Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy Guy

Week forty-four and ten months (honestly, I can’t remember what week he was ten months old in – I swear at the end of all of this, I’ll probably have skipped a week with all my jack-y timing on my posts)!  Yep…less than two months for our little guy turning a year old!  It is hard to believe my little baby is becoming less of a baby every day and more of a toddler…more like his crazy big brothers every day.  He is clearly doesn’t know that I have enough crazy in my life and don’t need another crazy boy running around this house.  Even though it makes me sad at times and makes me long for the days of rocking my sweet baby to sleep, I love that he is growing up a little more every day and becoming his own person.  I love to see my boys’ personalities start to develop (our older two are so different from one another, yet are the BEST of friends).  Sammy is so much fun – he is a sweet boy with lots of energy and lots of spunk!

So, what did week forty-four bring for Sammy?  Well, it has brought the bottomless pit.  Seriously, this kid is a total pit – he eats and eats and eats (you get it)…we call him Mikey because we know he’ll try anything and normally like it.  I LOVE the fact that he is a great eater right now.  The funny thing is, we have no idea where he stores it since he is so little!  If you saw this kid eat, you would be shocked.  He has also actually started liking his bottles (well, except for one day where he would barely eat anything and I could only feed him in his car seat (he’ll eat in the car seat – I’ll take it) or when he was sleeping) – who is this baby all of a sudden?!?  (And watch, I’ll totally get the blog curse and he won’t eat a thing tomorrow.)  Honestly, I am not sure what his favorite foods are right now – he still loves blueberries and yogurt melts, but he slams down chicken, steak, green beans, peanut butter (yes, we give him peanut butter – our doctor thinks those allergy worries are for the birds…and you know what? – we agree), and the list goes on.  Hopeful his good eating will carry all the way through and I’ll be spared meal time battles in the future (a girl can dream).  He has officially been moved out of his infant car seat – he can still use it (has about five more pounds until he grows out of it), but that darn car seat is so heavy that I think my arm is going to fall off if I try to carry it…so, adios infant car seat…hello Britax.  He has adjusted well.  He is a sad fellow in the car though…no seatmate for him, so he LOVES when I will sit next to him (when I make Jake be my Jeeves and drive me around – like he should, but then I realize that he is driving me around in a minivan and I am holed up in the back with three monkeys singing Itsy Bitsy Spider and the all the fanciness of being driven around is stolen from me).   

His fascination with the stairs continues – thankful for no tumbles (I am sure they will happen – praying it doesn’t happen on my watch…everything happens on my watch) yet.  His sleeping is still junky and we are training him that the rooster doesn’t crow until 7am in this house…he is learning…however, rarely with a happy heart.  Honestly, I don’t even know if those two teeth have come in yet – he just sleeps junky – end of story, but he is happy…I’ll take it.  He loves to play – never with baby toys (no shock there…baby toys = waste of money after first child).  His favorite place to play is in the office…on the treadmill (glad someone is using it)…sadly, he cannot get down from the treadmill, but he is normally content for a good fifteen minutes (as long as his minion brothers aren’t terrorizing him).  And speaking of terrorizing, his oldest brother has decided it is his duty to pick Sam up whenever he gets the chance – Hugh is rather proud of himself while Sam is rather terrified (not really – he LOVES Hugh and will let him do just about anything to him).  He has totally become the speed crawler – slapping his little hands with his head down, racing to the next spot.  He is still all about the face slapping – every chance he gets.  Why can’t he just be sweet and give me a kiss?  (However, truth be told – you should see me most days…I don’t think I would give myself a kiss.).  He pretty much lives in his jammies…it is really cold here and we have no heat upstairs (it is not because I am lazy and cannot handle another piece of laundry in this house)…this baby is probably freezing.  This boy is high energy…and no longer has time to cuddle with me.  He won’t even let me rock him to sleep…he pushes away (clearly, he is developing his “hug and roll”, which is a great quality to have later in life).  I saw a bit of cruising this week (maybe he is finally understanding that his feet do actually move).  He by no means looks like he is anywhere near walking.  He is still a blanket loving, pacifier loving baby.  He is silly and sweet (in a slapping way) – so cute and super mischievous…oh, my…we are going to be SO busy…bring it on!

I am so enjoying this season with him!  Such a sweet baby…such an incredible blessing!

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