Sunday, June 10, 2012

What a Week!

Sammy is thirteen weeks and three months old! It has been a big week for this sweet baby boy. And let me tell you, he is a sweetheart. I could cuddle this sweet baby all day…but he is my third baby and I am not able to cuddle him all day. Sometimes, I spend a little extra time rocking him amidst all the yelling/screaming/fighting of the two older boys – the big boys can handle not having me around for an extra three minutes (even though, you would think they were going to die – my boys LOVE to have someone with them ALL.THE.TIME…not very independent in the Saylor household). I know Sam is growing up so fast and I’ll never get this time back – I know how fast it goes…especially the sweet moments, those times go by really fast. So, I am going to get every extra minute of cuddle time that I can. So, what did week thirteen bring for Sammy? Well, as I said it was a big week! He had his first trip on an airplane – we went to California. I had to be in California for work, and since Sammy is still such a little guy and I am breastfeeding, he came right along with me (with his Gramma in tow…thankful for my mother and mother-in-law for watching all the boys…sometimes, it is REALLY hard to work, but we are supported by some amazing family to help us get it all done). So, I got to breastfeed at the airport…awesome. And of course, I brought my “brest” friend…don’t leave home without it. At first I thought I would feel silly bringing it, but you know what – I didn’t because I don’t care – did I look silly, I bet I did. Sammy hates nursing under the cover – he pulls at it and moves it all the time. At one point, I realized he had completely pulled the cover to one side and left my lady a little exposed…oopsies…I am sure it was more horrifying for the person who got a peek than it was for me. No, there was no nursing on the plane – that doesn’t work for me (at least not yet). He did great on the flights – no crying…just hanging out and sleeping. He did great overall on the trip – this was the longest I have ever been gone from him…a full eight hours (because we all know that he has never slept that long…so I am never away from him for more than four hours). Sometimes, I think he enjoys the quiet of being an only child…oh well, never going to happen. And I got to pump – love the relationship with Mr. Pump…such a good friend (who I am glad stays in the closet like a good friend should). I learned how much he takes per feeding (I brought A LOT of frozen milk just to be on the safe side…no, he doesn’t drink twelve ounces per feeding…you never know), and I also learned that when he is done eating there is no chance in getting him to eat more (just like with nursing…he does not like to overeat…smart boy…wish I could learn that as I am eating my second helping of sorbet…shoot). I also learned that he is a junky napper whether he is bottle feeding or breast feeding – I was happy to learn that…I was wondering if it was the breastfeeding…it is not, he is just a junky napper…story of my life. He was a great travel friend and I look forward to future trips with my buddy. In addition to being quite the traveler, he also got in the pool. His initial response was total horror (the pool is a little chilly), but he was fine within a minute and he just chilled out with Dada – I see many pool days in our future (praying this little guy loves the water). Still can't figure out who he looks like (will post comparison pics of the boys this week) - when Jake is holding him, he looks so much like him - Sam does have a lot of Jake's features, but I don't think he looks 100% like him...who knows, what I do know is that I will have three boys who looks nothing alike, which is so crazy! He is still a total peanut – I held some other babies today and wow…Sammy is such a peanut. I still moved him up to the three to six month clothes – the onesies and jumpers are fine on him – the pants and shorts are HUGE! Honestly, I think he would still fit into preemie sized pants and shorts – he will follow in the footsteps of his big brother! I let him cry this week for a nap – for like ten to fifteen minutes (I was trying to cook dinner and I have firm rule in this house – I do not cook and hold a baby.)…of course, I broke down and got him…and he was MAD at me. Ugh, we are never going to get there…that is okay. Nope, still not sleeping all night…still needs the paci placement at least once during the night. We tried to break him of the Woombie this week…not ready. Clearly, I am the mother of “crutches”…the pillow, the pacifier, the Woombie…you name it, sign me up. We’ll try to break him of the Woombie in another couple of weeks. I told Jake I am going to need to order the mega baby size. You know what, he is only three months old…we still have plenty of time to figure life out. He is doing awesome – lots of smiles, some giggles, and just as sweet as can be! So, it was a busy week – aren’t they all? Looking forward to completing a work project that has been super consuming the last few months. I won’t know what to do with all my free time once I am done with it…maybe clean my house, finish unpacking, work out…nah, that would take too much effort! However, I really need to work out…very thankful for maternity work clothes (not really – sad that not a single piece of work clothing fits…and if I can zip it up, it looks downright scary…scary…ugh!).

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I am not alone. I am not the only one who has taken my "milk pillow" out. It came everywhere with me ---seriously, EVERYWHERE. I'm sure people did laugh at me (my friends did), but I didn't care. In due will say goodbye. It will be a sad day. Congrats on a new place to call HOME! Sorry we still haven't gotten together. Lets do! Hopefully soon. B