Sunday, October 14, 2012

Back to life...

Back to reality in week thirty-one for Sammy!  Vakay is over and we are back...sad.  I wish my life could always be a vacation, but sadly it cannot.  However, I did not appreciate the lack of sleep I received on  This sweet baby of mine was and is not sleeping at night...he wakes up like every two hours.  It is brutal!  His first two teeth are coming in...I can feel guessing this is causing all the issues?!?  And yes, on vacation I was feeding him in the night like every two hours...we had all sorts of fun sleeping arrangements and letting him cry at night was not an option.  So, being the martyr I am, I sacrificed myself for my son...I am kind of amazing.  And I am really tired.  Sammy is giving me a run for my money...oh yes, he is.  Sleep training (like the real deal, hard core, no turning back, no excuses sleep training) is coming...sigh.  Well, enough about solving Sammy's sleep issues and more about vakay!  He loved his first "real" vakay!

So, what did week thirty-one bring for Sammy (and week thirty since we sort of skipped that week since we were on vakay!)?  Honestly, I should have been writing things down since there is no possible way I can remember what happened two weeks ago since I can barely remembered what I ate for breakfast.  So, first – Sammy is all healed and there are no issues from his surgery whatsoever – praise God.  We’ll see his surgeon in a couple of weeks, but we have no concern at all.  He is sitting up all the time now and rarely falls over, but it is not out of the realm of possibility to see him slumped over.  He is a total pistol or spitfire as we like to call him.  Seriously, this kid is SUPER feisty and screams whenever he is not getting his way…ah, I love that so much.  He has this high pitch scream to let you know he means business…and business does he mean…wowzers.  Let’s just say his toddler years are going to be super fun!  Hey, we know all about feisty in this house…we love ourselves some feisty.  He traveled really well…got a little burned out by the car ride, but overall he was a super good sport.  He got his first ride in a grocery cart…get back, what a week.  He enjoyed his time at the beach…including the cold water and the sand.  Oh, he loved the sand…all over his body, he loved the sand…and I am still trying to get it out of his nose.  You see, I hate the sand…I am starting to see the joy in more now because I have children, but I hated the sand as a child and when my parents told us we were moving to Arizona (from California), I was so excited that I would not have the sand!  I still cannot stomach the idea of packing a lunch and eating it at the beach…ok, enough of my crazy.  I was glad he loved his time at the beach so much.  He visited SeaWorld and Legoland…spent most of his day in the Ergo…poor buddy.  Sadly, he’ll have no memories of this trip…and honestly, I won’t either in about six months.  

We had lots of nursing fun…nursing in the car, on the beach, at SeaWorld, at Legoland, in bathrooms…good times for sure…the beach didn’t go so well and I can’t blame him…who wants salty, sandy, schweddy boobs?!?  Not this baby.  Have I mentioned how much I love nursing?!?  Honestly, I see an end coming very quickly since the teeth are coming and I have had a biter since birth.  There will be no tears…except for the cost of buying formula.  He is officially in six to twelve month clothes and every pair of pants has to be rolled like three times (wish I could say the same for myself).  Now that he is eating like ten times a day, he should really start to put on some weight…oh joy.  I am REALLY hoping that he’ll be sleeping again soon now that the teeth have arrived, but sadly I know he’ll have more than two teeth…or, at least I hope he does…just hoping the rest of his teeth come in without sleepless nights.  Besides the sleepless nights, he seems fairly happy.  He did great all week with missing naps and going with the flow.  A super big highlight was meeting his Tenennesse family – lots of love for his cousins, and they were super sweet with him.  He loves to be loved and will go to anyone who is willing to hold him.  He is starting to reach a little bit…one of my favorite things…I cannot wait for him to start reaching for me.  Jake swore he said “I love you” to him, but he didn’t…whatever helps Jake sleep at night.  But he does say “hi”…yes, he does…especially to me.  We still aren’t feeding him solids all too often, but we are slowly working on it…doesn’t seem to be a huge fan of baby food, which I am not surprised about…one more month (ok, maybe two) and we’ll be so far past the baby food stage!  Hard to believe Sam has been with us seven months…seven months!  Oh, we love this baby…despite the feisty spirit, he is so sweet and loves to snuggle…and will still rock to sleep with me (darn you sleep training)…love this baby!

 I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation.  Vacation can really show me the selfishness that I have in my heart…I think to myself, this is MY vacation…then why does it feel like so much work?  I have realized in this season that vacations are going to look very different than vacations did in my past…but there is something really awesome about seeing the joy in my boys’ eyes when they see sharks or get to ride roller coasters.  I just wish the elves could come out and do all my laundry, unpack, and put away all the clean laundry...where are my dang elves?!?  Oh yeah...I remember my elves...when I asked one to clean up his toys today, he said, "I like it better when you clean up them up."...yeah, I bet you do.  This vacation was very fun...totally worth all the craziness and we hope we can do it again!

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Amy said...

Shweddy had me LOL and ROFL :) so glad you could get away and hang out with the Saylor clan! So fun!