Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Back on Track

My baby boy is forty-six weeks…wow, forty-six weeks…a countdown is coming!  Honestly, I have been in countdown mode for a while…I love writing the blog, but as I have mentioned before…I feel like it has been a chore…I want the blog memories, but I just wish it would write itself…is there an app for that?  And, again…I am late with the blog…life, it happens.  Okay, enough with my whining (which is constant)…and back to my big boy being forty-six weeks!  Hard to believe that we’ll be celebrating this sweet baby boy’s first birthday in a little over a month!  I really need to start planning it…but I do have a date for the party, so that has to count for something.  As I was rocking him tonight (not to sleep…this child would have to be shot with a tranquilizer to let me rock him to sleep), I was soaking up my sweet baby and thinking of my almost four and half year-old (and thinking about a family from our church – their son was just diagnosed with cancer) and realizing the time does fly by and every.single.moment I have with my children should be valued and not put on hold…SO much easier for me to type than to practice.  Lord, help me to love these little boys with every ounce of my being – help them to know that they are more important than anything else I have going on…oh, and please remind me of that as well.

So, what did week forty-six bring for Sammy?  Well, it brought the end of his cold…it was the typical ten day adventure, but I believe we have turned a corner now.  He has finally started eating again and today was pounding food like a teenage boy!  However, I am starting to notice a little bit of pickiness coming out in him…oh joy.  He doesn’t seem to be a big breakfast guy, but he will pound an entire container of blueberries in under ten minutes.  This baby is a blueberry fiend…yikes!  He still really isn’t digging his milk, which is not a shock at all and I am not terribly concerned…however, when I see another baby drink an eight ounce bottle in front of others I want to scream and yell…Sam will never eat eight ounces…five at a time on a good try…and in front of others…ha…this kid is a total closet drinker.  So, moving on…he is healthy and that is what matters…and I know it will be easy to break him from the bottle (gotta look for the positives).  My nappy baby is back…yay!  And, Sam is a baby that will take a longer afternoon nap if his morning nap is skipped…awesome…never had that before.  Sadly for Sam – we skip his morning nap quite a bit…the punishment (for me and him) for being born third.  He is still a junky night sleeper…that is just the truth of it.  The good news is if (and that is a VERY big if) we ever decide to have another baby, the transition to no sleep won’t be as rough because I will still be in it (oh, please baby boy…sleep…soundly…please!!!).  The stairs are his favorite activity still and he races with all his might to escape me every chance he gets (which is so shocking because I am so awesome).  I thought he was showing promise of going down the right way, but he is definitely not…not one little bit…ugh.  And, we’ll keep working on it.  He learned how to get down from the treadmill this week…smart boy (mind you, it is head first).  He lives in his pajamas...not because I am lazy (that could never be the case), but because it is cold (yes, in Arizona...it is cold).  I have found a way to secure the cabinets with hair ties and let’s just say he is pissed.  He totally threw a temper tantrum this week – slamming his hands and then his head…he hasn’t gotten the memo from his brothers than tantrums won’t get him very far in this house.  Sad that the tantrums are starting so early.  He has also learned the sweet art of manipulation (a gift some would call it) – at night time, he will lay his head on my shoulder and cuddle just so I won’t lay him down (he knows my weak spots)…of course, this only lasts a few minutes and then he slaps me in the face…and we are done.  We are really working on him being more gentle – he is such a slapper and he totally smirks when he does it…this boy is going to keep me on my toes.   

He loves to mimic our sounds constantly and has started saying Dada – more to me than to Jake (and there is that stubborn side).  He will actually say “aye Dada” (hi Dada – because he hears his brothers say it all the time).  I am guessing I am going to have another motor mouth on my hands…I guess there could be worse things.  This kid is crazy busy - like, "oh, wow - I see my future and it is getting scary" kind of busy...there is no slow motion for this boy - he has to be going all of the time.  (I am sure it will drive me to drink...blame it on the baby.)  He is still getting into all of his brothers’ things, but his brothers seem to be tolerating it better…we’ll see how long that lasts.  Sam, however, is not tolerating his second Mama (Hugh)…shoot, Sam barely tolerates his first Mama, and he definitely doesn’t want or need a second Mama.  (This was the week that Jake realized that I have been letting Hugh carry Sam…let’s just say Jake was thrilled and was ready to put my name in for the MOTY award.  However, Jake can now see that Hugh is a very responsible four year-old and would probably be capable of watching his two younger brother during nap time so I could run some errands…wait, maybe not…and of course, I would never do that…never.)  I know Hugh just wants to help, but if I have to say “personal space” one more time during the day, I am going to lose my mind!!!  Such a smootherer!  But, Hugh is very helpful…so, I will count my blessings.  Sam is continuing to be such a sweet boy and perfect addition to this family – we all adore him so much!

Thankful for our sweet boy…and boys.  Three boys is such an incredible blessing…more than we could ever imagine or ever deserve!

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Kimberly Dee said...

LOL. The cuddling, sucking you in, and slapping you in the face is hilarious. Jagger does the exact same thing. Too funny. Love these posts.