Monday, July 16, 2012

The Crank

Eighteen weeks and four months! We are inching right along. The other night Jake and I were discussing the birthdays for the big boys and it dawned on me that Sammy will be almost eight months when Hubey turns four, which of course, immediately makes me sad and makes me want another baby. I know, I already have a baby and he is only four months…shoot, I have three babies and sometimes four babies (when Jake is sick). But there is something about this “little” stage when they are so dependent upon you…yes, it is totally draining, but it also is so sweet…and there is nothing else like it (well, I’ve never had a dog…so…maybe). Ah, I love this little guy and want to stop time…just for a little bit.


So, what did week eighteen bring for Sammy? Well, it brought the crank (as in crankiness…not the other stuff…we don’t start ‘em that young in this house). Sammy is normally always a happy guy, but this week something changed and in order to be happy, he would like for you to hold him. Not sure if it was related to his shots, but he definitely was not my happy go lucky guy this week. We’ll see how he is this next week. Now, he is still a happy guy…just not so happy that you can forget about him because he is so happy and doesn’t make a peep (and wow, that makes me sound like an awesome mom). We’re still working on the sleep training – he is hit or miss on his night sleeping. Sometimes he sleeps all the way through and sometimes he wakes up crying for a little bit…we’ll just keep at it. Also, I committed to day training and put the swing away…for good. With Judah, I would put the swing away and then bring it back – constantly…not doing that this time around. I am committed (or should be committed) to sleep training. And again, hit or miss on his days…but he has to stay in his crib for at least ninety minutes and “work it out”. I have been putting a lot of blankets in his crib lately (insert terrible mother here)…I have this thought that he loves a soft blanket by his face…and if he drops his pacifier, he normally likes to suck on the blanket. Well, while he is trying to fall asleep, he will normally play with these blankets…and I’ll tell you what, he can get REALLY tangled up in these blankets, which makes him SUPER mad. Ugh…one more reason for me to have to go into his room to fix his sleep situation. The smart thing to do would probably be to ditch the blankets…but how lonely? Still haven’t gotten the whole bumper thing worked out (thankfully, my sister-in-law is going to let me borrow one). We’ll see if that helps. And, he is totally pacifier dependent…it is what it is…end of story. So, he had his four month appointment and is now 12lbs. 7oz. (10%) and 24.5in. long (35%)…yes, he is a tiny guy. I talked with the doctor about it, because honestly, I start to panic a little…all stems from my breastfeeding woes (big shock). He said he is completely fine – no need to supplement or add solids yet. I also read in that fun little “this is what your baby should be doing” hand-out that he should be drinking six ounces per feeding (definitely not happening when he takes a bottle) and that he should be going four to five hours between feedings (and we are still on a three hour schedule)…ah, such is life. So, I take a deep breath and relax a little and love on my tiny baby. He did great with his shots…cried for less than a minute…shots are SO much easier at this age. He is very healthy and yes, we are waiting to start solids until six or so plus months…I hate that stage…so the longer I wait; the better. However, he did try to suck on a little watermelon…looked like he was a fan…and yep, still waiting on the solids. He seems to enjoy tv – every time it is on, he tries to maneuver himself with a perfect view…I threw out the no tv before two rule a long time ago, but I would love to enforce if I could. He is still a total mover for diaper changes…drives me crazy. Still does great on his tummy and I am fairly certain we are out of the woods for needing a band…yay for us! It is something I really notice now (obviously because I had a kid wear one), and it always surprises me when kids have super flat heads and their parents don’t notice at all…each to their own…we have no regrets with getting that band for Judah. He is grabbing at toys a lot more and can pull toys off his mat…crazy how much a baby can change in four months! He is super active and is constantly kicking his legs (a future runner…oh joy). He is still quite the squealer and will always let you know he is around with his squeals. He seems to do great in the Ergo and loves to stare up at me…melt my heart! He is still really trying to roll to his stomach, but those darn shoulders just keep getting in the way. We are still giving him a bottle at night (after I nurse him) to try and load him up…he is much more willing to take a bottle from me after I have nursed him…silly boy. And still dreamfeeding – not sure when we’ll drop that. Honestly, once we drop the dreamfeed, I think I’ll need to pump at night. I produce A LOT of milk…I could easily have another baby follow Sam after I feed him (any takers???...kidding) since I can pump at least four ounces after I feed him. I get engorged only going seven hours of not feeding him…twelve hours scares me and makes me want to cry. And I know, pumping will probably only make it worse…ugh, such dilemmas. Four months into nursing…pat me on the back and give me a medal (yes, I'm being dramatic…only kind of). We love this baby boy…he is a sweet boy…hoping for no crank this week.

I praise God that I am working through sleep training with a happy heart. I love my sleep. The funny thing is, I feel like I am more tired with getting more sleep? Who knows. Tis my season…and I love it…not every minute, but I’ll take it.


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