Sunday, January 20, 2013


Forty-five weeks!!!  I cannot believe my little baby is going to be a year old so soon.  This last year has flown by – crazy to think his first year will be in the books.  It has been a fun first year – and as we have had more children, the first year goes by faster and faster.  However, we were just saying that we feel like Sam is so much more of a baby than our older boys were at this age – guessing cause he is tiny, and that is okay…I’ll soak up this baby as much as I can.  So, I totally got the blog curse this week and ended up with a sick, non-eating, and non-sleeping baby.  Sad.  And he is REALLY sad.  The best part is, on our way to dinner on Friday night to meet some friends, we got out of the van and Sam puked all over Jake…now that is funny…at least for me…maybe not so much for Jake.  I then proceeded to ask Jake if he was still going to dinner…that was funny too.  It happens…puke happens.  So, Sam is sick…seems like cold and teething…not sure why he puked, maybe he didn’t like what Jake was wearing.  He is just starting his sickness, so my guess is we have a long week ahead of us…praying for a happy heart…for me.

So, what did week forty-five bring for Sammy?  Well, with the sickness it has brought no eating and sleeping.  And, since he is not sleeping…I may or may have not slept with him in his rocker one night…poor buddy.  And, I may have also fed him in the night.  Sleeping with him was a bit difficult…he is getting too big, but was just so sad and all he wanted was a friend…clearly, he is too young for a bottle of wine to be his friend, so I stepped up to the plate.  Sammy is miserable when he is sick and sleeps TERRIBLE…ugh.  I am praying this cold passes soon and his teeth come in already.  For the love of Pete…teeth get here already!!!  Sadly, he is also skipping his afternoon naps…clearly, he missed the memo on the requirement of naps in this house.  So, we hope for a week back on track.  He is still loving climbing the stairs and he races up them every time I tell him no…he is a great listener.  He did take a minor tumble down the stairs this week…not sure how many stairs since Hugh was watching him (I am going to have to fire him.), but he seemed fine – more angry than anything else.  He has learned to open cabinets and drawers…oh joy.  He likes to open the drawers with all the towels and throw them all over the kitchen.  He thinks he is really cool.  We have decided not to lock up cabinets and drawers this time around…we may regret this decision.  He is still pulling himself up on everything, but is still not cruising…all in good time.  I have been letting him crawl all over outside…he loves it (much to Jake’s dismay).  This is the stage where crawling starts to get really old.  He doesn’t enjoy just being held – this kid jumps out of our arms…literally.  But, it is gross to put him down and let him cruise all on fours…but knowing our boys, walking is not in his near future.  So, we deal with the dirty and we wash his hands (well, Jake washes his hands and I normally remember when he is almost done with his meal…shoot).  He LOVES the bath…such a water baby.  I am looking forward to seeing him in the pool this summer…I am sure there will be no fear.  And, this baby has no fear – he loves to be thrown around like a ragdoll…the crazier the better.  He is starting to mimic more and more sounds and definitely has Mama down…and similar to our other boys, he only says it when he is crying and mad…I feel so loved.  He has become a total menace to his brothers…I see some serious battles to come with him and Judah.  Hugh has a bit more patience with Sam, but Judah is normally out for blood when his train tracks are destroyed.  I am sure they will all be great friends one day…but I am sure there will be lots of blood to be had…ah, brothers.  Despite being sick, Sam still has lots of smiles to give and lots of giggles…he is so ticklish and I love to hear him laugh and squeal.  I am praying he gets back to his happy self this week…I would say I hope he gets back to his sleeping self as well, but I am not sure I would wish for that…I do hope he gets back to his napping self...I like me a nappy baby.  To another week!

Praying for a happy heart – I am going to need it.  As we all know, my heart tends to be led by happy, sleeping children…doesn’t honor God.  I have a lot of work to do in regards to my heart – I tend to get into a rhythm and it isn’t always a good one…tends to be a bit lazy rather than glorifying to God.  I lose sight of my role as a mother to shepherd my boys to the cross…and I just feel like I want to get through the days.  I pray my heart is softened to realize I am going to miss this time and I am the biggest witness they have in their lives.  I am thankful that it is God’s grace that saves, but I do pray that I don’t let this time pass me by.  


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Brooke said...

Jenn, I so enjoy your blog, you always make me laugh! Love all of the little glimpses into your boy-crazy (new definition) life and hearing how you're striving to honor the Lord amidst the chaos. I'm with you, sometimes I'm just trying to survive til bedtime instead of using my moments to show/teach/live Christ's love. Praying for you friend!