Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving in week thirty-seven for Sammy!  He had a wonderful first Thanksgiving with lots of family...and lots of driving.  Sadly, he was sleeping during the meals at both Thanksgiving and he did not partake in any overindulging...but don't worry, I did enough for the both of us.  After Thanksgiving, we were able to spend the weekend in Flagstaff with Jake's family and it was awesome.  We had Mexican Thanksgiving...and once again, I ate enough to last me for days...and I am officially on a Mexican food boycott...until I see some chips and salsa.  He enjoyed the Flagstaff trip - especially the dog and all the exploring.  I would say the first Thanksgiving was a success. 

So, what did week thirty-seven bring for Sammy?  Well, it brought a happier baby...yay!!!  I think he is pulling out of his forever teething...which, of course, is a total lie because he still only has two teeth with the other two coming soon (I swear), I know more teething is right around the corner, but I'll take this reprieve while I can.  His sleeping has been somewhat better...I actually think I got more than a five hour stretch of sleep (however, part of the reason I don't get more sleep is because I stay up too dang late…again, the three kids is the tipping point…added a third child and I stay up an extra two hours at night).  We started noticing some blisters on his skin near his diaper area that we assumed was a bad diaper rash...well, of course, I consulted the “all knowing” Google and we learned it could be a staph infection.  Ok, you should have seen the look on Jake's face when I said staph infection...priceless.  Honestly, I can't blame him...the only staph infections we have known have been bad news.  Well, as always, Google was right...Sammy has a staph infection, which we have learned isn't that big of a deal...who knew?!?  He is on some strong antibiotics to fight it and hopefully it goes away soon.  Sadly, the antibiotics hurt his little tummy...poor buddy and affect his sleeping...oh joy.  Let's just say our last night in Flag was rough.  He is still struggling with eating, and we are working to always make sure he eats enough...we know this drill oh so well.  He has been doing well with solids and really prefers to feed himself...with his fists, it is ugly.  His fave is frozen blueberries.  

I have been on the search again for the "elusive" best schedule for a baby.  I went on this same search with Judah and I swore I would write it down when I found it...clearly, that didn't happen (the writing down of the perfect schedule or the actual perfect schedule).  Sammy is now on an eat/sleep/wake schedule...basically, the one all of our kids have been on.  As much as we dream of those Babywise babies, we do not have them...Sammy is no exception.  He won't take more than four ounces in the morning, so we have to feed him before his nap...which starts the cycle.  Oh, well.  I don't claim to have the best sleepers (that is for sure), but we still have three great, I just have to embrace my "non" schedule...which gives me the shakes a little bit.  Sam had a busy week with trips to the Zoo and Children's would have thought it was Christmas when I let him down at the Children's Museum.  He is getting more and more mobile...he is also getting faster.  He struggled a bit figuring out crawling on new surfaces, so he started like this bear crawl thing and thought he could just stand up...well, he can't...and he learned that...ouch.  He has been trying to pull himself up more and more.  He loves playing with toys...his brothers' toys.  Legos are his favorite.  Why I get baby toys I do not know.  He continues to be SUPER vocal and LOVES to shake his head "no" at you.  I have seen he and Judah interact more...Judah wants to play with  I want my boys to be the best of friends.  He has found a love for clapping…he likes to clap at everything…he gets a toy, he claps…he spits his food out, he claps…he hears me speaking loudly to his brothers, he claps…he pees on Daddy, he claps…like I said, he has a love for clapping…and he is quite good at it.  It has been a busy week and lots of fun, and this week it has been such a blessing to have our super smiley and laughing baby back...nice to have a happy baby. 

I really feel like God has been showing me lots these last couple of weeks...I feel like I haven't been so focused on only having a good attitude when everything is going my way....of course, easy to say when Sam has had a better week.  I am praying God continues to reveal my sin of selfishness and putting my needs steps.  Guess I am not perfect...shocking!  Thankful for another great week and a very happy Thanksgiving!

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