Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Interview with a Four Year-Old...

Our first born, Hugh (“Hubey”), is four years-old!  How in the world is our son four years-old?!? Hugh is an awesome kid…seriously awesome.  It makes me sad that most people don’t get to see his awesomeness because he is so painfully shy.  He is sweet…most of the time.  He frequently says “you are so pretty Mama” and “I love you” throughout the day.  He is always willing to help and is a fantastic older brother.  He is super smart and makes me laugh all the time.  There is so much to say, but I’ll keep it for him…so, onto our interview with a vampire four year-old. (my commentary is in parenthesis)

What is your name? Hugh
How old are you? Four
What is your favorite thing to do? Play at the Children’s Museum.
What is your favorite color? Black, green, and brown (why chose just one when there are so many colors of the rainbow?)
What is your favorite food? McDonald’s (McDonald’s is a food group to him)
What do you like to do with your family? Play at the beach.
What is your favorite toy? Music toys
What do you want to be when you grow up? A bad guy (awesome)…no, wait…prolly…maybe…ummm…a puppy, definitely a puppy (at least he sets his goals high).
What makes you happy? Spending the night at my Grammas’ houses.
What makes you sad? Consequences
What is your favorite show to watch? The Singing Show (which is actually The Voice, who doesn’t love themselves some X-tina!?!)
What is your favorite book? Clifford (I asked this question twice and got the same answer…I have never read him Clifford.)
What do you love to learn about? Jesus
What was the best part of your birthday? Opening presents
Where do like to go? The Children’s Museum
Who was your teacher? Ms. Dena (at church)
What is your favorite treat? Popsicles
What do you dream about? I dream about you. (ah, melt my heart…it is a thing we do and he always dreams about me.)
If you could meet someone famous who would it be? Gramma Peggy (lucky for him, he has met her)
What was your favorite birthday present? My dream light.
Who should be our next President? Romney (smart boy)

And there it is…I look forward to doing this every year with my boys.  Happy Birthday, Hugh!  God truly has blessed us…we love you so much!

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Brooke said...

Love this! Can't believe our kiddos are FOUR. Luca and Hugh would be fast friends as she is always fighting imaginary "bad guys" and her favorite show is Phantom of the Opera, so music is big on her list too. :-) Totally stealing your interview questions.