Sunday, August 5, 2012



And now week twenty-one...hard to believe. Our little guy is twenty-one weeks - five months this next week. Holy five months...where is the time going?!? I feel like this week was a bigger week...more for me than for Sam. I reached a milestone...I no longer nurse with my brest friend...yep, I put my brest friend back in closet...some brest friend I am. But I did wash her...moment of confession...I didn't wash that cover the last five months. And yes, I know how completely disgusting that is...that is just who I am...I am disgusting. This is a huge milestone in my breastfeeding tenure. Now, does it make breastfeeding super special now? Nope, sure doesn't. It is strictly a means to an end...sad, but not that sad. In my craziness (yep, I have some crazy in me...shocking, I know)...I keep thinking he sleeps like junk because he doesn't get enough to eat...not because I don't make the milk (can you hear me mooing?), but because he hates it and only nurses for like five minutes. Ah, me and crazy and nursing
go together like the best of friends. Taking one day at a time. Looking forward to more milestones and less crazy (for me that is)! 

So, what did week twenty-one bring for Sammy? Well, he rolled again...once. He has rolled one time in the last two weeks. Whatever. He is starting to be a paci baby...LOVES the paci ALL the time, but he did find his thumb this last week, and oh my word - I would LOVE a thumb sucker and yes, I know how hard it is to break the habit later, but thumb suckers are so dang cute...sucking his thumb wrapping his little hand around his nose...melt my heart. So, when he doesn't find his thumb, he finds his four word this kid can choke with his fist sucking. He is still hit or miss on the night sleeping, but I haven't been getting up to put the paci in...unless it is after five and before seven in the morning...give a girl a break. His naps are total junk...forty-five minutes is not a nap in this house...I don't care how pretty you try to make it, forty-five minutes is not a nap. So, the sleep training continues. And, I try not to base my joy on the sleep schedule of my baby...clearly, I am missing that my joy should be focused only on Christ and not sleeping...ugh, struggle for me. 

Still no solid foods...except for the treats Aunt Melissa likes to slip in, Daddy has been giving him some food as well. I am fine with it all...just not ready to lazy parenting gets the best of me at times. Maybe I'll commit in the next couple of weeks...maybe. He is still our tiny guy...I put him back in zero to three month shorts since the other ones are enormous. We have small boys...Hugh can fit into 2T pants still. I need some of that tiny to rub off on me (put down the chips and chocolate girl). He continues to get much better at gripping things, and seems in no hurry to start moving. He loves the pool - total water baby. He kicks and moves his arms like he is a little swimmer. He is super ticklish and goes crazy when I tickle him. He has the sweetest laugh. He has decided that he would be the happiest baby in the world...if you would hold him all day long...shoot, notta gunna happen. He still loves to hold my finger when he nurses...I do love that part. He is becoming a monkey baby and always grabs onto the top of my shirt when I am holding him. I'll be honest...kind of love that monkey baby stage. He isn't the greatest sleeper - that is a fact, but he is such a sweet baby...smiles and blessed. 

I know I whine about the lack of sleep (probably would be a good idea to not stay up so late...darn you Pinterest), but I know that I am so blessed...way beyond what I deserve. Praise God for sweet baby boys (and baby girls...but we ain't got any of those up at our house)! 


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