Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  First Christmas for Sammy in week forty-one!  And, I am SUPER late on this blog…it truly is sad how lax I have become with my blog spots.  Again, all for good reason…Jake is home and it is nice to buck the routine (see me shaking and rocking) and throw caution to the wind (whatever that means)…anyway, we have all just been hanging out…enjoying Jake being home (I am sure a serious depression will fall upon this house next week when Jake returns to work…like hardcore depression…and I am referring more to our boys than even myself…no joke).  So, I may be late…but Christmas did happen for Sammy and I want to remember it…even if it is late.  So, Merry Christmas!!!  I wish it could be this season all the time (I LOVE having Jake home!!!)!

So, what did week forty-one bring for Sammy?  Well, of course it brought Christmas!  He had a wonderful first Christmas – enjoying his gifts (yes, we actually bought him some…not a lot (he is only nine months), but some)…actually, I think he enjoyed his brothers’ gifts more.  He enjoyed the days of festivities (think Christmas Festivus…we celebrate his Gramma Peggy’s birthday on the 23rd, then we have a big Christmas Eve with my side of the family, and then all the many Christmas celebrations on Christmas Day).  So, it was a busy few days…but Sam was a happy camper for the most part.  Sadly, Sam got a cold this week…or more teeth…whatever.  Jake told me it was the blog curse because I had stated we were having a reprieve from the teething…and then of course he had another rough week.  Honestly, I think this week was the most sad he has ever been…I think for sure it was teeth because it was just a bad couple of days and then he was over it.  However, then I think he got a cold…so, we are in the never ending saga of bad sleep and crankiness…ugh.  The silver lining…we have started using eucalyptus oil on his feet to help with his nasal congestion and I swear it is working…yep, we are going all crazy essential oil over here…see you at my next EO party.  Anyway, I am glad it seems to be helping.  We also finally put him in some warmer jammies…this poor baby was freezing at night…poor buddy.  I don’t notice the frigid temps in the house…I have my winter coat of fat to keep me nice and warm.  So, we decided to bite the bullet and turn the heat on upstairs…oh, shoot…doesn’t work.  Glad we live in AZ…we’ll figure that one out later…put it on my tab.  

So, he has warmer jammies and I throw a bunch of stuff in the crib to build up some heat for him (I am sure that is safe).  Honestly, the last few nights he has been sleeping ok (and now I am sure the blog curse will return)…we’ll take it after one of his worst weeks of sleeping.  He has been napping well, which has been good.  We also decided to bump up his nipple size on his bottle, which for some reason gave me a little bit of anxiety (I am crazy like that)…I thought we might be pushing something that he wasn’t ready for…you know, too soon.  And then Jake brings home the nipples and they are marked six plus months…yep, he is ready and I am lame.  So, we have entered the land with flowing milk and honey (ok, that one not really)…anyway, I think he is eating a little more – not much more, but we’ll take it.  He does gag, choke, and spit more now…all normal for the Saylor boys so not a concern for me.  Sam needs to man up and embrace the change.  We hear from everyone how small he is…all.the.time.  You know at first it would bug me, but then I realized I do the same thing with big babies…you say what you see, and you know, he is really tiny – that is a true statement. 

But, what he lacks in size he makes up for in personality (I am sure guys hear this all the time.) – he has a lot of spunk and can hold his own.  He has become quite the speed crawler and gets into anything he can…he loves the pantry and fridge – he beelines to the fridge every chance he gets.  He pulls himself up on everything now – and boy oh boy is he SO proud of himself – he normally always screams in delight.  He is still intrigued by the stairs, but hasn't really tried to master more than the first step.  He still takes quite a few falls and always has marks covering his pale, little face.  He loves his pacifier...and also loves pulling it out and throwing it to the ground...I am on to you friend and I am not playing that game.  He has been LOVING having Jake home…he LOVES (LOVES LOVES LOVES…you get it) Jake…by far his most favorite person.  He knows Daddy will always pick him up…and he knows Mama will not (sorry, but I have long list of rules about when I do/don’t hold a baby).  I pray all of our boys will be as good of fathers as Jake – he is absolutely amazing.  We LOVE having Jake home!  Overall, not the best week for Sam…but he is a great sport and he has the best smiles, looks, and giggles – we cannot get enough of this little boy…what an incredible Christmas gift! 

So, I am sure I’ll be late again next week…soaking up all the time I can with Jake being home and conquering things on his to-do list…sadly, nobody ever wants to help out on my to-do list…poor me.  Merry Christmas!  So hard to believe another Christmas has come and gone…time is flying by!

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