Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fussy, fussy, fussy!


Yay for twenty-four weeks for Sammy!  These weeks seriously fly by…the hours during some of the days do not fly by…especially the hours between four and seven every.single.night, but the weeks fly by.  Week twenty-four was a hard week…a very hard week.  Sam has been SUPER fussy.  And this is when I say…”I think he is teething”…and then I say this for the next four months until he actually gets teeth.  However, I do believe the teeth start moving down (you know from the way up spot they are in his skull?!?...and now I think I just don’t make any sense) before the teeth actually pop up and that causes my boys pain (whatever…I can believe whatever I want).  Anyway, whatever is causing his fussiness is making me want to poke my eyes out…yep, I am that dramatic.  He still has his sweet moments, but it was a long week.  (Honestly, he would be the happiest baby in the world if I would just hold him all day while moving around…notta gunna happen.)  Hoping for less fuss this next week.

So, what did week twenty-four bring for Sammy?  Well, it brought the movement of teeth (yep, I said it…I sure did).  It continued to bring junky naps…ugh, have I mentioned how much I hate sleep training?!?  He's still really fighting his last nap of the day and then he is totally miserable between four and seven each night…and I cannot put him to bed at five…notta gunna happen.  I just wish he would sleep…just for like forty-five minutes…is that too much for a girl to ask?!?  According to Sam, yes it is.  He is still not a consistent sleeper through the night yet, but it isn’t terrible.  He has started to sleep on his tummy for part of the night…but normally will start crying once he realizes he is on his tummy…and he still has not gotten the memo that he knows how to roll from tummy to back…just roll over already (ugh).  Of course with all this sleep madness, I always have in the back of my head that I am starving him by breastfeeding him…and yes, that is my crazy (well, number one hundred twelve on my crazy list).  He still continues to be such a distracted eater…  And, I feel like he nurses in under five minutes…can’t stress over it.  And each day I make it breastfeeding, I am really proud of myself (like “shut the front door you are amazing” proud of myself...yes, it is THAT hard for me…however, I do treasure my Pinterest time during nursing…too bad there isn’t a pin to make me an elf to do all my pins).  I don't mind nursing him for his dream feed...when he is asleep and not moving around like a wild beast.  I do love cuddling him while he is asleep and I can hear him breathing...moments like that cannot be beat.  We busted out the high chair this week…no, he didn’t eat any food in it…a couple more weeks when the magic switch happens when he turns six months and he’ll be eating food in it.  We continue to try to give him bites of things since he grabs at everything, but he gives us this “why are you poisoning me” face every time.  I need to spend some time reading up on this “baby led weaning”…we’ll see how it goes.  Hoping to avoid the rice cereal and jars this time around…the thought of it all just seems so dang painful (and yes, I know I am so dramatic…it has been one of those weeks).  Pretty sure he is not going to be a thumb sucker…saw a true thumb sucker today and Sammy does not find his thumb for comfort…more just to play, but he does love his paci and his blanket.  Honestly, I think his blanket brings him more comfort than his paci.  All my boys and their blankets.  I am a believer in some type of sleep prop…clearly (ask me this again when I lose one of my boy’s blankets).  I love that when he is tired, he'll just rest into sweet.  He seems to have a LOVE for the tv…I gave up my dream of no tv before two a long time ago…when I had my first baby.  He seems to like my phone (and why wouldn’t he…the iPhone is ah-mazing)…he actually gets a little mad when I put it away…nice.  He seems to be enjoying his exersaucer – loves to play with all the toys…think he is just excited to be off the mat.  Still no sitting up…strong core, no balance.  It is hard for me to imagine him sitting up…I know it will just happen one day, but he’ll be such a big boy at that point…crazy.  He is still trying to eat his hands (like for real eats his hands) and drools like crazy (I know…I am so right about the teeth).  He enjoyed Judah’s bday…we did a small family thing at Peter Piper…he got to spend some quality time in the Ergo while the big boys went hog wild playing games…crazy to think that he’ll want to get wild playing those games next year (much to Jake’s delight…he loves 3P).  Despite all the fussiness, he still has lots to say, lots of smiles, and lots of giggles.  We love this sweet boy.

I wish I wouldn’t base my weeks on my kids…but at times I do…it is my season right now.  I am not saying it is right, it just seems to work out that way.  So, when I have a fussy baby…I let it weigh on me rather than focusing on Christ and seeking Him for strength.  Honestly, I am hoping for a less fussy week, but I am also really hoping that I put it all into perspective and  do not allow it to ruin my days or my nights.  I can handle a little fussiness (or a lot of it)…I can do all things though Christ who strengthens me!


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