Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy Falls

Here we are…week thirty-eight in the books.  Week thirty-eight…almost nine months…the numbers of weeks I thought I would I have been pregnant…clearly, that didn’t happen…Sammy had his own plans.  And, he continues to have his own plans thirty-eight weeks later.  We are thankful this week that his staph infection is clearing up and he hasn’t had any new spots.  Hopefully, this will be a onetime thing and he won’t continue to battle staph infections.  Honestly, he has quite enjoyed his pina colada antibiotics (the same antibiotic that Judah vomited for like six days straight…Judah was not a tropical baby)…and can you blame him?  I love myself some pina coladas…clearly, I am quite tropical.  Glad we are done with the antibiotics…one less thing for me to forget to do during the day.  Looking forward to another wonderful week with our sweet baby boy!

So, what did week thirty-eight bring for Sammy?  Well, it has brought a much faster baby…yikes…I turn my head for a second (or maybe a few minutes) and he is gone…off to chew on another computer cord or shoe.  Guess you have to keep your eyes on your babies all the time…who knew.  He is constantly trying to pull himself up on everything, which ends in lots of tears and lots of marks all over his sweet head…poor buddy.  He has met the stairs this week and they do not like him, but he keeps coming back for more beatings and they will continue to give them to him…lucky Sammy.  Side note: do you know how hard it is to get anything done with stairs in your house and a baby who does not know how to use them correctly?!?  Ugh.  He has also found the bathrooms this week…yuck…and I am sure he has found the dirty floor that his brothers pee on because it is SO hard to put pee into that super small toilet bowl…what is with boys?!?  Anyway, thankful for doors that close to keep babies out.  He spends lots of time in his new favorite place…the laundry basket.  It is a great place to throw him with some toys…except when Judah takes him on “some” rides.  He is so curious (all boy)…he wants to get into EVERYTHING he can get his hands on.  I am thankful our big boys are not really into the little Legos yet…that would not be good for Sam.  I am starting to hear, “Sam is ruining everything!!!  Get him quick!!!”…from my very dramatic eldest son…sorry friend, he is going to get into all your business…that is life, he is your brother…deal with it.  He seems to really be enjoying his table food…his pincher grasp is getting awesome…he continues to be a fruit baby, but is willing to try things.  We are still battling with the milk (always reminding myself he will eat with he is hungry and he won’t die if he doesn’t eat…hard for me, but I believe I have been the best this time around…learning this is a trust issue for me and thankful God is with me to teach me the hard lessons).   

He has become quite the master with his pacifiers – loves to pop them in and out.  I put them all over the house and he hunts them down.  He loves them…like they are his besties…good for him…everyone needs a bestie.  Surprisingly, the Christmas tree is not a magnet for him at all…he doesn’t even really notice it.  He is still clapping for himself all the time – I love it.  His top two teeth are going to break through this week…I swear it…I swear it every week…but this time I REALLY swear it.  He continues to slap, scratch, and pull my hair...constantly...if he was a girl, he would be a nasty little fighter (think honey badger).  He continues to be in really good spirits for the most part…LOVE LOVE LOVE having my sweet, happy baby back…oh, I missed him and I LOVE LOVE LOVE having him back…!  His sleeping is still hit or miss, but I’ll take it…life can’t always be perfect.  He is starting to get to ride in the carts at the grocery stores…LOVE the double cart at Costco…he and Judah have a blast together.  Judah continues to reach out to Sam and wants to play with him…I love it so much.  He is a total blanket lover just like his brothers – he gets more excited about snuggling with his blanket than he does about drinking his bottle – that is for sure.  I love that when I get him in the morning he always snuggles into me and gives me a hug…now that is the way to start a day.  I love his sweet looks he gives me, the way he smiles at me, the way he giggles when I tickle him, the way he crawls up on my chest to sleep when I rock him (I really love that when I can get it…that is why I won’t give up the rocking)…love this baby so much it hurts my heart!

I love this mom gig…just need to remind myself of that sometimes during the day.  God has blessed me with three amazing little boys…some of them more quirky than others, but seriously an amazing blessing.  I pray I am present and am putting their needs before my own…my ugly selfish heart.  Thankful for a God (a very patient God) who directs my steps.

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