Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to Sammy in week forty-two!  And, we are officially going to be counting down the last ten weeks until he is a year old.  Wow, this is going by fast…hard to believe we are only ten weeks away from his big blowout birthday party (that I haven’t even spent one minute thinking about and probably won’t for some time)…and to the end of my blogging (well, not forever…but for a time…this blogging gig gets harder and harder…I know, I am dramatic.  Honestly, I love doing the blogs and I love looking back on them…and I just know that my boys will love them someday as well…ha.  My sister-in-law has also inspired me to start doing photo books to mark each year as well…and when I say “inspired” I mean I really want to do it, but have yet to put it in practice…there are lots of things that fall into my “inspired” category in my life.)  Ok, all done with my little tangent…now back to week forty-two.  Sam had a big week…lots of firsts.

So, what did week forty-two bring for Sammy?  Well, it brought ringing in the New Year in the snow at a good friend’s cabin.  This was his first visit to snow…and let’s be honest, he didn’t really spend too much time outside because I am total wimp and don’t enjoy the cold.  He did, however, see snow and he was outside when it was snowing…so, he can check that off his bucket list.  He also received several injuries at the hands of his mother (I don’t know who that crazy lady is.).  So, he happened to roll right out of the highchair and fell about three feet to the ground…unfortunately, he is not “cat” like and did not land on his feet.  He landed on his back…and he was fine…Jake on the other hand, I'm sure, was starting to figure out other childcare for him.  And yes, he rolled out the highchair when I took the tray away and forgot I had a baby in the highchair…small oversight, I am sure it happens to most people…mind you, he was in highchair from the 70’s and there was no barrier thing between his legs to keep him contained, so it wasn’t so much my fault as it was the chair’s fault.  Anyway.  About twenty minutes later while I was trying to take his jacket off, he threw himself out of my arms (he is known to do this) and hit his face against a toy…perfect placement and he landed his first shiner…poor buddy.  He looks a lot better now…just a little bruise on his cheek.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…for sure.  It should be noted that he also took some spills with Jake…but of course, not nearly as memorable…if you are going to do something, you might as well make it count.   

Other than trying to permanently maim himself, he had a great trip.  He survived a very long car trip like a champ, enjoyed playing with his brothers and the other boys, and enjoyed exploring all he could.  He seems to be getting over his cold…finally…but then of course he seems like he is getting more teeth.  Seriously, the way the boy teethes, you would think he has seventy teeth.  He seems to be happier and is sleeping better…and sometimes, this kid can take some SERIOUS naps…I’ll take them, yes I will.  He got to be an only child for a little bit and he was totally digging that…even went out to dinner with us (something we never do with his brothers).  He is a feisty one…we see it more and more everyday…future is looking brighter every day.  He seems to really enjoy his independence and figuring things out for himself.  He makes me smile – even in his feistiness; he can be as sweet as can be.  He has the best smiles and giggles.  And even though it can drive me crazy, I love when he crawls after me with a vengeance and tugs at my leg to pick him up…melt my heart (in that you are driving me crazy kind of way).  I love when he crawls with a vengeance – he puts his head down and charges away shaking his little tail…love it…man with a mission.  And guess who learned to climb the stairs this week…Sammy…and guess who has not learned how to climb down the stairs…Sammy…ugh.  Hoping it will be a smooth transition…and no more injuries on my watch.  Loving this sweet baby boy!

Another week, another year…hard to believe it is 2013.  We pray for God’s grace upon this next year.  He has blessed us so immensely and we are thankful.  We will see what is in store for 2013…most definitely a first birthday.

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Brandie said...

Sammy is SOOOOOOO cute!! I just want to squeeze him. :) Happy New Year Saylor family. Maybe we will finally succeed in getting together this year.