Sunday, September 23, 2012

High Maintenance

Twenty-eight weeks down!  Happy week twenty-eight for Sammy!  Hard to believe that Sam is really twenty-eight weeks old…six and half months!  Sammy got to enjoy his first bday party for his big brothers…and of course I got a million pictures…oh, wait…no, I didn’t...not one single picture…sigh.  He loved the party…he was held the ENTIRE time…so, of course he loved the party.  Sammy loves to be held…ALL.THE.TIME.  Thank goodness he is such a lightweight (I haven’t even bothered moving him out of the three to six month clothing) and I can handle the holding.  Hard to believe that his first bday party will be here before we know it…well, we do know it…it will be in twenty-four weeks!

So, what did week twenty-eight bring for Sammy?  Well, it has brought some bad sleeping again…and yes, I get up and put his pacifier back in and roll him over.  I want to go back to sleep rather than listen to a crying baby…call me crazy…call me whatever…but watch me sleep.  Also, he is having surgery on Thursday and I know that is going to throw any good night sleeping and let’s be honest, do you really think I will let him cry at night after he gets his surgery?  Uh, no.  So, we’ll table sleep training for another week…and we’ll all survive.  His naps have also been a little rough this week.  Oh, well.  And I have finally had to come to this realization…"Hi, my name is Jenn and I have a high maintenance baby."…truth.  I believe everyone has a different definition of high maintenance, but Sam is high maintenance to me.  Honestly, he was my easiest little baby and then some switch got turned on this summer and he became more needy.  Me and “Needy” don’t like each other…we fight like crazy…"Needy" makes it hard for me to do anything, which drives me a little batty.  Honestly, if I had nothing else to do, me and “Needy” could probably be friends.  However, I know God is sanctifying me through this and I want (I really do…I know it doesn’t sound like it, but I really, really do) to enjoy this time with him…but the afternoon hours are hard…you know those hours when everyone just wants Daddy to come home…with a house cleaner and a big bag of take-out.  So, I pray that I will seek God first during those hard hours and not throw myself a pity party and not honor God in my attitude.  I want to praise God for this season…it is a blessing!  We are still working on sitting up (well, Sam is working on it…I have it mastered)…this baby has NO balance, but he is getting close and has sat alone for a few minutes a few different times.  However, keep a camera away from him because every flash will make him fall.  I really think he’ll enjoy life more once he can sit-up. 

Thinking it will be time to pack up the playmat soon…ah, the playmat has been such a good friend to us.  He still will not roll from tummy to back…hence the nighttime rolling over by me (picture me stabbing myself in my eye).  And, what drives me crazy is he ALWAYS rolls to his tummy every time you put him on his back…ugh.  He still hasn’t got much further with his eating…honestly, it isn’t at the top of my priority list each day, but we are working on it and it seems to get a little better each time.  So, I decided to switch up nursing a bit.  He HATES laying down to nurse on the left side…I think he thinks he is getting a bottle when he lays like that then he is sorely disappointed when he gets the boob…so, I am having to foothold him when I nurse on the left side…I know it sounds crazy and it is crazy, but he is nursing a lot better doing that…so, I am game for it.  And, he's still small enough so it works.  And you know what?  I do what works…even if it sounds crazy…or is crazy.  He has decided he loves his tongue – he sticks it out, chews on it, whatever…he loves it.  He is also SUPER loud…wondering if we’ll have another chatterbox on our hands.  He squeals all the time and always has so much to say…you know, because life is so hard for Sammy.  He HATES diaper changes at night...don't poop at night...good thing Jake is always the one to change him.  He loves now to swing his back leg over my muffin top…I knew my muffin top would come in handy and that I should hold onto it.  He still continues to be super ticklish and I, of course, love to torture him.  High maintenance and all, we love this sweet little boy and wouldn’t trade him in for anything…our lives are more full because God has placed Sammy in them! 

Please pray with us this week for Sam’s surgery.  His surgery is early Thursday morning and we have anxious hearts.  The surgery holds lots of unknowns since it is an exploratory surgery, but we know God is in control and whatever the end result is, it is good because God’s plans are always better than our plans.  However, we do pray for the best outcome.  We love this sweet blessing – we pray for God’s hand upon him this coming week and each and every day of his life!


Amy said...

Praying for sweet Sammy!!!

Brandie said...

YES!! Dad...with a house cleaner and take out! :)

Thursday! Praying!!



DeeBoyzMomma said...

What surgery is he having???? Praying all goes well.