Sunday, September 30, 2012

Praising God!

Praising God in week twenty-nine!  Sammy’s surgery went great – no complications and he went to the OR like a champ.  Do you know how hard it is to leave your baby in someone else’s hands to take them into surgery?!?  We wanted so bad to be able to take him back and wait for him to go under…some hospitals let you do that, but not in Arizona…sad.  I had a TON of anxiety the night before…just wanting the doctors and nurses to know it was MY baby that they were going to perform a surgery on…MY baby.  Thankful for a wonderful husband who prayed me off that ledge.  We didn’t get the results we were hoping for for Sam’s surgery, but it doesn’t change the fact that God is good and kind to us and we choose to praise Him for our happy and healthy little boy!

So, what did week twenty-nine bring for Sammy?  The surgery was the big deal for the week (obviously), but it was a big week in addition to the surgery.  He has handled the surgery so well…barely needing any pain meds, which was a good thing since Jake was being super stingy with the Tylenol…I think he was wanting to keep it for himself.  He should be back to normal in the next couple of weeks.  So, we officially have another sitter in this house…woot woot!  And he loves sitting up!  It has opened up a whole new world for him.  He gets what he wants when he wants it…likes to throw himself at things (we’ll tell him not to throw himself at women later in life).  His obsessions are my phone and water cup…my two favorite things are his two favorite things.  So, with the sitting up, we packed up the playmat…sad.  Packing up things is the constant reminder that he is only getting bigger…and will start talking back and arguing with me…oh joy.  And, I packed up all the three to six month clothes…ahhh!!!  


Big boy has gained a whole pound in the last three weeks…yay, Sam!  He continues to have a VERY, VERY loud voice.  He is non-stop with the talking…he has a voice and he has a right to be heard…but as with the other boys, I have a right to ignore him.  He is still not a great sleeper…we are going to hold off on the sleep training since we have a vakay coming up and I love excuses…but seriously, that is a good one.  His naps are still junky and sleeping in the late afternoon goes against everything he believes in.  After the surgery, he napped like a champ that day and I thought maybe he turned a new leaf…nope, it was just the trauma for that day…he was back to his old antics the next day.  Oh well, but he actually seemed a bit happier this week?  Maybe it was because I really wasn’t cooking and I was just holding him at night…oh yeah, that was probably it.  He has started saying “a da da”…I am losing him…every second of every day I am losing my sweet boy to Daddy…ugh (I mean that in a good way).  Daddy has a good team…I need a fish, a fish would stay loyal.  I have gotten a lot of sweet cuddle time this last week…sleeping on my shoulder…and yes, I rock him to sleep at night while I am nursing him…shame on me, I know.  We’ll plan to break those bad habits when we sleep train…sure we will.  He is still drooling like crazy and bites all the time.  Teeth?  Ah, those elusive teeth…I know you are coming teeth…I’m waiting for you.  He is still so ticklish and loves to giggle.  He has the best open mouth smiles…I cannot get enough of them.  I cannot believe how big he is getting…these baby days are so numbered…pretty soon he’ll be asking, “So, if don’t have a wiener, what do you have instead?” (yes, I was asked this question this week…and it wasn’t by Jake).  Sammy stay a baby forever!

Thanks for your prayers!  So thankful for a faithful God who hears us and answers our prayers.  So, we are getting back to normal this week and continue to pray for healing for our little guy.  I am thankful this day is behind us…I can panic with the best of them (especially when you watch like six other babies go in and out of surgery while your little baby is back there the whole time……thought I was going to lose my mind!!!...those babies were getting tubes put in their ears, but I didn’t know that until like the sixth baby!!!).  And, in other big (and I mean big…like HUGE) news…(and no, I am not pregnant) I have finished four weeks of the C25K program…and yes, it took me six weeks, but whatever.  And, yes, I know it only like ninety minutes a week that I am actually working out, but that is a big deal for me since I haven’t worked out in like three years…no joke…I tried once after Judah was born and I got mastitis, so I swore it off for two years…you know, to make sure the mastitis was gone.  Sadly, I tend to eat like a cupcake every time I get on the treadmill…workout fail…and I still hate it (the working out, not the cupcake)…sad.  One day I am sure I will love it, but for now, time actually stops when I start running…and that sucks.  And, I have to take a break like every minute of running…like I am a four hundred pound man…very sad.  But, I will keep  plugging away…waiting for THAT day that I fall in love with working out or for the day when I look like what I think I looked like before kids (which I think I thought I was a lot skinnier than I actually was)…one day.


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