Sunday, September 9, 2012

Time to Eat!

Happy twenty-six weeks and six months!  Yep, Sammy is officially six months!  Hard to believe he has been with our family six months, but it is the truth…he has been…no lyin’.  Normally, this would be the post with my boys where I would state he is a sitter…but no, Sammy is no sitter.  Honestly, I don’t work on it with nearly as much as I should, but I know he’ll be sitting soon…I’ll work on it a little harder this week.  And I know…with sitting comes movement and movement will make me crazy…this time around we have stairs in our house.  So, this time around…crawling is going to DRIVE me CRAZY!  So, I wait…because the milestones come so quickly, and this Mama can wait…yes, I can.

So, what did week twenty-six bring for Sammy?  Well, it was sort of a big week for Sammy…we have “officially” started giving him some food (I could wait on this (insert “I am super lazy” here), but Jake is all about the food).  Right now, he is more playing with it than anything else…but he hammered down A LOT of hummus the other night…jalapeño and cilantro hummus…that is my boy…I like them spicy.  I am just ready for him to be able to eat finger foods…all done with baby food before even starting it.  So, we handed him a banana tonight…and he played and ate a little bit.  And tomorrow, we’ll hand him a drumstick and see how he does.  He also rode in the stroller for the first time without being strapped in his car seat.  He got to ride in the double stroller with Judah (who calls him Sammylamb…so cute).  He loved it.  He rolled from his tummy to his back…once.  Yep, one whole big time this week…what an overachiever.  This kid is in no hurry to do anything…not trying to desperately crawl or roll all over the place…fine by me.  I might have gotten up a few times in the middle of the night this week to flip him over…I know, I know…but he gets so sad and just wants someone to flip him over.  The crazy thing is, I think he prefers to sleep on his tummy now, but just doesn’t know it…I am sure if I let him cry then he would embrace it…just so hard sometimes.  He is still hit or miss on naps…he normally takes one decent nap each day.  He is still fighting his late afternoon nap like crazy…normally only napping maybe once or twice a week…so, the “witching” hour is downright nasty up in my house.  Ahhh…sigh.  But what I have learned in my four (almost) short years of parenting…you cannot force a baby to eat and you cannot force a baby to sleep…and so I embrace that darned witching hour and all its beastly beauty.  He is definitely playing with toys more intentionally now and he LOVES to grab my phone…normally, he just wants to put it in his mouth, which is strictly forbidden…not the iPhone…oh no you didn’t.  And he is starting to get mad when you take something away that he wants…ah, I love seeing that sin nature come out so young.  Praise God that His faithfulness will get us through this parenting season.  He seems to be getting back to his happy self…except for the late afternoon...then he just wants you to hold him ALL.THE.TIME…while moving.  Yes, you have to be in constant motion.  He still loves the water…and doesn’t mind a dunking.  I keep hearing that he looks so much like me…so crazy to have a baby that looks like me…still hoping he doesn’t get my nose…he definitely has my coloring, poor buddy.  Looking forward to another six months with this sweet baby boy…can’t get enough of his sweet smiles and infectious laugh!    

So, with the six month mark completed…I can officially say I am amazing!  I have breastfed (or what I sometimes accidentally write “beast” feeding…kind of true) for six months…I made it!  And yes, I know to most that is not amazing, but to me is hot dang amazing!  I accomplished my goal…and now, we just take one day at a time.  Praise God for getting me through this season.  Honestly, it is not terrible, but I don’t enjoy it…and I know when Sam gets teeth, I am going to want to rip my ladies right off!  So, now to get myself something for getting this far…and shoot, if I make it a year I am getting myself a pony!


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