Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hard to Believe...

That this little baby started preschool last week...

Or, should I say this divo started preschool this last week...

It is true, Hugh started preschool last week.  He is only going two days a week through May.  Honestly, I never would have thought he would be in preschool - preschool was not going to be our thing, but I was wrong.  Hugh has such a desire to be social (just doesn't quite know how), so I figured why not expose him to more opportunities (better than the idea of having ten children so he can have lots of friends).  The first few times I picked him up, I noticed him watching the other kids with a look of horror - the other kids were normally acting like some type of wild animal, but today, he was smiling...warm my heart.  Cheers to Hugh acting like a wild animal soon!  He says he is enjoying it, but doesn't have any friends (you can actually hear my heart breaking and I might have teared up driving home)...he doesn't seem to care about the lack of friends, so why should I.

Hard to believe we have a preschooler.  This always felt like it would be forever away...never thought forever would arrive so quickly.

I love this boy with a deep love - he is smart, funny, kind, helpful, silly, painfully (PAINFULLY) shy, and just an awesome kid.  I pray God tempers my heart in how I shepherd him daily - I FAIL so miserably at times.  Thank you, Lord, for blessing us with this rad little boy!

Back on Track

My baby boy is forty-six weeks…wow, forty-six weeks…a countdown is coming!  Honestly, I have been in countdown mode for a while…I love writing the blog, but as I have mentioned before…I feel like it has been a chore…I want the blog memories, but I just wish it would write itself…is there an app for that?  And, again…I am late with the blog…life, it happens.  Okay, enough with my whining (which is constant)…and back to my big boy being forty-six weeks!  Hard to believe that we’ll be celebrating this sweet baby boy’s first birthday in a little over a month!  I really need to start planning it…but I do have a date for the party, so that has to count for something.  As I was rocking him tonight (not to sleep…this child would have to be shot with a tranquilizer to let me rock him to sleep), I was soaking up my sweet baby and thinking of my almost four and half year-old (and thinking about a family from our church – their son was just diagnosed with cancer) and realizing the time does fly by and every.single.moment I have with my children should be valued and not put on hold…SO much easier for me to type than to practice.  Lord, help me to love these little boys with every ounce of my being – help them to know that they are more important than anything else I have going on…oh, and please remind me of that as well.

So, what did week forty-six bring for Sammy?  Well, it brought the end of his cold…it was the typical ten day adventure, but I believe we have turned a corner now.  He has finally started eating again and today was pounding food like a teenage boy!  However, I am starting to notice a little bit of pickiness coming out in him…oh joy.  He doesn’t seem to be a big breakfast guy, but he will pound an entire container of blueberries in under ten minutes.  This baby is a blueberry fiend…yikes!  He still really isn’t digging his milk, which is not a shock at all and I am not terribly concerned…however, when I see another baby drink an eight ounce bottle in front of others I want to scream and yell…Sam will never eat eight ounces…five at a time on a good try…and in front of others…ha…this kid is a total closet drinker.  So, moving on…he is healthy and that is what matters…and I know it will be easy to break him from the bottle (gotta look for the positives).  My nappy baby is back…yay!  And, Sam is a baby that will take a longer afternoon nap if his morning nap is skipped…awesome…never had that before.  Sadly for Sam – we skip his morning nap quite a bit…the punishment (for me and him) for being born third.  He is still a junky night sleeper…that is just the truth of it.  The good news is if (and that is a VERY big if) we ever decide to have another baby, the transition to no sleep won’t be as rough because I will still be in it (oh, please baby boy…sleep…soundly…please!!!).  The stairs are his favorite activity still and he races with all his might to escape me every chance he gets (which is so shocking because I am so awesome).  I thought he was showing promise of going down the right way, but he is definitely not…not one little bit…ugh.  And, we’ll keep working on it.  He learned how to get down from the treadmill this week…smart boy (mind you, it is head first).  He lives in his pajamas...not because I am lazy (that could never be the case), but because it is cold (yes, in Arizona...it is cold).  I have found a way to secure the cabinets with hair ties and let’s just say he is pissed.  He totally threw a temper tantrum this week – slamming his hands and then his head…he hasn’t gotten the memo from his brothers than tantrums won’t get him very far in this house.  Sad that the tantrums are starting so early.  He has also learned the sweet art of manipulation (a gift some would call it) – at night time, he will lay his head on my shoulder and cuddle just so I won’t lay him down (he knows my weak spots)…of course, this only lasts a few minutes and then he slaps me in the face…and we are done.  We are really working on him being more gentle – he is such a slapper and he totally smirks when he does it…this boy is going to keep me on my toes.   

He loves to mimic our sounds constantly and has started saying Dada – more to me than to Jake (and there is that stubborn side).  He will actually say “aye Dada” (hi Dada – because he hears his brothers say it all the time).  I am guessing I am going to have another motor mouth on my hands…I guess there could be worse things.  This kid is crazy busy - like, "oh, wow - I see my future and it is getting scary" kind of busy...there is no slow motion for this boy - he has to be going all of the time.  (I am sure it will drive me to drink...blame it on the baby.)  He is still getting into all of his brothers’ things, but his brothers seem to be tolerating it better…we’ll see how long that lasts.  Sam, however, is not tolerating his second Mama (Hugh)…shoot, Sam barely tolerates his first Mama, and he definitely doesn’t want or need a second Mama.  (This was the week that Jake realized that I have been letting Hugh carry Sam…let’s just say Jake was thrilled and was ready to put my name in for the MOTY award.  However, Jake can now see that Hugh is a very responsible four year-old and would probably be capable of watching his two younger brother during nap time so I could run some errands…wait, maybe not…and of course, I would never do that…never.)  I know Hugh just wants to help, but if I have to say “personal space” one more time during the day, I am going to lose my mind!!!  Such a smootherer!  But, Hugh is very helpful…so, I will count my blessings.  Sam is continuing to be such a sweet boy and perfect addition to this family – we all adore him so much!

Thankful for our sweet boy…and boys.  Three boys is such an incredible blessing…more than we could ever imagine or ever deserve!

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Forty-five weeks!!!  I cannot believe my little baby is going to be a year old so soon.  This last year has flown by – crazy to think his first year will be in the books.  It has been a fun first year – and as we have had more children, the first year goes by faster and faster.  However, we were just saying that we feel like Sam is so much more of a baby than our older boys were at this age – guessing cause he is tiny, and that is okay…I’ll soak up this baby as much as I can.  So, I totally got the blog curse this week and ended up with a sick, non-eating, and non-sleeping baby.  Sad.  And he is REALLY sad.  The best part is, on our way to dinner on Friday night to meet some friends, we got out of the van and Sam puked all over Jake…now that is funny…at least for me…maybe not so much for Jake.  I then proceeded to ask Jake if he was still going to dinner…that was funny too.  It happens…puke happens.  So, Sam is sick…seems like cold and teething…not sure why he puked, maybe he didn’t like what Jake was wearing.  He is just starting his sickness, so my guess is we have a long week ahead of us…praying for a happy heart…for me.

So, what did week forty-five bring for Sammy?  Well, with the sickness it has brought no eating and sleeping.  And, since he is not sleeping…I may or may have not slept with him in his rocker one night…poor buddy.  And, I may have also fed him in the night.  Sleeping with him was a bit difficult…he is getting too big, but was just so sad and all he wanted was a friend…clearly, he is too young for a bottle of wine to be his friend, so I stepped up to the plate.  Sammy is miserable when he is sick and sleeps TERRIBLE…ugh.  I am praying this cold passes soon and his teeth come in already.  For the love of Pete…teeth get here already!!!  Sadly, he is also skipping his afternoon naps…clearly, he missed the memo on the requirement of naps in this house.  So, we hope for a week back on track.  He is still loving climbing the stairs and he races up them every time I tell him no…he is a great listener.  He did take a minor tumble down the stairs this week…not sure how many stairs since Hugh was watching him (I am going to have to fire him.), but he seemed fine – more angry than anything else.  He has learned to open cabinets and drawers…oh joy.  He likes to open the drawers with all the towels and throw them all over the kitchen.  He thinks he is really cool.  We have decided not to lock up cabinets and drawers this time around…we may regret this decision.  He is still pulling himself up on everything, but is still not cruising…all in good time.  I have been letting him crawl all over outside…he loves it (much to Jake’s dismay).  This is the stage where crawling starts to get really old.  He doesn’t enjoy just being held – this kid jumps out of our arms…literally.  But, it is gross to put him down and let him cruise all on fours…but knowing our boys, walking is not in his near future.  So, we deal with the dirty and we wash his hands (well, Jake washes his hands and I normally remember when he is almost done with his meal…shoot).  He LOVES the bath…such a water baby.  I am looking forward to seeing him in the pool this summer…I am sure there will be no fear.  And, this baby has no fear – he loves to be thrown around like a ragdoll…the crazier the better.  He is starting to mimic more and more sounds and definitely has Mama down…and similar to our other boys, he only says it when he is crying and mad…I feel so loved.  He has become a total menace to his brothers…I see some serious battles to come with him and Judah.  Hugh has a bit more patience with Sam, but Judah is normally out for blood when his train tracks are destroyed.  I am sure they will all be great friends one day…but I am sure there will be lots of blood to be had…ah, brothers.  Despite being sick, Sam still has lots of smiles to give and lots of giggles…he is so ticklish and I love to hear him laugh and squeal.  I am praying he gets back to his happy self this week…I would say I hope he gets back to his sleeping self as well, but I am not sure I would wish for that…I do hope he gets back to his napping self...I like me a nappy baby.  To another week!

Praying for a happy heart – I am going to need it.  As we all know, my heart tends to be led by happy, sleeping children…doesn’t honor God.  I have a lot of work to do in regards to my heart – I tend to get into a rhythm and it isn’t always a good one…tends to be a bit lazy rather than glorifying to God.  I lose sight of my role as a mother to shepherd my boys to the cross…and I just feel like I want to get through the days.  I pray my heart is softened to realize I am going to miss this time and I am the biggest witness they have in their lives.  I am thankful that it is God’s grace that saves, but I do pray that I don’t let this time pass me by.  


Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy Guy

Week forty-four and ten months (honestly, I can’t remember what week he was ten months old in – I swear at the end of all of this, I’ll probably have skipped a week with all my jack-y timing on my posts)!  Yep…less than two months for our little guy turning a year old!  It is hard to believe my little baby is becoming less of a baby every day and more of a toddler…more like his crazy big brothers every day.  He is clearly doesn’t know that I have enough crazy in my life and don’t need another crazy boy running around this house.  Even though it makes me sad at times and makes me long for the days of rocking my sweet baby to sleep, I love that he is growing up a little more every day and becoming his own person.  I love to see my boys’ personalities start to develop (our older two are so different from one another, yet are the BEST of friends).  Sammy is so much fun – he is a sweet boy with lots of energy and lots of spunk!

So, what did week forty-four bring for Sammy?  Well, it has brought the bottomless pit.  Seriously, this kid is a total pit – he eats and eats and eats (you get it)…we call him Mikey because we know he’ll try anything and normally like it.  I LOVE the fact that he is a great eater right now.  The funny thing is, we have no idea where he stores it since he is so little!  If you saw this kid eat, you would be shocked.  He has also actually started liking his bottles (well, except for one day where he would barely eat anything and I could only feed him in his car seat (he’ll eat in the car seat – I’ll take it) or when he was sleeping) – who is this baby all of a sudden?!?  (And watch, I’ll totally get the blog curse and he won’t eat a thing tomorrow.)  Honestly, I am not sure what his favorite foods are right now – he still loves blueberries and yogurt melts, but he slams down chicken, steak, green beans, peanut butter (yes, we give him peanut butter – our doctor thinks those allergy worries are for the birds…and you know what? – we agree), and the list goes on.  Hopeful his good eating will carry all the way through and I’ll be spared meal time battles in the future (a girl can dream).  He has officially been moved out of his infant car seat – he can still use it (has about five more pounds until he grows out of it), but that darn car seat is so heavy that I think my arm is going to fall off if I try to carry it…so, adios infant car seat…hello Britax.  He has adjusted well.  He is a sad fellow in the car though…no seatmate for him, so he LOVES when I will sit next to him (when I make Jake be my Jeeves and drive me around – like he should, but then I realize that he is driving me around in a minivan and I am holed up in the back with three monkeys singing Itsy Bitsy Spider and the all the fanciness of being driven around is stolen from me).   

His fascination with the stairs continues – thankful for no tumbles (I am sure they will happen – praying it doesn’t happen on my watch…everything happens on my watch) yet.  His sleeping is still junky and we are training him that the rooster doesn’t crow until 7am in this house…he is learning…however, rarely with a happy heart.  Honestly, I don’t even know if those two teeth have come in yet – he just sleeps junky – end of story, but he is happy…I’ll take it.  He loves to play – never with baby toys (no shock there…baby toys = waste of money after first child).  His favorite place to play is in the office…on the treadmill (glad someone is using it)…sadly, he cannot get down from the treadmill, but he is normally content for a good fifteen minutes (as long as his minion brothers aren’t terrorizing him).  And speaking of terrorizing, his oldest brother has decided it is his duty to pick Sam up whenever he gets the chance – Hugh is rather proud of himself while Sam is rather terrified (not really – he LOVES Hugh and will let him do just about anything to him).  He has totally become the speed crawler – slapping his little hands with his head down, racing to the next spot.  He is still all about the face slapping – every chance he gets.  Why can’t he just be sweet and give me a kiss?  (However, truth be told – you should see me most days…I don’t think I would give myself a kiss.).  He pretty much lives in his jammies…it is really cold here and we have no heat upstairs (it is not because I am lazy and cannot handle another piece of laundry in this house)…this baby is probably freezing.  This boy is high energy…and no longer has time to cuddle with me.  He won’t even let me rock him to sleep…he pushes away (clearly, he is developing his “hug and roll”, which is a great quality to have later in life).  I saw a bit of cruising this week (maybe he is finally understanding that his feet do actually move).  He by no means looks like he is anywhere near walking.  He is still a blanket loving, pacifier loving baby.  He is silly and sweet (in a slapping way) – so cute and super mischievous…oh, my…we are going to be SO busy…bring it on!

I am so enjoying this season with him!  Such a sweet baby…such an incredible blessing!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

On the Road...

Continuing on in week forty-three for Sammy!  I tried my best to get back on track with my blogging this week…and then life hit.  Jake got sick and I then I had life to take care of…and then I got sick.  You know what isn’t fair…being a parent and getting sick.  I am so thankful for my parents for watching our boys yesterday while we both recovered…not sure how I would have survived the day.  I feel like death won over.  I hate getting sick…it rarely happens, but when it does I feel it, and I am sure I am not the best sick person to know.  So, really hoping this all passes soon…too hard to be a mom and care for my sweet boys.  I almost thought about skipping this week (shoot, the week is almost done)…but I know what it feels like to be a third born…so, here I am getting it done because this was a big week for Sam and it will not be passed by!  (Yep, I am super dramatic…I’ve been sick and probably a little dehydrated…so, I am a little crazy.)

So, what did week forty-three bring for Sammy?  Well, it brought the full on climbing of the stairs…and he LOVES climbing them.  Seriously, you would think this kid climbed Mt. Everest when he reaches the top of the stairs – he is so dang proud of himself.  And, I love watching him do it…he always turns around to make sure I am watching him (and of course I am always there to make sure he doesn’t go tumbling down the stairs).  He beelines to the stairs every chance he gets, and he still has not learned how to climb down them…baby steps.  When he tries to climb down, he chooses a head first option.  He’ll learn.  He has learned to sign “all done”…now to a person who signs, they would probably disagree that he is signing “all done”…but in this house, he is signing “all done”.  Now, we need to start working on some more signs.  He also can give high fives now – this kid is into slapping, so that one was no problem at all.  I was hoping he would learn how to give kisses, but he’ll lean in like he is going to give you one and then slaps you in the face.  This kid loves a good face slapping, and who doesn’t love a good face slapping?!?  Jake must be teaching him some things on the side.  He is feisty – known that from the get go…he slaps most people in the face and also likes to pinch, pull hair, and grab at earrings.  What can we say, we are super proud of his mad street skills already!  He will eat almost anything he is given – with blueberries and yogurt melts being on the top of his list.  Seriously, this kid could live on blueberries and yogurt melts alone.  I started making yogurt melts this week…all by myself…call me Betty Crocker.  

Sam has also taken up spitting this week – I sure do love that spitting stage.  He thinks he is pretty funny when he does it.  He sort of acts like he is interested in holding his bottle (our boys do not do that)…but then he just throws it.  He is a total master with his pacifiers…he makes it into an art.  I love to watch him pop them in and out and spin them around.  And he LOVES his pacifiers.  He has learned how to get back down from a standing position…safely (which is key).  He still loves to pull himself up on everything he can, but shows no desire to walk and similar to his big brothers will play dead if you try to get him to walk while holding his hands.  This kid is a screamer – he is so loud.  And, he loves it when someone will scream back at him (Judah likes to play that game)…because he can ALWAYS out scream you…Sam is the winner.  It looks he is getting two more teeth which I guess is why he hasn’t been sleeping all that great.  Or, maybe…just maybe we don’t have a great sleeper…yep, I am going with that one.  However, he still seems to be napping well…we’ll take the good with the bad.  We all know that you can’t be winners at everything in life.  Honestly, I love this stage right now – Sammy loves exploring and I love seeing life through his eyes.  I wish he didn’t love to explore everything through his mouth, but he does and I need to learn to keep a cleaner house (and Jake needs to learn how to call a house cleaner…a girl only has so many hours in a day).  Sam is so much fun – he loves to play and laugh – we have so much fun with him and his brothers adore him.  We are so thankful for this little boy – we seriously have been so blessed…even with a good slap then and again.

We are so thankful for Sam and for our other two boys.  One of my New Year’s goals (yes, I am one of those people who write out my goals every year…did you know that only three percent of people have clear, written goals and these people accomplish five and ten times as much as those who don’t write out their goals…anyone feeling like a little Stephen Covey?), is to be more present with my boys (I know,  a little sad that I need to write it down…but it is really weighing heavy on my heart and I want to be held accountable to it.).  I LOVE these boys and I don’t want to miss this time with them – I don’t want them to say my phone was important than they were…I don’t want to hear my excuses anymore.  I am thankful for a God who shows me grace in everything…especially in my parenting, and I pray that I will cherish this time in the trenches with my littles rather than wishing it by.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to Sammy in week forty-two!  And, we are officially going to be counting down the last ten weeks until he is a year old.  Wow, this is going by fast…hard to believe we are only ten weeks away from his big blowout birthday party (that I haven’t even spent one minute thinking about and probably won’t for some time)…and to the end of my blogging (well, not forever…but for a time…this blogging gig gets harder and harder…I know, I am dramatic.  Honestly, I love doing the blogs and I love looking back on them…and I just know that my boys will love them someday as well…ha.  My sister-in-law has also inspired me to start doing photo books to mark each year as well…and when I say “inspired” I mean I really want to do it, but have yet to put it in practice…there are lots of things that fall into my “inspired” category in my life.)  Ok, all done with my little tangent…now back to week forty-two.  Sam had a big week…lots of firsts.

So, what did week forty-two bring for Sammy?  Well, it brought ringing in the New Year in the snow at a good friend’s cabin.  This was his first visit to snow…and let’s be honest, he didn’t really spend too much time outside because I am total wimp and don’t enjoy the cold.  He did, however, see snow and he was outside when it was snowing…so, he can check that off his bucket list.  He also received several injuries at the hands of his mother (I don’t know who that crazy lady is.).  So, he happened to roll right out of the highchair and fell about three feet to the ground…unfortunately, he is not “cat” like and did not land on his feet.  He landed on his back…and he was fine…Jake on the other hand, I'm sure, was starting to figure out other childcare for him.  And yes, he rolled out the highchair when I took the tray away and forgot I had a baby in the highchair…small oversight, I am sure it happens to most people…mind you, he was in highchair from the 70’s and there was no barrier thing between his legs to keep him contained, so it wasn’t so much my fault as it was the chair’s fault.  Anyway.  About twenty minutes later while I was trying to take his jacket off, he threw himself out of my arms (he is known to do this) and hit his face against a toy…perfect placement and he landed his first shiner…poor buddy.  He looks a lot better now…just a little bruise on his cheek.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…for sure.  It should be noted that he also took some spills with Jake…but of course, not nearly as memorable…if you are going to do something, you might as well make it count.   

Other than trying to permanently maim himself, he had a great trip.  He survived a very long car trip like a champ, enjoyed playing with his brothers and the other boys, and enjoyed exploring all he could.  He seems to be getting over his cold…finally…but then of course he seems like he is getting more teeth.  Seriously, the way the boy teethes, you would think he has seventy teeth.  He seems to be happier and is sleeping better…and sometimes, this kid can take some SERIOUS naps…I’ll take them, yes I will.  He got to be an only child for a little bit and he was totally digging that…even went out to dinner with us (something we never do with his brothers).  He is a feisty one…we see it more and more everyday…future is looking brighter every day.  He seems to really enjoy his independence and figuring things out for himself.  He makes me smile – even in his feistiness; he can be as sweet as can be.  He has the best smiles and giggles.  And even though it can drive me crazy, I love when he crawls after me with a vengeance and tugs at my leg to pick him up…melt my heart (in that you are driving me crazy kind of way).  I love when he crawls with a vengeance – he puts his head down and charges away shaking his little tail…love it…man with a mission.  And guess who learned to climb the stairs this week…Sammy…and guess who has not learned how to climb down the stairs…Sammy…ugh.  Hoping it will be a smooth transition…and no more injuries on my watch.  Loving this sweet baby boy!

Another week, another year…hard to believe it is 2013.  We pray for God’s grace upon this next year.  He has blessed us so immensely and we are thankful.  We will see what is in store for 2013…most definitely a first birthday.