Monday, September 17, 2012



Sammy is twenty-seven weeks!  And quite the traveler at twenty-seven weeks!  (Hence why the blog post is a day late…we got back late yesterday and after getting no sleep for three days, I thought I was going to die…I chose sleep over doing the blog post…shame on me.)  So, we went to California to celebrate my cousin’s wedding…it was a fabulous time, but there were some definite long days and sleepless nights…sadly.  Sam did great on the plane…for the most part.  I, on the other hand, felt like a used cow who basically just had to sit there the whole time feeling exposed and ready to nurse at a moment’s notice…not my idea of a relaxing flight, but then again…will flying ever be relaxing again as long as I have a child flying with me?!?  I have logged many miles in my day…and traveling with small children has been such a game changer…ah, such is my season.  We were so thankful to be able to travel to the wedding to see Ben and Justine get married - I held Ben when he was only two hours old and now my son (Hugh) was in his wedding!  So surreal!  And, dang I feel so old!

So, what else did week twenty-seven bring for Sammy?  Well, the wedding was the main highlight.  Sadly, he slept terrible while we were in California…it was brutal.  He was up constantly and I fed him multiple times during the nights…yes, I did.  Sleep training while traveling is for the birds…not going to happen.  I wised up on the last night and created like a pillow bed for him to sleep on in the pack and play while reading all the suffocation warning labels about adding extra blankets…you gotta do what you gotta do.  He was quite the trooper with the long days and missed naps.  And, we found out that he is quite the dancer…Jake was dancing with him on the dance floor and this kid was having a blast, I wish I had video…it was so funny.  He would definitely start to get a little slap happy at times, but Sam is the child who can go from laughing to screaming in one second flat…and normally, my dad (Papa Mike) can get him to the screaming in one second flat.  Overall, he was a great traveler and a great addition to the wedding.  He had his six month appointment this week…14lbs. 10oz. and 25.5in.…I don’t know percentages, but I know he is small.  BUT he is healthy…so, small is fine.  He was a champ for his shots, but he did not enjoy them and was pretty much a hot mess the rest of the day…poor buddy.  We are still working on solid foods and I am resisting baby food; however, we busted out the dreaded rice cereal per a recommendation from our doctor regarding anemia…and he hated it.  Honestly, I think he just wants to gnaw on things, but has zero desire to actually eat anything.  He is just barely six months and his brothers were not big baby food eaters (not big eaters period), so I really don’t think twice about it.  AND I am super lazy and just don’t really try all that often…to me, it is just one more thing I have to do during the day that isn’t really necessary to survival (in my opinion)…and I have a lot of “one more things” on my daily docket that are about survival, so his baby food eating gets pushed to the side.  Ok, moving on.  He still REALLY struggles with the late afternoon…just doesn’t want that third nap of the day.  I know this season is short, but these days can drag.  So, we’ll continue to battle the third nap.  He is almost sitting up…he does for a little bit, but normally falls over.  He still will not roll from his tummy to back and I totally know it is to drive me crazy…but not doing a full roll makes for less moving and you will hear no complaints from me on that one.  He still is chewing on EVERYTHING he can and drools like crazy, but no teeth…guessing they’ll show up in about two more months!  He has an obsession with everything electronic and tries to catch every bit of tv that he can.  He has lots of smiles, lots of giggles, and will pretty much let anyone hold him (except for Papa Mike or when he is really tired and then he just wants Mama)…he is a sweet baby and I treasure this blessing!

I am looking forward to some sleep this week and back to my regular routine.  I have totally created a baby that needs to have a perfect environment for nursing…ugh.  Oh, well…such is life.  I will not miss nursing in the airport, on an airplane, in a car, at a wedding (for all the world to see)…and the list goes on.  Sadly, I still do not enjoy nursing and strictly view it as a means to an end and each day I continue I view myself as a martyr more and more (yes, I just used the word martyr in reference to nursing, yes I did!).  And, yes…I am dramatic and I am okay with it.  Thankful God is bringing me through this season and even though I don’t enjoy nursing, I love this little boy and I love this age…totally makes it all worth it!

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