Monday, November 12, 2012

On the Go...

Thirty-five weeks, here we come!  Already another week done.  Seriously, time is flying by – it is unreal.  I swear I thought time stood still when I was a kid…especially in the long, hot summers where if I thought if I swam another day, I was going to turn into a fish (I would spend like fifteen hours a day in the pool……by myself…where was my mother?!?)…and now, I feel like I never have a spare minute (but once again, time always stands still when I am nursing, pumping, or working out) to think.  I feel like the more kids we have, the faster time seems to fly by…time is really going to fly when we are on number six (kidding, neva gonna happen).  As always, I wish I could hit pause on all the sweet moments…and hit fast forward on the crying, whining, bickering, fighting, etc., etc., etc.  Ok, back to this blog being about Sam and not my crazy mom moments (because I am totally becoming one of those moms…I actually spit on my finger to clean Hugh’s face the other day…what is wrong with me?!?).  My baby is thirty-five weeks and becoming less and less of a baby each day.  His need for independence is shocking, but he is also still totally dependent upon me and makes it known most of the day (sigh).  He’ll always be my baby.

So, what did week thirty-five bring for Sammy?  Well, it is official…he can crawl.  He now holds the title in the house for the earliest crawl…now, he isn’t great at it, but it is a crawl nonetheless.  And, I am scared to death.  Ugh.  I am not ready for another mobile child in this house.  I feel like two mobile children is enough.  And he is curious about everything.  Absolutely everything.  So, gone are the days of me setting him down and walking away, guess I will need to man-up and start parenting now…so, I actually have to watch him?!?  Fortunately, he is nowhere near ready to start mastering stairs, but I am sure he’ll surprise me next week…ugh.  But you know what, he is so happy he can move…like really, really happy and that makes me smile.  His brothers seem to be fine with him moving and taking their things because Sam is really slow still…give it a few weeks and it will be one more thing they’ll start whining about (sorry, been one of those days with the constant fighting and “I’m gonna tell Mom”…making my ears bleed).  Today, he pulled himself up for the first time all by himself…and he was so proud, like he conquered the world…good for him, not for me.  I am sure this next week will have lots of bruises and lots of tears.   

He also got his first cold this week (he is still in the middle of it, and I am sick as well…bummer).  It has been rough…he doesn’t do sickness well (reminds me of his Daddy).  I feel so bad for him, he is miserable being so congested. He HATES the nose sucker and the saline spray – you would think I was killing him…poor buddy.  And, of course this puts us back to square one with his sleeping…sad.  He is up a lot of the night – Jake (best husband in the world) stayed up with him one night and slept with him in the rocker…those two have a SPECIAL relationship.  I am hoping we can get past this cold and I am really hoping this is not a glimpse into our season…that would be no bueno.  I just don’t want him to be so miserable…and I want to sleep…no joke.  We have pretty much stopped baby food since he just shakes his head at us, yes, he has learned to shake his head “no”…so great.  He likes to eat with us, but it is still such a mess and I think he actually only gets about ten percent into his mouth.  We are still working on the signs with him…and he still laughs at us.  He still loves his time in the shower – I think he could sit in there all day, but we found out he likes the bath even more…such a water baby.  He is such a sweetheart (even more so when he is healthy) and we love him so much.  What an incredible blessing we have been given!

So, I made the decision to stop nursing this past week…I just decided and it felt right.  I thought I would have this time of mourning, but I didn’t…not for one single minute.  Now, I will still nurse him every once in a while…the middle of the night or the morning feeding when I know he’ll nurse well, but for the most part, I am done.  However, I am pumping, and for now, I want to pump (I still want boobs.).  The sad thing is, my production sucks…but I am not use to pumping this late in the game.  And…it hurts like the dickens to have so many pumping sessions a day again.  Truth be told, that pump is mean and nasty…Sammy was a sweetheart…teeth and all.  So, now to decide what bottles to use (yes, that is a discussion in our house…we live exciting lives).  I am at peace with the decision, but I do hate washing all the pieces again…ugh.  Guessing the pumping gig will be short lived, but who knows?  Glad that God meets us in our struggles…even the silly ones like pumping versus nursing (my constant dilemma!).

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