Friday, June 1, 2012

Not Forgotten

Sammy is eleven weeks! Well, not really - Sammy is actually twelve weeks today, but week eleven will not be forgotten in Sammy's life - no it will not. I have been thinking about this post since last Sunday, but it became one of those things that I hear myself saying all the time to my kids..."maybe tomorrow" or "how about later" or "not right now"...and the list goes on (I am working on it). So, Sammy's eleventh week of life was not forgotten...just merely postponed. And, good excuse to the delay - we moved! Yep, we went from the west side to the east side of town...big deal in Sammy's life! We were very excited to move, but it is a very bitter sweet time - we had wonderful neighbors. Also, a little emotional for me - that was the only home our boys ever knew...that is the home we brought all three boys home to...but honestly, the move hasn't really phased the boys at all...just me being the emotional one (remember, my hormones are still crazy). So, onto Sammy's eleventh week of life!
So, what did week eleven bring to Sammy? Well, originally, I was going to title this post "Finally"...because I finally feel like we have a decent groove with breastfeeding. He seems to do well most feedings and I no longer feel like I have to put a wrestler's hold to keep him at the breast. He also seems to do fine going back and forth from bottle to breast. Ah, finally. Now, I am not saying there is a love affair with breastfeeding...but I can see one year being a realistic goal now...however, ask me about it all once he gets some teeth. And yes, I am still using my "breast" friend at.every.single.feeding...truly (truly) my "breast" friend. We'll work on the pillow weaning at a later date - I am actually breastfeeding a baby and not a pump...pat me on the back. Jake laid Sammy down for the first time - I was out one night (yep, he actually lets me out the cage every now and then) and he did great (and Jake realized I don't really "need" to be spending forty-five minutes every night laying Sam down...shoot). We are still trying to figure out his schedule or his "unschedule" - to be honest, it is just not a priority to me this time around. He sleeps, I sleep...whatever. We still have a routine, but it never looks the same day after day. My work this time around is more flexible so I don't feel this crazy need to have a perfect schedule like I did with the first two. Would I love more sleep? You bet I would. However, my lack of sleep this time around is really not bothering me - my mornings start slow, but once I have a little coffee...I am ready to roll. No, Sam doesn't sleep through the night unassisted - he'll sleep through, but I always have to do paci placement at least once. And no, I am not ready to let him cry it out...four months...maybe. I swore at eight weeks I would let him cry it out, but now I say four months...I am sure once I get there I'll tack on more time. It is all good. He'll eventually sleep all night...with no paci placement (or, at least I pray he does!). He is still doing a combo of napping in the swing and the crib...I am flexible. Sometimes he takes great naps in the crib and sometimes he doesn't...would love the consistent naps in the crib. He is a great baby (all babies are great), but he is a such a sweet little guy - goes with the flow all the time. I praise God for every blessing, but I am thankful for a low maintenance baby (I would have been thankful for a high maintenance baby...but the low maintenance baby makes life a little easier for me). He still has lots of smiles for all of us and he continues to love to just stare at me...and of course, I LOVE IT! His hair is really starting to grow in on top...looks to be lighter like Judah's color. And I think he might end up with blue eyes...could it be?!? Could I really have a blue eyed baby?!? Maybe...we shall see. I swore Judah's eyes were going to be blue and they are not, but he has beautiful a gray green (and yes, I think Hugh's eyes are beautiful even though they are brown). He drools like crazy - I know it isn't teeth (better not be) and still loves the paci (mostly when he is tired). He has been gripping onto more toys and opening his hands more...I am officially losing my newborn (and my excuse as to why I look like a train wreck I brought out the toys for the bouncer and he is in love...absolutely in love. He gets so excited to see his "friends" every time I put him in it. Sadly, he spends a lot of time in the bouncer or on his playmat...he is the third baby. It is hard to think this will be our last time with a newborn and seeing how new life is to them at every turn...ugh, it goes too fast. We love this little boy so much - he is such an incredible blessing.
So, week eleven not forgotten. And week twelve is down as well. You know what isn't weight. Shoot. With the first two boys, I was getting a lot closer (i.e. not only wearing pants with an elastic waist bands) to getting back to my goal weight. Not so much this time, I'll wait...patiently...and I should probably get my tail off the couch and put away the Cheetos (oh, how I love myself some Cheetos...the darn good with all those yummy preservatives). I'll just remind myself that all that extra weight was for a wonderful give into my Cheetos craving!

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