Sunday, July 8, 2012

Let the Sleep Training Begin!

Seventeen weeks!  And, almost four months!  Sammy is a third of his way through his first year of life…crazy!  Seriously, these first four months have flown by…I expect the next four months to fly and then the next four months…and then bam!...Sammy will be a year-old.  But for now, he is only four months and I’ll focus on that and not fast forward through it all.  We have loved every last bit of these four months.  Sam is such a sweetheart and is such a wonderful addition to our house, I know I say it all the time, but it is true – we love this baby boy!

So, what did week seventeen bring for Sammy?  Well, it has officially brought the sleep training…ugh.  I HATE SLEEP TRAINING!  Honestly, it has been more of the night sleep training than the day sleep training right now.  I cannot commit to the day sleep training yet…but pretty sure I’ll be doing that tomorrow.  He still cries most nights…but it is like clockwork…normally at like 3:45 in the morning and he’ll cry for fifteen to thirty minutes and then goes back to sleep until six to sevenish.  So, I know he doesn’t need to eat since he’ll sleep for a few more hours after he cries…just a matter of breaking the habit.  And yep, he is stubborn…oh, but guess what my friend, you got that stubbornness from someone…so, just try me.  (Actually, I am a total wimp at this and it kills me to hear him cry…hence why I cannot commit to day training.  I talk a big game.)  So, I won’t get him before six and if he wakes up before seven, then I’ll lay him back down…seven is the rule in our house (just ask Judah how well that works out).  I was hoping it would only take like three days and then like magic we would be good…not so much.  Oh, well…a girl can dream.  I know the day training is going to be much more painful.  The thing that makes me laugh is he can totally be crying and then I walk in to get him and he gives me the biggest smile…ah, my little manipulator…love it.  I still have been putting him in his cribs for his naps…just normally move him to swing after an hour…since he cannot last more than an hour in his crib…ugh.  And that is another rule in our house…naps are ninety plus minutes…end of story.  So, here is to sleep training…yay me, and time to pour myself a glass of wine.  Besides sleep training, he got lots of special one on one time with Mama since Jake took the big boys to Flag for the weekend.  And having one kid (and that kid being a baby) is like not having a kid at all…I know I thought having one kid was so hard when I was in it (and it is when that is your season), but oh my word…one kid is so dang easy.  So, he got to run lots of errands and he got all sorts of thrown off of his naps…and we even ate out at restaurants…we never do that because normally that is a painful experience…but with one kid it isn’t so painful.  And, I might have just sat and rocked him through one of his entire naps…yep, I might have done that.  He is still getting a bottle of formula before bed after I nurse him…that has been a chore for me to give him a bottle.  Now, he gets a bottle at least once or twice a week since I am working, but I am guessing he just really struggles with it because I am giving it to him?!?  Who knows.  He has gotten better, but a lot of times he just lets it roll out of his mouth…but if I switch to nurse him, he is willing to nurse…hmmm.  He is a game player…and I love him.  We’ll keep with the bottle…I want to pump him up as much as possible at night.  He has started to pop his paci out of his mouth and sometimes he’ll flip it upside down…look at him with his plethora of party tricks.  I have been told several times this past week that he looks just like me...lucky boy.  He is grabbing onto more things and I have busted out some more toys.  He continues to be amazed by his brothers and thinks they are the greatest things ever (however, he prefers them at a distance...Judah likes to “play eat” Sam’s fingers…except Judah doesn’t know how to “play eat” and Sam normally ends up with teeth marks in his fingers…poor buddy).  Purchased a bumper for the crib, but not sold on these “breathable” bumpers…looks like I’ll be getting a regular old bumper….when my lazy tail gets around to buying one.  He is still biting…I am about ready to bite him back…or just sic Judah on him.  He is moving himself all around and will roll to his side, but can’t get all the way to his stomach.  Hard to believe that in a few short months he’ll be mobile…ugh, not eagerly awaiting that day.  Sam is sweet, so sweet and so cute.  Love, love, love this baby!

I am really praying about this sleep training.  My mood is really dependent upon how my kids sleep.  I know it shouldn’t be…I am working on it.  I know it is just a season and it will pass…praying it passes sooner rather than later.  I want to enjoy each season…even the “non-napping, crying, fussy” seasons.  My hair is still totally falling out…like a lot…guessing it is still normal…however, ask me when I start having bald spots.  And, I sweat like nobody’s business…yes, I am a Johnson and sweating is part of my genes, but oh my word…it is unreal.  I would swear I am going through menopause…no joke.  And, I bought a few more “forgiving” clothing items…it is nice being able to fit into some clothes…who cares what size they are!  Praising God for each season (even the balding, sweaty, chunky seasons) and the incredible blessing we have in Sam!

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