Sunday, July 1, 2012

Working it Out...


Yay for Sammy...sixteen weeks!  (And yay for me...back on track.)  Well, not quite four months yet and we started letting Sammy "work it out" (i.e., cry it out).  Honestly, I still can't do it every night, which I know defeats the whole purpose...I totally get that, but not only is it hard to listen to him cry, but we also have one of our mothers staying with us one night a week and it is fair to wake us up in the night, but I feel guilty about it waking one of them up.  And he is SUPER stubborn and does not go back to sleep very easily...he did one night, but another night he cried off and on for an hour...that was too much for me.  So, I'm figuring it all out right now...maybe this week we'll try some more "working it out"...we'll see.  I just wish he would figure it all out and start sleeping through the that too much to ask?

So, what else did week sixteen bring for Sammy?  Well, besides "working it out"...I am starting to give him a bottle every night of formula.  I give him the bottle after nursing him at his bed time feeding and his dream feed...trying to get as much in him as I can.  Sometimes he takes it and sometimes he just plays with it...clearly, he hasn't gotten the "formula is super expensive" memo...we don't waste it my friend.  We'll see if it works.  Hard to believe that we could introduce solids in the next week...we probably won't...I hate baby food (because I am super lazy) and our boys are TERRIBLE baby food eaters.  Yes, it may bring some extra calories in to help keep him full, but isn't worth my sanity...we'll start at six months most likely.  He is starting to stay awake longer and normally stays fairly happy.  I noticed this week that he seemed a bit more fussy, but nothing much - I am sure he is thinking, "Seriously, the mat again...I hate this mat.  Get a clue."  Oh, well...such is life and that mat has been a good friend (especially to me).  We are closely approaching that four month mark, which means the dreaded "nap hating" phase - I hate this phase.  I love my boys...but I love for them to nap.  Hugh didn't really have this phase because he didn't really start napping until four months, but it started at this age with Judah and it lasted off and on for our twelve weeks...yuck.  So, giddy we go.  It is always at this point that I think to myself, "Why did I ever do the swing?!?  I should have just done the crib from the very start!"  Oh, well.  We can handle it...we always do...and it can't last forever (I tell myself that with joke).  So, this next week will be trial and error with the whole sleep training...oh joy (have I mentioned how much I LOVE sleep training?!?).  We have graduated from the was time.  The "straight jacket" was a good friend...and provided some needed sleep when I thought I would never sleep again.  He is still moving all around the crib and I will most likely be purchasing a bumper - telling myself, "I am sure he is waking up when he hits his head on the slats."  He still continues to be such a happy guy...and is giving a lot more giggles.  I light up every time he just stares at me and doesn't get any better than that.  He is still drooling a ton - he is wet all the time between the drool and the spit-up (yep, still a spitter).  He is trying to put his whole fist in his mouth...don't worry, I showed him how to do it...yep, that is right I can fit my fist into mouth...quite the resume builder.  He continues to do great with tummy time...nice shaped head (for the most part...a little flat spot...but no concerns).  He loves the Bumbo, which is great.  Still not playing with a ton of toys...probably because I am too lazy to get them out and because I can't handle watching the big boys fight over the toys...that would DRIVE me CRAZY!  And you know what, he is happy to watch his big brothers...who adore him (well, for the most part - Judah was about a second from pushing him off of the grocery cart...he was strapped into his car seat, but still...I would have lost it).  He is a sweet baby...with a sweet smile...and I think some baby blues...time will tell!

So, what did week sixteen bring for me?  Well, it brought an embracing of my body.  I have not lost all my baby weight - that is a fact.  And every time I step into my closet, I have lots of clothes that all whisper "chunky, chunky, chunky" is hard walking into a closet where only like four things fit.  So, I got some new clothes...not a lot of new clothes, obviously, I want to fit back into my old clothes, but the reality is that right now I do not.  And I wanted some clothes that whisper "wear me, wear me, wear me"...because the "chunky" whisper was getting a little old.  I started to feel worse about myself wearing the same three pairs of shorts (all with elastic) and big t-shirts all week...puts me more into a slump.  And honestly, I need to start doing something to get me back on track to my pre-baby size...talking about losing weight doesn't work...whatever.  Right now, my focus is on feeding a body will come next (I am such a martyr...always putting others before myself). 

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