Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rolly Rolly


Sammy is twenty-two weeks and five months old!  I know I say it every week, but every week goes by so fast – it is a crazy blur.  Honestly, I am always shocked it is a new week…where did it go?!?  I also have been exhausted lately…which I am sure doesn’t help in making the weeks seem less hazy.  I need to get more sleep…story of my life.  Sleep will come later…in the next season of life!  For now, we enjoy twenty-two weeks with our sweet Sammy!

So, what did week twenty-two bring for Sammy?  Well, he is back to rolly rolly.  He likes to roll to his tummy every chance he gets when he is awake, but normally gets tired of being on his tummy…but won’t roll himself back to his back…who knows.  One thing I have figured out with parenting is that I cannot figure out my kids.  He does not roll to his tummy to sleep at night…guessing it will happen at some point.  Honestly, he has been sleeping well…not perfect, but when is anything perfect?!?  His naps are decent…nothing amazing.  I might be guilty of adding another “eat” into the eat, wake, (eat), sleep cycle.  Sam doesn’t eat great…so, I feel like it is no harm to add a few extra “eat” sessions.  And he is tiny, so a little extra milk will help him.  I think he is getting so big and then I just need to serve in our church nursery and I am reminded how tiny he is…sweet baby.  He is getting bigger though…just not a huge boy.  He spent more time in the pool this week – first experience in a bathing suit…yep, we are a bunch of naked swimmers…well, not Jake and I…that would be weird.  We figured it was a good idea to cover up his nakedness in a public forum.  He loves the water.  Still no formal solid food eating for him…holding strong until six months and no regrets on this decision for sure.  He has been getting aggressive with his play mat – pulled out one of the legs on it today.  For those of you who have play mats know how these things shoot out like rockets…lucky I didn’t come back to a one-eyed pirate baby…who I would have loved just the same.  Need to bust out the jumper thing…give him some options.  However, moving onto to new toys just means that Sammy is getting bigger…and that is sad.  He fell off the couch this week…sort of a rite of passage for our boys.  I told Hugh he was fired from watching Sam…how hard is it to keep a baby on a couch?!?  Clearly, Hugh is not ready to watch the boys…maybe next year? (By the way, Sam was fine…just mad…hey – you rolled off the couch all by yourself…no one pushed you.)  Sammy would love to be able to sit up – he is all done with this laying down thing…it is a total bore to him.  And, the Bumbo is starting to get dangerous since he is starting to arch his back and pop himself out of it…of course, it is not like I am sitting him on counters or tables…what kind of mother would do that?  And, of course if I did those things, then I would never leave him alone to sit on top of a counter by himself for long periods…that would be crazy.  Judah likes to sit on Sam and play horsey – poor buddy, it is only the beginning.  Honestly, the boys still love him to pieces and the feeling is mutual…except when he is being rode like a horse, which I think is crazy…who doesn’t like being rode like a horse?!?  He is so ticklish – and will just giggle like crazy…I love it.  He is still going after his thumb every once in a while…honestly, I know it won’t stick, but it is so darn cute.  We are so in love with this little guy…he is such a sweetheart and he melts my heart.  In love! 

I am bracing myself for a long week.  I pray I will be keeping my eyes fixed upon the cross – I pray I will be patient with my boys…giving them the same grace Christ has given me.  I pray I won’t forget the forgiveness that has been given to me…if I can remember that, grace and love should flow from my heart.  I pray I don’t sweat the small things this week…and just learn to let go.  I pray for God’s grace!

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