Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Sammy!

Sammy is fifteen weeks!  I was really trying to get back on track to my Sunday posts, but life is so crazy right now…so, I am being more laid back about everything…just like Sam! (I still have a lot of work to do in the laid back department…baby steps.)  It is crazy to believe that Sammy is fifteen weeks…a little unreal.  My baby is passing through everything so quickly and I’ll NEVER get it back.  This time is so short (I have to always remind myself of that when I'm getting up in the middle of the night…it can’t last forever!).  He’ll be four months in a couple of weeks…one third of his first year gone!  I am going to miss this, oh yes I am…I love me some little babies (I love me some big babies too…I have two of them, but there is something so sweet and innocent about these little babies and I love it!).  So thankful for this season…even the lack of sleep.


So, what did week fifteen bring for Sammy?  Well, it brought better sleep – only getting up once or twice in the middle of the night…much better than six or seven times.  I am already starting to pray for my heart for the sleep training, which WILL happen in the next couple of weeks…it is going to be SO hard – break my heart.  I also reverted back to the swing for all naps…you see, we started potty training Judah (yes, we potty train early and yes, we are firm believers in it and no, we don’t believe it is best for everyone and no, it doesn’t happen in three days (in what world does that happen?!?  I am sure some people are thinking it does happen if you wait…but that is no guarantee...ugh, I digress)...more like sixty days and so we do it – we commit and don’t look back and a diaper will not touch Judah’s bottom again)…so, I could not be distracted with Sam only napping for an hour in the crib and then me moving him to swing and possibly going up to him numerous times.  I needed to be on Judah like a hawk…and like a hawk I was…so, back to the swing for naps.  You know, I’ll be sleep training Sam in a couple of weeks anyway – might as well just throw it all in at once.  The swing is a good friend to my boys…and to me.  It is all good.  We have been letting him out of his straight jacket (aka Woombie) for little bits…he seems to do okay, but we keep it close in case of any freak outs.  Seriously, this kid has such a sensitive nervous system – should be interesting.  Sam is drooling like crazy, but I know the teeth won’t come for another five months; however, I will blame any fussiness on the teeth.  He also tried biting me this week…just with the gums, but get back, it hurt.  I swear if he does that with teeth (and yes, I know he will), I will freak out and end nursing fo’ sho’…I am not down with that…not one little bit.  He still LOVES his voice – so loud and so sweet.  I cannot get enough of it, even when he is squawking at me.  So, I showered with him this week…I don’t normally do that, but I needed a shower (I am sure it had been days and I was in the midst of potty training…so, I needed a shower…enough said.)…so, he came with me.  Honestly, it was really sweet…I won’t be doing it often (that is Jake’s thing), but it wasn’t too bad…Judah will still get in the shower with me almost any time he gets a chance…it is how we roll.  Sam is super ticklish – and I love to torture him.  I love getting him (even in the night)…he always has such BIG smiles for me…makes it all worth it.  I believe that once this kid can move, he will be a mover…so, I am praying he starts crawling around a year – this Mama is in NO hurry for another mover in this house.  He continues to move all around the crib…getting his legs stuck a lot…ugh (miss that bumper).  He still loves his paci, but I also think he would be a fan of his thumb if he could figure it out (and I wouldn’t be opposed to a thumb sucker)…and then of course I saw some pics today of kids who suck on pacifiers too long…yikes…those are some jack-y teeth…but, let’s be real, he’ll be getting braces regardless…bring on the paci!  He has been enjoying more time in the pool – hoping for a water loving child unlike his big brother, Hubey.  He enjoys the Bumbo and his mat – seriously, he is such an easy going guy and is so happy…all he needs is the slightest bit of attention and he is all smiles…LOVE this boy! 

Sadly, I was telling Jake that I kind of want to wish away the next two months…by that point we should be in the clear with potty training, Sammy should hopefully be over the hump with sleep training, and I FINALLY will be finished with this work project that has been so consuming for the last six plus months…but, I don’t want two months of Sammy’s life to be wished away…just want some of the hard stuff done…I guess that is the way life always is.  Praying that I seek the Lord first during these crazy times rather than getting overwhelmed in my circumstances – we are so incredibly blessed…that is what I want to focus on!

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