Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Just got to get this done right now...why is it so hard to update my blog?!?  I still have two old items I want to blog about and never seem to find the time.  Now, of course, I have the time...but blogging can seem so daunting at times.  Ok, enough with the drama.  This is an easy post, so I figured why not get it done now!

Jake was gone for this major holiday this year - he has to live with the guilt, not me.  My brother and sister-in-law were very gracious in inviting us over for dinner and a little trick-or-treating fun.  And we desperately tried for a group shot...

The puppies came back out for another year...and don't worry, I am sure you'll be seeing the puppies (or puppy) come out for many years.

Hugh wanted to be a puppy again this year...but Costco wasn't selling it (and that is as far as this Mama goes looking for costumes), so he was a knight.  I warned him that the little knight hat thing was going to drive him crazy and I would for sure make him wear it (because I am a good mom like that)...well, he went with the knight costume anyway...and the hat thing drove him crazy (he has some sensory issues)...and I didn't torture him for long - he only wore it for about five minutes (I am not that mean...well, at least not all the time.).  And, I am sure you'll be seeing this knight costume about two years (Judah, get excited!).

The boys had a great time - love that Halloween is so fun for them!

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