Sunday, December 9, 2012

More of the Same

Week thirty-nine and nine months!!!  There is no way my baby is nine months old!  This last year has flown by – it really is crazy how fast time flies now that we have children…unreal.  It has been a wonderful nine months with this sweet baby boy…there has been little sleep, but so many smiles and sweet snuggles.  We are starting to see Sammy’s personality come out more and more…and we’ll have our hands full…yes, we will!  We are excited for each new day…some days are longer and not so riveting, but each day is a blessing and our days are numbered.  I pray I live to glorify God with each day He blesses me with, and I pray I love my boys with everything in my heart!

So, what did week thirty-nine bring for Sammy?  Honestly, the week wasn’t too exciting…except those two big, bad, mean teeth cut through…finally!  And now, he is getting two more up top…shut.the.front.door…this is never ending!  So, we had this sweet, SLEEPING baby…for like four days and then those big, bad, mean teeth decided to cut on through and decided to bring their ugly step-sisters with them…and our sweet, sleeping baby left.  Jake is to blame because he makes the comment, “I think Sam has really turned a corner on his sleeping.”…and turn a corner he did…with a big fat u-turn.  He had a couple of rough nights this week – he is sad and super congested…hoping it is all related to the teeth and not a cold or something like that.  So, we hope he gets on the sleeping train…getting a night of uninterrupted sleep is a rare thing around here and it is a very treasured thing…we would love to have some more (hopefully, Sammy reads this or at least gets the memo).  Despite the teeth and some serious sad, he is still super smiley and had a good week.  He is ALL over the place…and is still taking a lot of falls.  He took a tumble while trying to climb up the stairs…I am not to blame, it was Hugh’s turn to watch him…takes a village to raise a child (best thing Hillary Clinton ever said) and everyone in our house needs to do their part.  Sam always seems to have some new red mark or scratch on his head or face.  Sadly, he’ll do the same stupid thing over and over again (not to say I am surprised…he is a male…sorry, couldn’t resist)…like trying to crawl through the step ladder space…it is too small, but he’ll keep hitting his head on the corner over and over and over and over (you get it) again…poor buddy.  He continues to pull himself up, but still cannot get himself down…hence the tumbles.  He still gets very proud of himself and makes me proud as well…he is already embracing my “all I expect is hard work” motto for the boys.   

He is crazy loud…like ear bleeding loud.  He screams when he doesn’t get his way (learned that one from Jake)…especially when you take away the iPhone with the wifis (everyone loves the iPhone with the wifis).  He also screams very loudly when he is all done in the high chair…we are desperately working the signs with him…I don’t respond well to babies screaming at me like I am their pet.  He also does this weird snorting thing (also from Jake) to get attention…yikes.  He enjoyed his first ride on a carousel (if you can call it that at Peter Piper)…maybe he’ll be a daredevil?!?  It is completely official (which I totally already knew, but I really felt my heart embrace it this week)…Sam is ALL about Team Jake…whatever…all my sacrifice (and there has been a lot of sacrifice…the mirror still turns out the lights when I walk into the bathroom and I swear something is wrong with my hair – and I am not going to blame the hair issue on the fact that I tried to pull every silver hair I ever saw for like six years (no joke) and now I have all these short hairs everywhere…I won’t go on, but the sacrifices run deep) and Jake secures another member to his team.  However, there is always a bright side…Jake always gets up in the night with the boys…they are his teammates and he is the captain.  I do love that my boys love him so much – he is honestly one of the best dads I have ever seen (and I am not just saying that…really).  I do come a very close second to Jake for Sammy…he loves me lots.  Sam is doing this thing when he goes to sleep where he almost giggles right when he is going to sleep…Jake does the same thing…I love that…it is sweet and I like to make fun of Jake when he does it.  Oh, this baby makes me smile with his sweet smiles and snuggles.  Love this boy! 

Hard to believe he is only three short months from his first birthday.  It will be here before I know it.  I have loved these last nine months…just wishing for a little more sleep and a few less pounds (put down the Joe-Joe before it turns you into a fat….)! 

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