Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fussy, fussy, fussy!


Yay for twenty-four weeks for Sammy!  These weeks seriously fly by…the hours during some of the days do not fly by…especially the hours between four and seven every.single.night, but the weeks fly by.  Week twenty-four was a hard week…a very hard week.  Sam has been SUPER fussy.  And this is when I say…”I think he is teething”…and then I say this for the next four months until he actually gets teeth.  However, I do believe the teeth start moving down (you know from the way up spot they are in his skull?!?...and now I think I just don’t make any sense) before the teeth actually pop up and that causes my boys pain (whatever…I can believe whatever I want).  Anyway, whatever is causing his fussiness is making me want to poke my eyes out…yep, I am that dramatic.  He still has his sweet moments, but it was a long week.  (Honestly, he would be the happiest baby in the world if I would just hold him all day while moving around…notta gunna happen.)  Hoping for less fuss this next week.

So, what did week twenty-four bring for Sammy?  Well, it brought the movement of teeth (yep, I said it…I sure did).  It continued to bring junky naps…ugh, have I mentioned how much I hate sleep training?!?  He's still really fighting his last nap of the day and then he is totally miserable between four and seven each night…and I cannot put him to bed at five…notta gunna happen.  I just wish he would sleep…just for like forty-five minutes…is that too much for a girl to ask?!?  According to Sam, yes it is.  He is still not a consistent sleeper through the night yet, but it isn’t terrible.  He has started to sleep on his tummy for part of the night…but normally will start crying once he realizes he is on his tummy…and he still has not gotten the memo that he knows how to roll from tummy to back…just roll over already (ugh).  Of course with all this sleep madness, I always have in the back of my head that I am starving him by breastfeeding him…and yes, that is my crazy (well, number one hundred twelve on my crazy list).  He still continues to be such a distracted eater…  And, I feel like he nurses in under five minutes…can’t stress over it.  And each day I make it breastfeeding, I am really proud of myself (like “shut the front door you are amazing” proud of myself...yes, it is THAT hard for me…however, I do treasure my Pinterest time during nursing…too bad there isn’t a pin to make me an elf to do all my pins).  I don't mind nursing him for his dream feed...when he is asleep and not moving around like a wild beast.  I do love cuddling him while he is asleep and I can hear him breathing...moments like that cannot be beat.  We busted out the high chair this week…no, he didn’t eat any food in it…a couple more weeks when the magic switch happens when he turns six months and he’ll be eating food in it.  We continue to try to give him bites of things since he grabs at everything, but he gives us this “why are you poisoning me” face every time.  I need to spend some time reading up on this “baby led weaning”…we’ll see how it goes.  Hoping to avoid the rice cereal and jars this time around…the thought of it all just seems so dang painful (and yes, I know I am so dramatic…it has been one of those weeks).  Pretty sure he is not going to be a thumb sucker…saw a true thumb sucker today and Sammy does not find his thumb for comfort…more just to play, but he does love his paci and his blanket.  Honestly, I think his blanket brings him more comfort than his paci.  All my boys and their blankets.  I am a believer in some type of sleep prop…clearly (ask me this again when I lose one of my boy’s blankets).  I love that when he is tired, he'll just rest into sweet.  He seems to have a LOVE for the tv…I gave up my dream of no tv before two a long time ago…when I had my first baby.  He seems to like my phone (and why wouldn’t he…the iPhone is ah-mazing)…he actually gets a little mad when I put it away…nice.  He seems to be enjoying his exersaucer – loves to play with all the toys…think he is just excited to be off the mat.  Still no sitting up…strong core, no balance.  It is hard for me to imagine him sitting up…I know it will just happen one day, but he’ll be such a big boy at that point…crazy.  He is still trying to eat his hands (like for real eats his hands) and drools like crazy (I know…I am so right about the teeth).  He enjoyed Judah’s bday…we did a small family thing at Peter Piper…he got to spend some quality time in the Ergo while the big boys went hog wild playing games…crazy to think that he’ll want to get wild playing those games next year (much to Jake’s delight…he loves 3P).  Despite all the fussiness, he still has lots to say, lots of smiles, and lots of giggles.  We love this sweet boy.

I wish I wouldn’t base my weeks on my kids…but at times I do…it is my season right now.  I am not saying it is right, it just seems to work out that way.  So, when I have a fussy baby…I let it weigh on me rather than focusing on Christ and seeking Him for strength.  Honestly, I am hoping for a less fussy week, but I am also really hoping that I put it all into perspective and  do not allow it to ruin my days or my nights.  I can handle a little fussiness (or a lot of it)…I can do all things though Christ who strengthens me!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

HBD Big Two Year Old!!!

Our Dear Judah Bear,


Hard to believe you are two years old!  It was two years ago around this time (I started writing this the night before your birthday) that I told your Daddy that I thought maybe something was happening, but I wasn’t too sure.  So, we made some calls and started walking was HOT outside, but I swore I would wait to go to hospital until I knew I was further along…well, that didn’t last long…because it was HOT outside and I swore I was further along.  And we went to the hospital thinking you would be coming into this world within the next few hours…well, I wasn’t very far along (so much for swearing I was)…bummer.   

But, I was certain I would progress really quickly…so, your aunts and Gramma came to the hospital to see you be born all certain you would be there very quickly.  Well, guess what bubba?  You took your sweet time and came about twelve hours later.  But you know what?  You were SO worth the wait.  And, you were so easy to deliver…so sweet to your Mama.  I loved you the minute I laid my eyes upon you and I haven’t stopped and I never will.

Two?!?  Two?!?  Where did the last two years go?!?  This last year has been such a whirlwind and you have changed so much!  You started the year barely walking and having a few words, and now you running with full force and speaking in sentences.  You make us laugh everyday with your funny faces or your silly laugh and you say the funniest things like when you flush the potty and say, “Bubye poop, luv you.”  Or when you motion for us to “come ‘ere”…love it.  Or when you say “shoopit guys” (which is either stupid guys or stop it guys).   

You make us laugh how you will whisper things…so silly.  You are such a smart little guy – you love to look at your ABC letters, you know all your animal noises, colors (thank you TV), counting…you pick up on things so quickly.  You are such a handsome little guy…will be breaking hearts one day…and you love to say “hansome”.  You are also very coordinated (you totally got that from me).  You love to dance and have some awesome moves (again, all from me) – our favorite move is when you grab the table and kick up one leg like a donkey (the donkey kick dance).   

You love to read…Moo, Baa, La, La, La is your favorite and you basically read it yourself.  You love cars and trucks and anything that makes a lot of noise.  People can’t help but love you – you are so cute and funny…you are the life of a party.  You like to wave and say “hi” to people.  You provide CONSTANT commentary ALL.DAY.LONG.  Seriously, I am so thankful for you, or I would have no idea what a tunnel, couch, table, car, cup, diaper (and the list goes on) is.  I love hearing your sweet voice and wouldn’t change it for anything.  

You love to say “hey”…you use it constantly.  You are our “shone” (phone) finder…every time you see our phones you have to bring them to us and say “here ya go”…so cute.  I love it when you lie down and say “tickle me”…so cute.  I love it when you come over and say “uppy down” when you want to be held.  There are so many funny and cute things you say that I know I am already forgetting and it makes me sad…like how you say “missed it” or “I got it” or “awesome job” or when you whisper “fruit snacks” with this huge smile after going poop. 


You make us laugh when you grab your cheeks and say “I chubby” or “Daddy chubby”.  You always have to find Sammy or point him out whenever he is around and you say “Sammy” with such an amazing love.  You are a total Daddy’s boy…oh you love your Daddy with every inch of you and I love to watch you with him.  You adore your Papas and Grammas.  You love your brothers…you get sad when Shubee (Hubey) is sleeping and would prefer to wake him…you think anything Hubey can do, you can do too. 

You love to play outside and LOVE to get dirty…I swear you wake up dirty…it is in your genes.  Your favorite foods are chocetmilky (chocolate milk), eggs, fruit, fruit snacks, gum, and candy (yes, we are amazing parents).  We do have daily battles getting you to eat…but you drink your chocetmilky, so whatever.  You’ll eat a well-balanced meal at some point…just not anytime soon.  You like to hold my hand when we walk up the stairs…  I love it when you say “hold ju Mama”…sweet boy.  You are definitely a cuddler…always have been and I love it.  You will say to us “snuggle me”…you bet!  You love to just climb up into our laps and sit with us.   


You wake up every day rearing to go…but don’t wake you up…not pretty.  You have been a dream to potty train…didn’t think it was going to happen since about ten days into it all I was ready to quit, but then it all clicked and you were amazing my sweet boy!  You have a sensitive heart and can burst into tears if you think someone is upset with you.  You are tough (a bit of a bruiser) and are normally covered in bruises.  When you get hurt, you want Mama just so I can give you a quick hug and kiss.  

I love how you smile with your whole face...just like your Mama.  You are super strong doing pull-ups on the treadmill (at least someone is using it).  You seem to grow up so much faster than your brother…sitting like a big boy at the table already…shoot, we got you a Nerf gun and bike for your birthday (who gets those things for a two year-old?!?).  You love the water…you haven’t met a shower you didn’t like.  You cannot swim, but I bet you could learn if you wouldn’t be so stubborn…you start saying “no no no” every time we even start counting in the water – my silly boy.  

You would love to get in the van every day to go somewhere (sorry buddy…doesn’t happen).  You fall asleep about 75% of the time in the car (just like me…I love a good car nap).  You have no fear most of the time, but then certain things can really scare you…dogs, carousels, tractor rides…random.  You enjoyed (ha!) your first plane ride…that will be a story forever etched in our heads!   

You visited snow this year and HATED it…I think it was the bulky clothes that you made you fall over every other step, BUT you did get to watch your nursery rhymes video about eight hundred times and that made you happy.  You love TV, but are really only interested in the first fifteen minutes…unless there is singing and then you are hooked…or creepy little characters that say the same color words over and over and over and (you get it) again. 


You went to the beach and loved it…didn’t even care that the water was freezing.  You love your blanket and will cry whenever I try to wash it.  You love to hear us sing (I have an ah-mazing voice) and have certain faves…Holy, Holy, Holy, This Little Light of Mine, and Jimeny Bells (Jingle Bells).  You love to help with cooking or folding laundry…when I need a little helper, you got my back.  I can’t leave you alone for too long…caught you with box cutters, scissors, knives, Sharpies…and the list goes on (and where was I…eating bon bons and watching TV).


Oh my little boy – I love you with this fierce love that I can’t explain.  You remind me so much of myself with your caring heart and stubborn spirit.  We praise God for you every day – you are such a blessing to this family.  You definitely have a spicy side – and I pray God uses it for His Kingdom.  And sometimes your spicy side drives me crazy, but I love your spicy side…can’t enjoy my sweet boy without spiciness.  You are such an awesome little boy – we are so thankful that God has entrusted us to raise you…what a privilege.  Happy Birthday, Judah!  We are all looking forward to another crazy year!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Again...we survived.

Sammy is twenty-three weeks!  And, all is right in the world now that Daddy is back home!  I survived over a week by myself, and Jake missed Sam’s twenty-third week of life…shame on him.  And, I was doing so great posting on Sundays and then Jake came home yesterday and it totally threw me off my game because I thought it was Saturday…I know, excuses, excuses.  Jake is to blame for everything.  Sam is SO glad to have Daddy back home…Sam follows suit with his big brothers and loves his Daddy something fierce.  And, I am a MUCH better Mama when Daddy is home!  

So, what did week twenty-three bring for Sammy?  Well, as stated above it brought another week away from Daddy (this was his second week away from Daddy)…and he survived with lots of Mama time.  He loves his Mama…melt my heart that sweet boy.  We are still figuring out his sleeping and eating…let’s be honest...I believe in Babywise and believe it is great, but I swear it doesn’t work for my boys…most likely because I am not disciplined enough to follow it.  Sadly, this lack of discipline spills over to everything in my life…ugh, I digress.  So, we figure everything out with some shorter naps and some longer naps…and still a lot of nursing sessions prior to sleeping.  You know what, we all will survive…we always do, we always will.  He still fights the last nap of the day like crazy, but he NEEDS it so badly…total crank without it.  But, as I have already realized, you cannot force a baby to sleep…’t.   I was so thankful to have Jake home to clip Sam’s fingernails……he was starting to look like a werewolf with those nails (toenails included).  And, I was normally the subject that those nails would scar…seriously, I had gashes on my back, chest, face, and arms.  I am sure you are thinking, “Why not just cut his finger nails?”  Well, it is not my job – it is Jake’s job.  You don’t see me mowing the grass…not my job.  Just like cutting finger nails…not my job.  Just like you don’t see Jake cooking…oh wait, yes you do…or you don’t see him vacuuming…oh wait, yes you do…but you never see him mopping…shoot, yes you do (thankful Jake is willing to take on my jobs…still not willing to take on his).  So, I could totally relate when my sister-in-law mentioned one of her friends saying she felt like she was nursing Wolverine…same here.  

In addition to the nails, this boy is just a wild nurser.  He likes to slap me in the face when he is nursing, like he is saying, “Lady, get me my food.”  Yep, got the memo…thanks for the slap.  And putting this boy under a nursing cover?!?  Forget about it.  First of all, it would be criminal to put something over his head while he is trying to eat, and he cannot eat with any distractions.  Yes, I am sure I created this, but I swear he can hear our neighbor sneeze and he will stop eating…ugh.  So, I nurse him in his room…quietly…well, as quietly as I can get it with the two big boys wreaking total havoc on the house.  Oh well, it is only a season.  We busted out the exersaucer/jumper – he seems to like it…just like the mat…once he realizes that he has been totally abandoned, he will normally start to freak out and demand someone start paying attention to him.  He is still roly roly…but cannot normally figure out how to roll from tummy to back…who knows.  I found him sleeping on his tummy a few times, but he normally doesn’t like it and will cry to have someone flip him back over (hey Sam, guess what? you can roll to your back all by yourself…so do it, thanks).  He is still trying to eat his hands…chews on them so much he could possibly lose a finger.  He is playing with toys more now that he is so grabby grabby.  He still desperately would like to be able to sit up…his core is strong, but he has no balance.  He LOVES the pool…seriously.  He thinks he can swim…kicking his legs and moving his arms, even puts his face in the water.  Yay for a water baby!  He loves to smile and giggle, but can definitely has his moments of being all done (Sam…take a third nap!).  He is such a sweet boy and so, so adorable.  We love this little boy so much and praise God for His incredible blessings on us!

So, I survived a tough week…not without a breakdown.  I did so well…and then our freezer in our garage went out after a hard day (and it was nasty…like breast milk/red meat blood nasty)…and instead of seeking God for strength to get through some super fun cleaning, I called my husband in the middle of the night (for him) to freak out (like it was his fault)…fail.  You know what though…Christ’s grace is sufficient for that freak out session…sure is.  I am so thankful for Christ’s free gift of grace (would be completely lost in life without it), to grandparents for helping me care for our boys (I would have died without my mom), to friends for hanging out, to my sister-in-law for late night texts that would make me laugh and encourage me, and to my husband because even though he was living it up in Brazil every night, I know he was thinking about us…especially when he was looking so fly in his G6.


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rolly Rolly


Sammy is twenty-two weeks and five months old!  I know I say it every week, but every week goes by so fast – it is a crazy blur.  Honestly, I am always shocked it is a new week…where did it go?!?  I also have been exhausted lately…which I am sure doesn’t help in making the weeks seem less hazy.  I need to get more sleep…story of my life.  Sleep will come later…in the next season of life!  For now, we enjoy twenty-two weeks with our sweet Sammy!

So, what did week twenty-two bring for Sammy?  Well, he is back to rolly rolly.  He likes to roll to his tummy every chance he gets when he is awake, but normally gets tired of being on his tummy…but won’t roll himself back to his back…who knows.  One thing I have figured out with parenting is that I cannot figure out my kids.  He does not roll to his tummy to sleep at night…guessing it will happen at some point.  Honestly, he has been sleeping well…not perfect, but when is anything perfect?!?  His naps are decent…nothing amazing.  I might be guilty of adding another “eat” into the eat, wake, (eat), sleep cycle.  Sam doesn’t eat great…so, I feel like it is no harm to add a few extra “eat” sessions.  And he is tiny, so a little extra milk will help him.  I think he is getting so big and then I just need to serve in our church nursery and I am reminded how tiny he is…sweet baby.  He is getting bigger though…just not a huge boy.  He spent more time in the pool this week – first experience in a bathing suit…yep, we are a bunch of naked swimmers…well, not Jake and I…that would be weird.  We figured it was a good idea to cover up his nakedness in a public forum.  He loves the water.  Still no formal solid food eating for him…holding strong until six months and no regrets on this decision for sure.  He has been getting aggressive with his play mat – pulled out one of the legs on it today.  For those of you who have play mats know how these things shoot out like rockets…lucky I didn’t come back to a one-eyed pirate baby…who I would have loved just the same.  Need to bust out the jumper thing…give him some options.  However, moving onto to new toys just means that Sammy is getting bigger…and that is sad.  He fell off the couch this week…sort of a rite of passage for our boys.  I told Hugh he was fired from watching Sam…how hard is it to keep a baby on a couch?!?  Clearly, Hugh is not ready to watch the boys…maybe next year? (By the way, Sam was fine…just mad…hey – you rolled off the couch all by yourself…no one pushed you.)  Sammy would love to be able to sit up – he is all done with this laying down thing…it is a total bore to him.  And, the Bumbo is starting to get dangerous since he is starting to arch his back and pop himself out of it…of course, it is not like I am sitting him on counters or tables…what kind of mother would do that?  And, of course if I did those things, then I would never leave him alone to sit on top of a counter by himself for long periods…that would be crazy.  Judah likes to sit on Sam and play horsey – poor buddy, it is only the beginning.  Honestly, the boys still love him to pieces and the feeling is mutual…except when he is being rode like a horse, which I think is crazy…who doesn’t like being rode like a horse?!?  He is so ticklish – and will just giggle like crazy…I love it.  He is still going after his thumb every once in a while…honestly, I know it won’t stick, but it is so darn cute.  We are so in love with this little guy…he is such a sweetheart and he melts my heart.  In love! 

I am bracing myself for a long week.  I pray I will be keeping my eyes fixed upon the cross – I pray I will be patient with my boys…giving them the same grace Christ has given me.  I pray I won’t forget the forgiveness that has been given to me…if I can remember that, grace and love should flow from my heart.  I pray I don’t sweat the small things this week…and just learn to let go.  I pray for God’s grace!

Sunday, August 5, 2012



And now week twenty-one...hard to believe. Our little guy is twenty-one weeks - five months this next week. Holy five months...where is the time going?!? I feel like this week was a bigger week...more for me than for Sam. I reached a milestone...I no longer nurse with my brest friend...yep, I put my brest friend back in closet...some brest friend I am. But I did wash her...moment of confession...I didn't wash that cover the last five months. And yes, I know how completely disgusting that is...that is just who I am...I am disgusting. This is a huge milestone in my breastfeeding tenure. Now, does it make breastfeeding super special now? Nope, sure doesn't. It is strictly a means to an end...sad, but not that sad. In my craziness (yep, I have some crazy in me...shocking, I know)...I keep thinking he sleeps like junk because he doesn't get enough to eat...not because I don't make the milk (can you hear me mooing?), but because he hates it and only nurses for like five minutes. Ah, me and crazy and nursing
go together like the best of friends. Taking one day at a time. Looking forward to more milestones and less crazy (for me that is)! 

So, what did week twenty-one bring for Sammy? Well, he rolled again...once. He has rolled one time in the last two weeks. Whatever. He is starting to be a paci baby...LOVES the paci ALL the time, but he did find his thumb this last week, and oh my word - I would LOVE a thumb sucker and yes, I know how hard it is to break the habit later, but thumb suckers are so dang cute...sucking his thumb wrapping his little hand around his nose...melt my heart. So, when he doesn't find his thumb, he finds his four word this kid can choke with his fist sucking. He is still hit or miss on the night sleeping, but I haven't been getting up to put the paci in...unless it is after five and before seven in the morning...give a girl a break. His naps are total junk...forty-five minutes is not a nap in this house...I don't care how pretty you try to make it, forty-five minutes is not a nap. So, the sleep training continues. And, I try not to base my joy on the sleep schedule of my baby...clearly, I am missing that my joy should be focused only on Christ and not sleeping...ugh, struggle for me. 

Still no solid foods...except for the treats Aunt Melissa likes to slip in, Daddy has been giving him some food as well. I am fine with it all...just not ready to lazy parenting gets the best of me at times. Maybe I'll commit in the next couple of weeks...maybe. He is still our tiny guy...I put him back in zero to three month shorts since the other ones are enormous. We have small boys...Hugh can fit into 2T pants still. I need some of that tiny to rub off on me (put down the chips and chocolate girl). He continues to get much better at gripping things, and seems in no hurry to start moving. He loves the pool - total water baby. He kicks and moves his arms like he is a little swimmer. He is super ticklish and goes crazy when I tickle him. He has the sweetest laugh. He has decided that he would be the happiest baby in the world...if you would hold him all day long...shoot, notta gunna happen. He still loves to hold my finger when he nurses...I do love that part. He is becoming a monkey baby and always grabs onto the top of my shirt when I am holding him. I'll be honest...kind of love that monkey baby stage. He isn't the greatest sleeper - that is a fact, but he is such a sweet baby...smiles and blessed. 

I know I whine about the lack of sleep (probably would be a good idea to not stay up so late...darn you Pinterest), but I know that I am so blessed...way beyond what I deserve. Praise God for sweet baby boys (and baby girls...but we ain't got any of those up at our house)!