Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Little Late...

Week forty!!!  Already in the forties?!?  Yikes!  Seriously, he’ll be one before I know it.  And, I am super late on my blog post…Jake is off from work and I am off my game.  I LOVE (love, love, love…I could go on forever) having Jake home…I would love for him to retire so he could be home every single day with us (clearly, I live in a fantasy world)…but, I feel like I am not efficient when Jake is home…guess I figure Jake will just do it all.  So, anyway…I love my third born son…just losing my edge in my efficient ways…you would think after three kids I would be more efficient…clearly, that is not the case.  Sammy is LOVING having Daddy home as well…vacation Daddy is so fun.  We are going to love these next couple of weeks enjoying time as a family and enjoying the Christmas season!

So, what did week forty bring for Sammy? Well, he is as busy as ever - getting into anything he can...yay. I have started the very stern "no" with him which doesn't phase him one little bit. He just looks at me and does whatever he wants...yay again. And so the "real" parenting begins. We very much have another "dog" baby...loves to chew on shoes and play in the potty...super fun. He is a constant reminder to me that my floors are SUPER dirty...ugh. He still wants to master the stairs, but we have made no progress yet...except more tumbles. Part of life is learning to fall and getting back up again...he is becoming a pro. He loves to explore and the falls are worth it...for him. He loves to hang out in the office/playroom/workout room and normally gets stuck on the treadmill (at least someone is using it) – he will squawk at you until you get him down and then he’ll do it again (isn’t insanity doing the same thing over and over again and getting the same result…guess Sam is insane…aren’t we all?).  He had his nine month well visit - he is doing great. He is now 17lbs. 8oz. (10%) and almost 28in. (25%). He is still a little guy, but he is staying on his growth curve...so, he is great...and I know there are four month olds that are bigger than him and that is okay. He is happy and healthy. He rocked his shots...just a few tears. He is becoming a great eater - he tries almost everything, and frozen blueberries continue to be his favorite with yogurt melts as a close second (and it looks like he becoming quite fond of the Booty (Pirate’s Booty that is)…us Saylors are a Booty loving family)...but he rocks fish or veggies like he has eaten it his whole life...all nine months of it. Bottles are still a big challenge, but his doctor told us not to worry about it and to STOP feeding him at night...because he'll never learn to get his food in the day if he knows we'll give it to him in the night (sounds so simple, why is it so hard for us?). So, no more night feedings, no dream feeds, no nothing. We are also training him that seven is wake-up time. 

So, again he is hit or miss on sleeping...work in progress this baby. He had a great night of sleep one night this week...and of course Judah was up most of the night...teething (darn two year molars)...for the love of Pete...quit with the teething already!!! Sam seems to be in a teething remission right now...hoping we get a little bit of a break...fingers crossed. He seems to find his brothers very entertaining...I do too (in that I am pulling my hair out kind of way). He seems to do well in any situation and has yet to have any separation anxiety...normally, that is not our boys' deal, but you never know. He has learned the super fun game of dropping his pacifier over and over again just to watch me pick it up...I love that game...it is so fun. He has also learned to drink out of a straw...yay Sam. He loves it. I am passionate about my babies drinking from straws...we spent a lot of money on a feeding therapist...I learned straws are important.  We busted out our ball pit (best gift I ever got…it is hands down my favorite thing…who doesn’t love balls thrown all over their house?!?...I know I do)…he seemed to enjoy it.  He still loves all non-toy items…why I spent $20 on that Sophie dog toy, I do not know.  He is still super loud and will get my attention one way or another.  Oh, I love this baby boy…his crazy just fits perfect into our family!

So excited for the next couple of weeks…having Jake home is such a blessing.  He is an awesome husband and father – the boys are so lucky to call him Daddy.  What a wonderful time of the year!  And, I don't want to take this time for granted with Jake and my sweet babies...need to hold my babies a little tighter.  

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