Wednesday, January 9, 2013

On the Road...

Continuing on in week forty-three for Sammy!  I tried my best to get back on track with my blogging this week…and then life hit.  Jake got sick and I then I had life to take care of…and then I got sick.  You know what isn’t fair…being a parent and getting sick.  I am so thankful for my parents for watching our boys yesterday while we both recovered…not sure how I would have survived the day.  I feel like death won over.  I hate getting sick…it rarely happens, but when it does I feel it, and I am sure I am not the best sick person to know.  So, really hoping this all passes soon…too hard to be a mom and care for my sweet boys.  I almost thought about skipping this week (shoot, the week is almost done)…but I know what it feels like to be a third born…so, here I am getting it done because this was a big week for Sam and it will not be passed by!  (Yep, I am super dramatic…I’ve been sick and probably a little dehydrated…so, I am a little crazy.)

So, what did week forty-three bring for Sammy?  Well, it brought the full on climbing of the stairs…and he LOVES climbing them.  Seriously, you would think this kid climbed Mt. Everest when he reaches the top of the stairs – he is so dang proud of himself.  And, I love watching him do it…he always turns around to make sure I am watching him (and of course I am always there to make sure he doesn’t go tumbling down the stairs).  He beelines to the stairs every chance he gets, and he still has not learned how to climb down them…baby steps.  When he tries to climb down, he chooses a head first option.  He’ll learn.  He has learned to sign “all done”…now to a person who signs, they would probably disagree that he is signing “all done”…but in this house, he is signing “all done”.  Now, we need to start working on some more signs.  He also can give high fives now – this kid is into slapping, so that one was no problem at all.  I was hoping he would learn how to give kisses, but he’ll lean in like he is going to give you one and then slaps you in the face.  This kid loves a good face slapping, and who doesn’t love a good face slapping?!?  Jake must be teaching him some things on the side.  He is feisty – known that from the get go…he slaps most people in the face and also likes to pinch, pull hair, and grab at earrings.  What can we say, we are super proud of his mad street skills already!  He will eat almost anything he is given – with blueberries and yogurt melts being on the top of his list.  Seriously, this kid could live on blueberries and yogurt melts alone.  I started making yogurt melts this week…all by myself…call me Betty Crocker.  

Sam has also taken up spitting this week – I sure do love that spitting stage.  He thinks he is pretty funny when he does it.  He sort of acts like he is interested in holding his bottle (our boys do not do that)…but then he just throws it.  He is a total master with his pacifiers…he makes it into an art.  I love to watch him pop them in and out and spin them around.  And he LOVES his pacifiers.  He has learned how to get back down from a standing position…safely (which is key).  He still loves to pull himself up on everything he can, but shows no desire to walk and similar to his big brothers will play dead if you try to get him to walk while holding his hands.  This kid is a screamer – he is so loud.  And, he loves it when someone will scream back at him (Judah likes to play that game)…because he can ALWAYS out scream you…Sam is the winner.  It looks he is getting two more teeth which I guess is why he hasn’t been sleeping all that great.  Or, maybe…just maybe we don’t have a great sleeper…yep, I am going with that one.  However, he still seems to be napping well…we’ll take the good with the bad.  We all know that you can’t be winners at everything in life.  Honestly, I love this stage right now – Sammy loves exploring and I love seeing life through his eyes.  I wish he didn’t love to explore everything through his mouth, but he does and I need to learn to keep a cleaner house (and Jake needs to learn how to call a house cleaner…a girl only has so many hours in a day).  Sam is so much fun – he loves to play and laugh – we have so much fun with him and his brothers adore him.  We are so thankful for this little boy – we seriously have been so blessed…even with a good slap then and again.

We are so thankful for Sam and for our other two boys.  One of my New Year’s goals (yes, I am one of those people who write out my goals every year…did you know that only three percent of people have clear, written goals and these people accomplish five and ten times as much as those who don’t write out their goals…anyone feeling like a little Stephen Covey?), is to be more present with my boys (I know,  a little sad that I need to write it down…but it is really weighing heavy on my heart and I want to be held accountable to it.).  I LOVE these boys and I don’t want to miss this time with them – I don’t want them to say my phone was important than they were…I don’t want to hear my excuses anymore.  I am thankful for a God who shows me grace in everything…especially in my parenting, and I pray that I will cherish this time in the trenches with my littles rather than wishing it by.

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Kimberly Dee said...

I, too, write down my new years goals every year. Although, I am crazy and have literally written items down on my to do list that I've already finished, just so I could cross it off.

Sammy and Jagger are a lot alike. Jag loves pulling hair and slapping. One of his fave things to do now is pretend like he's going to kiss me and then pull my hair or slap me in the face.

I admire the fact that you have been so diligent about your weekly blogs. This will be a collection of memories that you will be able to have forever. I'm already forgetting a lot of things from the last year. You are a great mom. Those are some lucky boys.