Monday, September 3, 2012

Road Trip!

Sammy is twenty-five weeks!  And, we tackled our first road trip!  Camping or bust was our motto and had a little of both.  Well…Sam didn’t really camp, but he hung out at a campsite for two days…so that has to count for something.  We decided it would be too cold for Sammy to handle the tent at night, so he and I made the trip back and forth from campsite to house (Jake’s brother lives in Flag).  To be honest, I was thankful for a shower and clean bed at the end of the night­­­­.  So, Jake stayed with the big boys and camped (brave soul he is…actually, they all did great in the tent…and we found out that Judah likes to stay up…Jake probably beat him to sleep at night), and Sam and I stayed in a nice, warm house…with clean sheets and running water (smart soul I am).  It was such a fun trip…and one that made my heart stop as a mother.  You see, I don’t panic much about my boys getting hurt (I have Jake for that), but when we left it was pouring rain and we were way far back in this wooded area…and it was SO muddy.  And we had our amazing minivan.  The van is sliding every which way and I am watching the truck in front of us (carrying my big boys that are not wearing seatbelts and I am sure helping their Papa drive) slide all over…and I panic.  I bury my head into my hands, start praying and start crying.  God brought us safely through and then I found out that mud won’t make your car tip over…you just get stuck in it.  Whatever.  It was still totally nerve wracking and put this Mama’s heart into a tailspin.  Praise God for His faithfulness.  So, that ended our eventful camping trip…and gave me some more silvers.


So, what else bring week twenty-five bring for Sammy?  Well, the camping was awesome.  And with the camping trip, it brought LOTS of Ergo time…LOTS.  There was really nowhere to put him down, so he was either held or in the Ergo the.whole.entire.time.  He took all his naps in the Ergo…I totally became one of those baby-wearing Mamas…and my hips are screaming “NO MO’”.  Monday is going to be a rude awakening for this little guy when someone is not at his beck and call to hold him  Poor buddy.  He did great (obviously, he was held the entire time), but I think he would prefer naps outside of the Ergo…shocking…who doesn’t love a good nuzzle against some bossums?!?  He also got taken away from his perfect nursing environment and had to nurse with barking dogs, screaming kids, guns blasting…you name it…and after locking him in a half-nelson, he was good to go.  There was another mom there nursing her little boy…he would lay peacefully under the nursing cover…unlike my son who tries to claw me to death, smack me up, and pull at the nursing cover every chance he gets…whatever.  And nope, still no love affair with nursing…not one bit.  Sammy got lots of love from Jake’s extended family and friends (this is a camping trip we do every Labor Day…Jake has been doing this trip since he was like six and probably only missing a handful of times…I think that is so cool).  I got to hear more and more how he looks just like me…very strange hearing that, but I do love it.  Overall, Sam did great in a new environment and spending A LOT of time in his car seat…he was quite the trooper.  He is still doing okay with his sleeping…and I might have fed him in the night during the camping trip…new sleeping environment threw him off…oh well. 

Naps are still hit or miss…he tends to prefer his morning nap (ugh…would prefer the longer afternoon nap…is it too much to ask to give a girl forty-five minutes in a day with no awake children?!?  Seriously, is that too much to ask?!?).  Again, I can’t complain…this other mom with the peacefully nursing baby still feeds every three hours around the clock…all through the night…shoot me.  He still fights the last nap of the day and it makes for some brutal afternoons…tis just a season.  He still will not roll from his tummy to back…drives me crazy!  And most times when I put him on his back, he just rolls to his tummy…he is trying to make me crazy, oh yes he is.  He totally spins himself all over the place when he is on his tummy.  He doesn’t seem to act like he wants to crawl and I know it is still months off since he doesn’t sit yet.  He did sit-up for a couple minutes this week…still needs a bit more core strength and a lot more balance.  I don’t think he was as cranky this week, but still cranky.  And he started getting a running nose…so, totally teething and I will remember that when he gets teeth in three months that it all started back when…oh, yes it did.  The lack of the third nap also plays into the fussiness and you can hear me saying me plenty of times in the afternoon, “Sammy, just go to sleep already.”…I know this because I hear Hugh say it…awesome.  He is still getting his mat time and we find him plenty of times throughout the day scooted all the way against the wall playing peek-a-boo under the curtain…loves his independent play time.  He is a total giggle monster and loves to be tickled.  He loves to stare (it is a Johnson thing…I don’t have the problem, but there are definitely some members of my family who do)…I love it when he is in the Ergo and just stares up at me…just waiting for me to look down and then he gives me this big smile…love it.  He totally has a sleepy song just like our other boys…so sweet.  He now has big smiles for most people and is so vocal…loves to hear himself talk.  Sweet boy…such an incredible blessing.

We are in love with this sweet baby boy.  Hard to believe he will be six months old this next week…seriously, how did six months already pass?!?  (However, I do feel every.single.minute of these six months during the hours of four to seven every evening.)  I can’t get enough of his big, open mouth smile, or the way he stares at me.  I am so going to miss these sweet moments so much.  My big boys are still super sweet, but there is something about a sweet baby and the way they need you.  Dear Clock – please stop, but please pass by the hours of four to seven every evening…and find someone to make my family some dinner!


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