Sunday, September 30, 2012

Praising God!

Praising God in week twenty-nine!  Sammy’s surgery went great – no complications and he went to the OR like a champ.  Do you know how hard it is to leave your baby in someone else’s hands to take them into surgery?!?  We wanted so bad to be able to take him back and wait for him to go under…some hospitals let you do that, but not in Arizona…sad.  I had a TON of anxiety the night before…just wanting the doctors and nurses to know it was MY baby that they were going to perform a surgery on…MY baby.  Thankful for a wonderful husband who prayed me off that ledge.  We didn’t get the results we were hoping for for Sam’s surgery, but it doesn’t change the fact that God is good and kind to us and we choose to praise Him for our happy and healthy little boy!

So, what did week twenty-nine bring for Sammy?  The surgery was the big deal for the week (obviously), but it was a big week in addition to the surgery.  He has handled the surgery so well…barely needing any pain meds, which was a good thing since Jake was being super stingy with the Tylenol…I think he was wanting to keep it for himself.  He should be back to normal in the next couple of weeks.  So, we officially have another sitter in this house…woot woot!  And he loves sitting up!  It has opened up a whole new world for him.  He gets what he wants when he wants it…likes to throw himself at things (we’ll tell him not to throw himself at women later in life).  His obsessions are my phone and water cup…my two favorite things are his two favorite things.  So, with the sitting up, we packed up the playmat…sad.  Packing up things is the constant reminder that he is only getting bigger…and will start talking back and arguing with me…oh joy.  And, I packed up all the three to six month clothes…ahhh!!!  


Big boy has gained a whole pound in the last three weeks…yay, Sam!  He continues to have a VERY, VERY loud voice.  He is non-stop with the talking…he has a voice and he has a right to be heard…but as with the other boys, I have a right to ignore him.  He is still not a great sleeper…we are going to hold off on the sleep training since we have a vakay coming up and I love excuses…but seriously, that is a good one.  His naps are still junky and sleeping in the late afternoon goes against everything he believes in.  After the surgery, he napped like a champ that day and I thought maybe he turned a new leaf…nope, it was just the trauma for that day…he was back to his old antics the next day.  Oh well, but he actually seemed a bit happier this week?  Maybe it was because I really wasn’t cooking and I was just holding him at night…oh yeah, that was probably it.  He has started saying “a da da”…I am losing him…every second of every day I am losing my sweet boy to Daddy…ugh (I mean that in a good way).  Daddy has a good team…I need a fish, a fish would stay loyal.  I have gotten a lot of sweet cuddle time this last week…sleeping on my shoulder…and yes, I rock him to sleep at night while I am nursing him…shame on me, I know.  We’ll plan to break those bad habits when we sleep train…sure we will.  He is still drooling like crazy and bites all the time.  Teeth?  Ah, those elusive teeth…I know you are coming teeth…I’m waiting for you.  He is still so ticklish and loves to giggle.  He has the best open mouth smiles…I cannot get enough of them.  I cannot believe how big he is getting…these baby days are so numbered…pretty soon he’ll be asking, “So, if don’t have a wiener, what do you have instead?” (yes, I was asked this question this week…and it wasn’t by Jake).  Sammy stay a baby forever!

Thanks for your prayers!  So thankful for a faithful God who hears us and answers our prayers.  So, we are getting back to normal this week and continue to pray for healing for our little guy.  I am thankful this day is behind us…I can panic with the best of them (especially when you watch like six other babies go in and out of surgery while your little baby is back there the whole time……thought I was going to lose my mind!!!...those babies were getting tubes put in their ears, but I didn’t know that until like the sixth baby!!!).  And, in other big (and I mean big…like HUGE) news…(and no, I am not pregnant) I have finished four weeks of the C25K program…and yes, it took me six weeks, but whatever.  And, yes, I know it only like ninety minutes a week that I am actually working out, but that is a big deal for me since I haven’t worked out in like three years…no joke…I tried once after Judah was born and I got mastitis, so I swore it off for two years…you know, to make sure the mastitis was gone.  Sadly, I tend to eat like a cupcake every time I get on the treadmill…workout fail…and I still hate it (the working out, not the cupcake)…sad.  One day I am sure I will love it, but for now, time actually stops when I start running…and that sucks.  And, I have to take a break like every minute of running…like I am a four hundred pound man…very sad.  But, I will keep  plugging away…waiting for THAT day that I fall in love with working out or for the day when I look like what I think I looked like before kids (which I think I thought I was a lot skinnier than I actually was)…one day.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

High Maintenance

Twenty-eight weeks down!  Happy week twenty-eight for Sammy!  Hard to believe that Sam is really twenty-eight weeks old…six and half months!  Sammy got to enjoy his first bday party for his big brothers…and of course I got a million pictures…oh, wait…no, I didn’t...not one single picture…sigh.  He loved the party…he was held the ENTIRE time…so, of course he loved the party.  Sammy loves to be held…ALL.THE.TIME.  Thank goodness he is such a lightweight (I haven’t even bothered moving him out of the three to six month clothing) and I can handle the holding.  Hard to believe that his first bday party will be here before we know it…well, we do know it…it will be in twenty-four weeks!

So, what did week twenty-eight bring for Sammy?  Well, it has brought some bad sleeping again…and yes, I get up and put his pacifier back in and roll him over.  I want to go back to sleep rather than listen to a crying baby…call me crazy…call me whatever…but watch me sleep.  Also, he is having surgery on Thursday and I know that is going to throw any good night sleeping and let’s be honest, do you really think I will let him cry at night after he gets his surgery?  Uh, no.  So, we’ll table sleep training for another week…and we’ll all survive.  His naps have also been a little rough this week.  Oh, well.  And I have finally had to come to this realization…"Hi, my name is Jenn and I have a high maintenance baby."…truth.  I believe everyone has a different definition of high maintenance, but Sam is high maintenance to me.  Honestly, he was my easiest little baby and then some switch got turned on this summer and he became more needy.  Me and “Needy” don’t like each other…we fight like crazy…"Needy" makes it hard for me to do anything, which drives me a little batty.  Honestly, if I had nothing else to do, me and “Needy” could probably be friends.  However, I know God is sanctifying me through this and I want (I really do…I know it doesn’t sound like it, but I really, really do) to enjoy this time with him…but the afternoon hours are hard…you know those hours when everyone just wants Daddy to come home…with a house cleaner and a big bag of take-out.  So, I pray that I will seek God first during those hard hours and not throw myself a pity party and not honor God in my attitude.  I want to praise God for this season…it is a blessing!  We are still working on sitting up (well, Sam is working on it…I have it mastered)…this baby has NO balance, but he is getting close and has sat alone for a few minutes a few different times.  However, keep a camera away from him because every flash will make him fall.  I really think he’ll enjoy life more once he can sit-up. 

Thinking it will be time to pack up the playmat soon…ah, the playmat has been such a good friend to us.  He still will not roll from tummy to back…hence the nighttime rolling over by me (picture me stabbing myself in my eye).  And, what drives me crazy is he ALWAYS rolls to his tummy every time you put him on his back…ugh.  He still hasn’t got much further with his eating…honestly, it isn’t at the top of my priority list each day, but we are working on it and it seems to get a little better each time.  So, I decided to switch up nursing a bit.  He HATES laying down to nurse on the left side…I think he thinks he is getting a bottle when he lays like that then he is sorely disappointed when he gets the boob…so, I am having to foothold him when I nurse on the left side…I know it sounds crazy and it is crazy, but he is nursing a lot better doing that…so, I am game for it.  And, he's still small enough so it works.  And you know what?  I do what works…even if it sounds crazy…or is crazy.  He has decided he loves his tongue – he sticks it out, chews on it, whatever…he loves it.  He is also SUPER loud…wondering if we’ll have another chatterbox on our hands.  He squeals all the time and always has so much to say…you know, because life is so hard for Sammy.  He HATES diaper changes at night...don't poop at night...good thing Jake is always the one to change him.  He loves now to swing his back leg over my muffin top…I knew my muffin top would come in handy and that I should hold onto it.  He still continues to be super ticklish and I, of course, love to torture him.  High maintenance and all, we love this sweet little boy and wouldn’t trade him in for anything…our lives are more full because God has placed Sammy in them! 

Please pray with us this week for Sam’s surgery.  His surgery is early Thursday morning and we have anxious hearts.  The surgery holds lots of unknowns since it is an exploratory surgery, but we know God is in control and whatever the end result is, it is good because God’s plans are always better than our plans.  However, we do pray for the best outcome.  We love this sweet blessing – we pray for God’s hand upon him this coming week and each and every day of his life!

Monday, September 17, 2012



Sammy is twenty-seven weeks!  And quite the traveler at twenty-seven weeks!  (Hence why the blog post is a day late…we got back late yesterday and after getting no sleep for three days, I thought I was going to die…I chose sleep over doing the blog post…shame on me.)  So, we went to California to celebrate my cousin’s wedding…it was a fabulous time, but there were some definite long days and sleepless nights…sadly.  Sam did great on the plane…for the most part.  I, on the other hand, felt like a used cow who basically just had to sit there the whole time feeling exposed and ready to nurse at a moment’s notice…not my idea of a relaxing flight, but then again…will flying ever be relaxing again as long as I have a child flying with me?!?  I have logged many miles in my day…and traveling with small children has been such a game changer…ah, such is my season.  We were so thankful to be able to travel to the wedding to see Ben and Justine get married - I held Ben when he was only two hours old and now my son (Hugh) was in his wedding!  So surreal!  And, dang I feel so old!

So, what else did week twenty-seven bring for Sammy?  Well, the wedding was the main highlight.  Sadly, he slept terrible while we were in California…it was brutal.  He was up constantly and I fed him multiple times during the nights…yes, I did.  Sleep training while traveling is for the birds…not going to happen.  I wised up on the last night and created like a pillow bed for him to sleep on in the pack and play while reading all the suffocation warning labels about adding extra blankets…you gotta do what you gotta do.  He was quite the trooper with the long days and missed naps.  And, we found out that he is quite the dancer…Jake was dancing with him on the dance floor and this kid was having a blast, I wish I had video…it was so funny.  He would definitely start to get a little slap happy at times, but Sam is the child who can go from laughing to screaming in one second flat…and normally, my dad (Papa Mike) can get him to the screaming in one second flat.  Overall, he was a great traveler and a great addition to the wedding.  He had his six month appointment this week…14lbs. 10oz. and 25.5in.…I don’t know percentages, but I know he is small.  BUT he is healthy…so, small is fine.  He was a champ for his shots, but he did not enjoy them and was pretty much a hot mess the rest of the day…poor buddy.  We are still working on solid foods and I am resisting baby food; however, we busted out the dreaded rice cereal per a recommendation from our doctor regarding anemia…and he hated it.  Honestly, I think he just wants to gnaw on things, but has zero desire to actually eat anything.  He is just barely six months and his brothers were not big baby food eaters (not big eaters period), so I really don’t think twice about it.  AND I am super lazy and just don’t really try all that often…to me, it is just one more thing I have to do during the day that isn’t really necessary to survival (in my opinion)…and I have a lot of “one more things” on my daily docket that are about survival, so his baby food eating gets pushed to the side.  Ok, moving on.  He still REALLY struggles with the late afternoon…just doesn’t want that third nap of the day.  I know this season is short, but these days can drag.  So, we’ll continue to battle the third nap.  He is almost sitting up…he does for a little bit, but normally falls over.  He still will not roll from his tummy to back and I totally know it is to drive me crazy…but not doing a full roll makes for less moving and you will hear no complaints from me on that one.  He still is chewing on EVERYTHING he can and drools like crazy, but no teeth…guessing they’ll show up in about two more months!  He has an obsession with everything electronic and tries to catch every bit of tv that he can.  He has lots of smiles, lots of giggles, and will pretty much let anyone hold him (except for Papa Mike or when he is really tired and then he just wants Mama)…he is a sweet baby and I treasure this blessing!

I am looking forward to some sleep this week and back to my regular routine.  I have totally created a baby that needs to have a perfect environment for nursing…ugh.  Oh, well…such is life.  I will not miss nursing in the airport, on an airplane, in a car, at a wedding (for all the world to see)…and the list goes on.  Sadly, I still do not enjoy nursing and strictly view it as a means to an end and each day I continue I view myself as a martyr more and more (yes, I just used the word martyr in reference to nursing, yes I did!).  And, yes…I am dramatic and I am okay with it.  Thankful God is bringing me through this season and even though I don’t enjoy nursing, I love this little boy and I love this age…totally makes it all worth it!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Time to Eat!

Happy twenty-six weeks and six months!  Yep, Sammy is officially six months!  Hard to believe he has been with our family six months, but it is the truth…he has been…no lyin’.  Normally, this would be the post with my boys where I would state he is a sitter…but no, Sammy is no sitter.  Honestly, I don’t work on it with nearly as much as I should, but I know he’ll be sitting soon…I’ll work on it a little harder this week.  And I know…with sitting comes movement and movement will make me crazy…this time around we have stairs in our house.  So, this time around…crawling is going to DRIVE me CRAZY!  So, I wait…because the milestones come so quickly, and this Mama can wait…yes, I can.

So, what did week twenty-six bring for Sammy?  Well, it was sort of a big week for Sammy…we have “officially” started giving him some food (I could wait on this (insert “I am super lazy” here), but Jake is all about the food).  Right now, he is more playing with it than anything else…but he hammered down A LOT of hummus the other night…jalapeƱo and cilantro hummus…that is my boy…I like them spicy.  I am just ready for him to be able to eat finger foods…all done with baby food before even starting it.  So, we handed him a banana tonight…and he played and ate a little bit.  And tomorrow, we’ll hand him a drumstick and see how he does.  He also rode in the stroller for the first time without being strapped in his car seat.  He got to ride in the double stroller with Judah (who calls him Sammylamb…so cute).  He loved it.  He rolled from his tummy to his back…once.  Yep, one whole big time this week…what an overachiever.  This kid is in no hurry to do anything…not trying to desperately crawl or roll all over the place…fine by me.  I might have gotten up a few times in the middle of the night this week to flip him over…I know, I know…but he gets so sad and just wants someone to flip him over.  The crazy thing is, I think he prefers to sleep on his tummy now, but just doesn’t know it…I am sure if I let him cry then he would embrace it…just so hard sometimes.  He is still hit or miss on naps…he normally takes one decent nap each day.  He is still fighting his late afternoon nap like crazy…normally only napping maybe once or twice a week…so, the “witching” hour is downright nasty up in my house.  Ahhh…sigh.  But what I have learned in my four (almost) short years of parenting…you cannot force a baby to eat and you cannot force a baby to sleep…and so I embrace that darned witching hour and all its beastly beauty.  He is definitely playing with toys more intentionally now and he LOVES to grab my phone…normally, he just wants to put it in his mouth, which is strictly forbidden…not the iPhone…oh no you didn’t.  And he is starting to get mad when you take something away that he wants…ah, I love seeing that sin nature come out so young.  Praise God that His faithfulness will get us through this parenting season.  He seems to be getting back to his happy self…except for the late afternoon...then he just wants you to hold him ALL.THE.TIME…while moving.  Yes, you have to be in constant motion.  He still loves the water…and doesn’t mind a dunking.  I keep hearing that he looks so much like me…so crazy to have a baby that looks like me…still hoping he doesn’t get my nose…he definitely has my coloring, poor buddy.  Looking forward to another six months with this sweet baby boy…can’t get enough of his sweet smiles and infectious laugh!    

So, with the six month mark completed…I can officially say I am amazing!  I have breastfed (or what I sometimes accidentally write “beast” feeding…kind of true) for six months…I made it!  And yes, I know to most that is not amazing, but to me is hot dang amazing!  I accomplished my goal…and now, we just take one day at a time.  Praise God for getting me through this season.  Honestly, it is not terrible, but I don’t enjoy it…and I know when Sam gets teeth, I am going to want to rip my ladies right off!  So, now to get myself something for getting this far…and shoot, if I make it a year I am getting myself a pony!