Sunday, July 29, 2012

More of the Same


Week twenty done!  Sammy is now twenty weeks - a little hard to believe, but it doesn't change what is truth.  Honestly, this week was pretty much more of the same...nothing too exciting to report except that he got to meet his Aunt April and cousins who live in Alaska - that was the highlight for sure.  As I have learned with the other boys, not every week can be milestone sitting in a grocery cart or moving up a diaper size...wait, he did move up a diaper size (size two now...woot, woot), it was a HUGE week (my mistake).  The week flew by...which is why I (Jake) just busted out the camera this afternoon...ugh...poor third child with no pictures.  It doesn't mean we don't love him just the same...he just gets the leftovers right now...poor buddy.  We love this sweet boy...just don't have the pics to prove it!

So, what did week twenty bring for Sammy?  Well, I am not going to whine and whine about the sleeping issues (I'll just drink, I am so clever)...let's just say we are working on it and leave it at that.  And, I swear the more sleep I get, the worse I crazy.  And, I no longer drink "just" a half of cup of coffee...bring on the full cup.  He is no longer rolling over in the crib...he is no longer rolling period.  Guess he thought that skill wasn't so needed.  Whatever.  As each week goes by he loses his "chill" factor a little more...oh well...he is still chill, just not the kind of chill that you can forget about him (not like I would want to do that, not me).  He is desperately trying to sit least it looks like it when he laying down, but I work on it with him and he is a like a sack of potatoes.  All in time.  And I know what comes with sitting...mobility...and I want none of that.  I don't know why he doesn't think laying on back staring at the same four toys isn't fun used to be fun.  This week is bringing his first Olympics (Jake is like a little school girl just beaming with excitement...not sure Sam feels the same way).  He continues to be very sensitive to noise...very sensitive.  I am surprised he doesn't appreciate me yelling at his brothers...I know his brothers appreciate it.  He continues to be super distracted when he eats (similar to how I am super distracted when I try to do ANY task...what is wrong with me?).  He seems to be liking the bottle a bit more and you know what, that is okay.  I feel like I have done pretty well for five months with breastfeeding and will not be hard on myself this time around.  He does love to hold my finger when he eats (either nursing or a bottle) and it could be one of the sweetest things in the whole world.  He continues to adore his big brothers and I think Jake is slowing wooing him to his team has no members...Jake's team has three members (including himself)...Sam is still deciding, but I think Jake is winning...for the love of Pete...give a girl a team member already.  I am getting a dog - maybe a dog would be my teammate.  I am okay with it...I don't mind having no teammates in the night when a certain child (that shall remain nameless) is screaming for a tissue...your teammate, your tissue.  He has been giggling a lot more lately and I love his sweet laugh.  He is a fairly serious baby, but when he smiles, he smiles big and it is oh so sweet.  I keep having people tell me that he looks just like me...fingers crossed that means nose excluded.  He is such a sweet boy.  Overall, he is doing great...hard to believe we are pushing on five did that happen?!?

Praising God for His Word during this season...I know I am a better mom when I start my day in His Word - end of story.  Tired or not, I pray I stay focused on Christ and the incredible blessings He has given me in all three of my boys.  It is a privilege to be their Mama...I pray I don't waste it.

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Amy said...

I just love him! Fortunately, they will never count the amount of pictures they all have of themselves - esp. because they are boys and boys don't really care about that stuff! LIke, for instance, Trey will never know he had 1000 pics before his first birthday and Raegan has about 50 :) . Haha!