Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hunger Strike!

Thirty-six weeks!  Our little Sammy Lammy is thirty-six weeks!  Sammy Lammy has had a ROUGH week thirty-six…cold, teething, hunger strike…you name it and Sammy has embraced it.  I feel bad for him…but to be honest, it has been more of a pity party for me this week and I have felt worse for myself…just being honest.  It has been a hard week…but in spite of it being a hard week, it has been a fun week with lots of smiles and giggles.  He cannot get enough of me biting his ears, toes, and fingers…he pretty much loves it…sweet boy.  So, I’ll take the hard week with the sweet cuddles and smiles.

So, what did week thirty-six bring for Sammy?  It continues to bring moving…he is crawling on the wood now and doesn’t slip all over.  He is still really slow, but it is just a matter of time before he is a master at it.  He is pulling himself up more and thinks he is pretty cool when he stands up, but he is not sturdy at all, which is fine by me.  I am a crawling nazi and firmly believe that my babies must have perfect crawls before they ever consider walking.  And, I am not crazy about this…crawling is linked to so many brain issues it is unreal…so, I like to see a perfect crawl and I will help them to get there if needed.  Ok, enough with my crawling rant.  He had a visit to the zoo this week…he seemed to dig it.  He continues to love swinging on swings.  He gets spitting mad when you take anything away from him…especially my cell phone.  We packed up the Bumbo and his little toy corner (where I use to confine him…those days are long over).  His favorite food is frozen blueberries (glad he eats something).  This week finally brought some healing from his cold…but not 100%.  My boys love to hold onto to their colds…lucky me.  I swore he had an ear infection this week, and after one expensive doctor visit...he has a cold and is teething (thank you doctor, I would be lost without you)…I became one of those moms…oh well.  He is teething…the top two are busting through, and I think we are all safe to say that Sam is one miserable teether.  Ay yai yai…I think I might lose my mind.  And, if we ever have another baby…I want it with a full set of teeth…it would be totally creepy at first, but I would be thankful later and by eighteen months, it would totally be normal.   

So, he is also on a total hunger strike…and if you want one thing that is going to make me crazy (ok, there are lots of things that make me crazy, but this one really makes me crazy), it is when a baby doesn’t eat.  And now that he is on bottles, I know every last ounce that this baby drinks…every.last.single.ounce.  Or, I should say every last single ounce he doesn’t drink.  (But you know what, it is good to know he isn’t just a boob hater…he is a total milk hater!)  Seriously, he can go twelve hours without eating and he still doesn’t want to eat…what baby is like that?!?  Oh, wait…his big brother…duh.  So, here is where my crazy enters the scene…I think Sam has the same issues as Hugh.  BUT, I believe it is just how our kids are made and it isn’t a big deal…just makes eating difficult.  I could be totally wrong…who knows.  I am not going to worry about it (ha, ha...yeah, right)…just going to embrace a baby that eats when he wants…which happens to be when he is sleepy or sleeping…which of course leads to his terrible sleeping.  Sleep is hard to come by in this house…very hard to come by.  This is definitely our lot in life…no sleep and non-eating baby.  And obviously, the teething has made him SUPER fussy…  BUT, what I have really learned about myself is…I am such a whiner and complainer…  It is like I expect to have these babies and expect them to be self-sufficient by six months.  Wow oh wow…I have seen so much sin in my heart it is frightening.  So, instead of praying that Sam would have a better week, I pray I would have a heart focused on Christ and serving my boys rather than on myself (I am sure that is much easier to type than to practice). 

 Praying for a better week…for my heart.  I want to be thankful for every season God has given me.  I want to listen to the words I preach to my boys ALL day long…Philippians 2:14, “Do all things without complaining or disputing.”  I want my boys to see me live out the gospel…a little hard to do when I am complaining all day…sad.  Thankful God is patient.

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