Monday, August 20, 2012

Again...we survived.

Sammy is twenty-three weeks!  And, all is right in the world now that Daddy is back home!  I survived over a week by myself, and Jake missed Sam’s twenty-third week of life…shame on him.  And, I was doing so great posting on Sundays and then Jake came home yesterday and it totally threw me off my game because I thought it was Saturday…I know, excuses, excuses.  Jake is to blame for everything.  Sam is SO glad to have Daddy back home…Sam follows suit with his big brothers and loves his Daddy something fierce.  And, I am a MUCH better Mama when Daddy is home!  

So, what did week twenty-three bring for Sammy?  Well, as stated above it brought another week away from Daddy (this was his second week away from Daddy)…and he survived with lots of Mama time.  He loves his Mama…melt my heart that sweet boy.  We are still figuring out his sleeping and eating…let’s be honest...I believe in Babywise and believe it is great, but I swear it doesn’t work for my boys…most likely because I am not disciplined enough to follow it.  Sadly, this lack of discipline spills over to everything in my life…ugh, I digress.  So, we figure everything out with some shorter naps and some longer naps…and still a lot of nursing sessions prior to sleeping.  You know what, we all will survive…we always do, we always will.  He still fights the last nap of the day like crazy, but he NEEDS it so badly…total crank without it.  But, as I have already realized, you cannot force a baby to sleep…’t.   I was so thankful to have Jake home to clip Sam’s fingernails……he was starting to look like a werewolf with those nails (toenails included).  And, I was normally the subject that those nails would scar…seriously, I had gashes on my back, chest, face, and arms.  I am sure you are thinking, “Why not just cut his finger nails?”  Well, it is not my job – it is Jake’s job.  You don’t see me mowing the grass…not my job.  Just like cutting finger nails…not my job.  Just like you don’t see Jake cooking…oh wait, yes you do…or you don’t see him vacuuming…oh wait, yes you do…but you never see him mopping…shoot, yes you do (thankful Jake is willing to take on my jobs…still not willing to take on his).  So, I could totally relate when my sister-in-law mentioned one of her friends saying she felt like she was nursing Wolverine…same here.  

In addition to the nails, this boy is just a wild nurser.  He likes to slap me in the face when he is nursing, like he is saying, “Lady, get me my food.”  Yep, got the memo…thanks for the slap.  And putting this boy under a nursing cover?!?  Forget about it.  First of all, it would be criminal to put something over his head while he is trying to eat, and he cannot eat with any distractions.  Yes, I am sure I created this, but I swear he can hear our neighbor sneeze and he will stop eating…ugh.  So, I nurse him in his room…quietly…well, as quietly as I can get it with the two big boys wreaking total havoc on the house.  Oh well, it is only a season.  We busted out the exersaucer/jumper – he seems to like it…just like the mat…once he realizes that he has been totally abandoned, he will normally start to freak out and demand someone start paying attention to him.  He is still roly roly…but cannot normally figure out how to roll from tummy to back…who knows.  I found him sleeping on his tummy a few times, but he normally doesn’t like it and will cry to have someone flip him back over (hey Sam, guess what? you can roll to your back all by yourself…so do it, thanks).  He is still trying to eat his hands…chews on them so much he could possibly lose a finger.  He is playing with toys more now that he is so grabby grabby.  He still desperately would like to be able to sit up…his core is strong, but he has no balance.  He LOVES the pool…seriously.  He thinks he can swim…kicking his legs and moving his arms, even puts his face in the water.  Yay for a water baby!  He loves to smile and giggle, but can definitely has his moments of being all done (Sam…take a third nap!).  He is such a sweet boy and so, so adorable.  We love this little boy so much and praise God for His incredible blessings on us!

So, I survived a tough week…not without a breakdown.  I did so well…and then our freezer in our garage went out after a hard day (and it was nasty…like breast milk/red meat blood nasty)…and instead of seeking God for strength to get through some super fun cleaning, I called my husband in the middle of the night (for him) to freak out (like it was his fault)…fail.  You know what though…Christ’s grace is sufficient for that freak out session…sure is.  I am so thankful for Christ’s free gift of grace (would be completely lost in life without it), to grandparents for helping me care for our boys (I would have died without my mom), to friends for hanging out, to my sister-in-law for late night texts that would make me laugh and encourage me, and to my husband because even though he was living it up in Brazil every night, I know he was thinking about us…especially when he was looking so fly in his G6.



Clayton said...

Next time Jake leaves, I'm going to put a big giant steel chicken in front of your front door. Knock, knock. You survived.. but did you thrive!?

Amy said...

Oh, the traveling husband...I get you know :). Sammy is such a sweetheart and I'm feeling very privileged to know first hand how much he loves the water!:)

DeeBoyzMomma said...

I love the humor in these posts. Can totally relate. And, yes... cutting baby fingernails is daddy's job in this house. It's embarrassing how long (and weapon-like) I've let Jag's nails get with my refusal to cave.
He is so absolutely adorable. Congrats on making it through the week alone.