though…I am getting  very close!)


Sammy got to celebrate his first Father’s Day with his Daddy – he loves he Dada…and this Father’s Day was not a total epic fail – yay me (I wish I would get some pics of the boys with Jake…he truly is the best Dad in the world!). So, I totally became that mom and tried to pop a little zit on his face - yes, I am horrible mother. This little zit has been there since birth and I thought it would go away and it hasn't yet...totally driving me crazy. So, I did what any self-respecting mother would do and took one for the team and tried to pop the zit. Wow, it was a lot harder than I thought. Sam remained totally calm - just staring in my eyes...like he was saying, "I totally trust you...beauty before comfort." I think it is going away now...we'll see. Yep, MOTY award - here I come! He is loving the Bumbo time and still loves the play mat (good thing – he spends A LOT of time there). Sometimes after putting him on the mat, I’ll come back and he has pushed himself all the way to the wall – so, his head is under the curtain and he is just kicking his legs. I feel bad for him, but he seems to enjoy it…so it is all good. He is still trying to roll over, but it isn’t going to happen any time soon. And I have no problem with him being immobile…like for the next three years. He is still a total peanut and every time I think he has a really good feeding, he’ll normally vomit about half of it up…total puker. Only eats to survive…I heard that line before…from my Dad…he eats like I do…more than just survival…I have a lot to learn from Sammalamb! I have had several nursing sessions without my “brest” friend…I am a total traitor. I still love my pillow, but I know I can manage…but it still doesn’t look pretty. We’ll get there…all in time. I just love this little guy. So much! I love how he holds my fingers (or nursing bra straps…whatever) when he eats. I love how he greets me with the biggest smiles. I love how he will just stare at me until I look at  him. I love how he looks at me. Oh, just so in love!


Even with little to no sleep, we are all surviving – I make some serious mistakes due to the lack of sleep, but everyone is still alive…so, the mistakes cannot be that bad. I am realizing why I am not losing weight…because I am losing all my hair. When I got my haircut, the hairdresser said that she was glad she knew that I just had a baby because she would have thought I was going bald…awesome. Sadly, female baldness is not completely out of the realm of possibility in my family. Bald and chunky – yay me! Here is too hopefully a week with sleep (don’t tell anyone, but we are already into week fifteen…and I am still not getting any sleep…ugh!). And a favorite line from this week – me to Hugh, “I need to go nurse Sam.” And Hugh, “Oh, wow – I didn’t know you were a nurse.” Oh, my son – little do you know of how much I
can truly do.


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