Monday, February 25, 2013

My Parrot

Fifty weeks…fifty weeks!  In less than two weeks, we will have a one year-old in this house!  Sammy is still such a baby to me though…not in all ways, but in a lot of ways…so, I still have my baby and I am good with that…I am in no hurry this time around.  He has especially reminded me of a baby this week – lots of waking up at night…and yes, we feed him.  We tell ourselves it is growth spurt…whatever.  I won’t be feeding a child forever in the night…although; it feels like that at times.  I just can’t figure this one out…I guess he just likes company at night.  And to be honest, Jake has been the one getting up with him at night – wonderful husband…and Sam’s total bestie…I tell Jake that he is a drug for Sam.…that little boy LOVES his Daddy.  When Jake walks through the door after work, it is the best part of the day for Sam – his world is complete.  It makes me so excited to see their relationship grow as Sam gets older – all of the boys…they adore Daddy.  And Jake is an amazing Dad.  I am a lucky lady – four amazing men in my life!

So, what did week fifty bring for Sammy?  Well, he has started to stand on his own – it has only happened three times, but that is three times more than it happened the week before.  I like to make a big deal of it…and then he normally falls…poor buddy.  So, maybe…just maybe there is walking on the horizon…I am still putting my money on fourteen plus months, but maybe he’ll surprise me.  He is doing a lot more cruising now.  Funny story…so, we are at the zoo and holding him is not an option if he has any opportunity to get down (this is where Jake starts shuddering at the thought that I would actually put our non-walking son down at the zoo…the zoo (like the dirtiest place in the world in Jake’s mind)…shh, don’t tell Jake about letting Sam down at the play places at McD’s…I would NEVER do that)…so, he was cruising along the bench and he is getting fast…so, before I can stop him, he grabs at something that is sticking out of some lady’s pants…pretty sure it was her underwear…it was awesome.  Glad she is cool about it. We have started the transition to whole milk…yippy!  That’s right…I said yippy!  And, he is doing great – actually think he might even like it…awesome.  Now, I am not saying he is turning into this cow loving, milk dreaming boy…but he is drinking it, and that is fantastic!  Of course, we are still warming it…Sam likes his milk warm – probably doesn’t even mind it hot.  So, cold milk would be a betrayal.  Hopefully, we’ll get him there at some point…makes things so much easier.  Sadly, with the milk transition, he immediately got all congested – I hate that about dairy, but I know his body will adjust and I just think the milk is too important to pass on…but I do hate the congestion.  He seems to be getting burned out on his eating…snubbing blueberries and hotdogs…two of his fave items.  He still will not really eat anything at breakfast and he doesn’t drink milk in the morning that often – there is no convincing this baby that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  I just can’t find anything he likes.  Oh, well. 

Hopefully, this milk transition will go fantastic-ly well and he’ll start drinking a big bottle of milk.  Oh, yeah – we are not even considering cutting the bottle – that would just be crazy talk.  Why all the changes at one year old?  Is there a magic switch in a child when he or she turns one and everything changes?  That is just crazy talk – the bottle works…no hurry here.  Now, I am not judging anyone who chooses to do that…just doesn’t work for us.  He also now really enjoys dropping food off of his tray during meals…not my first rodeo my friend.  This little boy is busy, busy, busy – like seriously, non-stop.  He gets into EVERYTHING.  The toilet is for sure his favorite hang-out spot…nasty.  He also LOVES to unroll the toilet paper roll…like he can do it in less than five seconds – it is a gift.  The other day he opened our filing cabinet and started pulling out every file he could…as fast as he could.  Oh, child…you will keep me on toes.  Learning again this week that Sam and Judah will eventually battle it out – you should see this baby hold onto to things when Judah comes to takes it…oh wow, not messing around.  I am sure looking forward to the constant fighting in my house in about six months…should be awesome.  My favorite thing about Sam lately (except my nightly cuddles…still nothing better than that) is he is a total parrot.  Seriously, this kid likes to mimic every sound we make – I love it.  To get him to laugh the other night, I was snorting at him (yes, I will pretty much do anything to get my kids to laugh…I do some crazy things…there is no shame in this house) and he totally starting snorting too…I know, I am so mature…but I love that he mimics.  I told Jake we should get a cage for our parrot…I wasn’t joking…sure would make my life easier at dinner time.  I love this sweet boy – he makes our days more fun…and definitely crazier…wouldn’t have it any other way!

Love this boy!  Love this crazy stage in my life…now, I don’t love every day…you know, the days when your husband is traveling and you are climbing to the top of a play place not once, but twice to retrieve a screaming child because he is stuck…oh, the joy.  I am thankful for these crazy days…I can look back and laugh (while drinking a glass of wine).  Thankful God always gives me the grace to sustain me…and thankful His mercies are new every morning!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Still Screaming...

Week forty-nine! Yes, way! This baby boy is pushing one less than a month I will have three boys...past the baby baby will become a toddler. Maybe, I'll freeze time this week and keep him a baby...but to be honest, I am ready for him to start walking...all done with the crawling. And, time keeps moving...can't stop what is already in motion. So, I embrace it...even when I would rather not.

So, what did week forty-nine bring for Sammy? Well, sadly it did not bring an end to the screaming...oh, how I wished it would have brought an end to the screaming. I realize that he screams to be be noticed amongst the chaos...but oh, it is like nails on the chalkboard. I also noticed he screams because everyone else screams (except for me, of course, I would never scream, at my kids...never). So, in conjunction with helping Sammy to learn not to scream, I am trying to tone down the other two boys...and, maybe myself (and for sure Jake - he is such a screamer). Well, we (I...Jake was already there) finally broke down and took Sam to the doctor as the rash on his face was getting worse (and I was getting scolded for not applying lotion to his face twelve times a day). Well, glad we took him - he has impetigo, which is a fancy name for a bacteria skin rash. He is on a topical antibiotic and doing well...the fantastic nurse practitioner also gave me an oral antibiotic prescription in case he isn't getting better (I always appreciate when someone in the medical field provides me with the just in case next step because she can understand that going to the doctor with young children is not a treat, but rather it is torture.)...hopefully, we won't have to fill it. We also learned impetigo is HIGHLY contagious and Judah has it on his bottom...lucky boy (the boys bathe together in case anyone was wondering how in the world Judah would get it on his bottom). I learned Sam is barely nineteen pounds…twenty pounds here we come!  Sam is saying Dada more and more and he totally knows what he is saying - this baby is Team Jake all the way...pretty much always has been...let's just say it is a lonely Team Jenn (but that lonely Team Jenn enjoys sleeping in the middle of the night when members of Team Jake are looking for friends at 3AM...Captain Jake, that is all you). I should mention Sam did say Mama during our sweet nighttime cuddle...he likes to keep it between the two of us...our little secret (I do have some closet Team Jenn fans). 

We still have our sweet cuddle time at, love, love this time. He just melts into me at night…resting his cheek against mine…oh my, melt my heart sweet baby. He still isn't sleeping great...and we may or may not be feeding him again before we go to bed. Sleep in the middle of the night is a precious thing...sometimes, crazy things must be done in order to get the desired end result (you know, like when you eat so healthy and work out like crazy…oh wait, that never happens with me). He still has no desire to drink milk and I have bought my last container of formula...cow milk train here we come! And, I don't believe he'll enjoy the cow milk either...but at least I won't cringe when I am dumping a bottle.  He still eats well, but his picky side is coming out more and more.  He still shows NO desire in walking and if you try and get him to walk…you might as well just drag around a bag of potatoes…so, walking is so not in this boy’s future…ugh.  He still loves to get into everything he can – he opens any and every drawer and door he can and pulls everything out as fast as he can. I swear he can hear you open the dishwasher from upstairs…he LOVES the dishwasher.  He is so fast and is on the go as soon as he wakes up…keeps me on my toes.  Overall, he is a sweet boy (except for the screaming) – he loves to play, laugh, chase his brothers, be all boy, and cause havoc – love this sweet boy!

This week has been hard for me...nothing to do with Sam, just have a lot on my mind. I am learning (relearning things I already know) some great things this week. My God doesn't change - He is my rock...when I feel like I am spinning in a million directions and losing all control, I know I can rest in, it may take me freaking out and crying to get there, but I get there. Whenever I am dealing with something that feels very heavy, people tell me - "well, God doesn't give you more than you can handle"...and I laugh because I remember saying that and having someone very wise tell me that God's word doesn't tell you that, it says God will guide you through the hard times and see you through it…God can handle everything. And I do know, God will meet me in my circumstances...He always does.  I am thankful I serve a God who loves me…knows every hair on my head and will meet in every struggle.  Praise God for His faithfulness!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Screamer

Happy forty-eight weeks and eleven months to our little Sammy!  Less than a month away!  My baby is going to be one.  And yes, I know I write this every week…right now, he is MY baby and it is a little hard to imagine him not being MY baby…now, of course, he’ll still be my baby…he is not  all of sudden going to be someone else’s baby or something, but he is getting older.  And, I know I will be a Mama forever…I have three boys…I will be a Mama forever, but I won’t be a Mama to a baby forever…this time is quickly escaping me and there is nothing I can do about it (well, I guess I can continue having more babies…but my body would hate me forever…just bein’ honest).  So, I pray I enjoy every minute…even when Sam is screaming at me with this high pitched, ear bleeding scream!


So, what did week forty-eight bring for Sammy?  Well, he definitely now has officially earned the title of Screamer.…he has earned this.  Honestly, it is horrible.  He screams so loud and it is ear piercing and I hear the screaming all the time…it has been etched in my brain…wakes me up in the dead of the night…and he isn’t even screaming then…I just hear it…it is haunting me…ahh!!!  We have never had a screamer (at least not like this) and we don’t know what to do…makes me wish I could cut off my ears (ok, not really, but wowzers – it is horrible).  Think I am going to get a t-shirt made...The Screamer.  So, we are at a total loss with our screamer, but it is bad and we know we need to nip it in the bud, but not sure what to do…ugh.  He screams for everything – when he is happy, mad, sad…whatever – just loves to scream.  And then, I lay him down at night and for those fifteen minutes, I forget about the screaming because he just cuddles me…hugging on me, resting cheek to cheek…oh,  I don’t think I could love this boy anymore – so, I put up with the screaming for those fifteen minutes, which I look forward to everyday…it is our time and it is sweet.  Of course, as soon as I leave the room – I hear the Sams screaming again (the lambs are screaming…seriously…they are really screaming at our house).  Ok, moving on from the screaming.  Sam has started to play before every nap and night – normally around twenty minutes, but also up to an hour and a half…and he stays happy (normally he is doing his happy scream, which is just as piercing as his angry scream).  He also throws himself all around and sometimes you would think he is going to put a hole through the wall (the walls are thin).  Even though, he is super cuddly at night – he still won’t give me a guess…now, he normally acts like he is going to do it…gets really close in and then normally burps in my face and then blows it in my face.  That is disgusting and I have horrible memories of my brothers doing this to me when I was young (and by young, I mean college – my brothers are super mature).  Sam actually kind of laughs when he is doing it – ugh, boys.  I guess that is my life.   

He finally crawled down the stairs the right way – I said to Jake that finally I can stop watching him around the stairs (I think Jake thinks I was joking…hmmm).  He cried today when I dropped him off at church…scratch that, he screamed (you know, the ear bleeding scream)…he has never done that…hoping it isn’t his new thing because I think it will be really hard for me to leave him!  So, he has like baby acne on his face – or a rash, or something – not sure if it is a food allergy.  I don’t think it is really bothering him and normally, I would consider taking him to the doctor, but we have a high deductible plan…so, you have to be REALLY sick to get to go to the doctor…and like I said, it doesn’t seem to be bothering him and he will see a doctor in a month…so, I guess we just wait it out?!?  (Wow, I sound like such an awesome mom!)  He is still having a blast exploring everything he can – he loves playing with his brothers and driving them crazy!  They drive him crazy as well – tit for tat over here.  I am sure a highlight for Sam this week was when he pulled out as much as he could from one of our cabinets so he could climb right in and play - he was pretty proud of himself...and then Judah came right over and shut both doors on him and walked have to laugh (at least I did).  He continues to mimic us like crazy – he LOVES all the sounds he can make with his lips…so cute to hear him.  He is a daredevil – loves to be thrown all around…not a bit of fear.  He likes to have fun and doesn’t like to sit still.  He is all boy and he is all mine.  Blessed!

So, I'm going to enjoy this last month of babyhood…and will really be seeking how we can stop the screaming!  The screaming has got to stop…or, I might lose my mind!!!  I love this baby boy!  But, I would prefer to have a non-screaming baby boy! 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Crazy Boy

 Forty-seven weeks!  No way…forty-seven weeks!  My baby cannot be forty-seven weeks!  Oh, I am so not ready to not have a baby…but let’s be honest he doesn’t want to be my baby anymore.  He wants to be free…time to cut the cord.  I am embracing my baby seeking his independence (because I know he’ll always need me, he is a boy), but sadly, Hugh is not embracing Sam’s need for independence because Hugh truly believes Sam needs his second Mama more than anyone else (Sam needs this memo).  Sam is trying to tolerate his second Mama, but Hugh is definitely cramping his style…poor buddy.  I know he is just waiting for the day when he can smother Hugh back and give him a taste of his own Mama love.  And, I know that time will be here before I know it because this baby is not turning back now. 


So, what did week forty-seven bring for Sammy?  Well, I think I may have noticed him starting to cruise a little bit (emphasis on little).  He is a fantastic crawler – fast as all get out, so I envision him following in his oldest brother’s footsteps and delaying the walking until the bitter end.  As much as I appreciate an experienced crawler (we all know I love the crawling), I like the walking as well…the crawling gets old really fast.  Since he is so fast at crawling, I have noticed he is a total menace at church…the baby that pulls out all the books, pulls on wires…basically, making a mess wherever he can…glad to know he isn’t just a menace at home…he is a giver and likes to share his menacing behavior with everyone.  He is still loving the stairs…and is still choosing to go head down most of the time…I am sure he will learn the hard way…sad.  This little boy gets more feisty and independent by the minute – oh, he is a wild one.  He is full on throwing tantrums when he doesn’t get what he wants or he doesn’t get his way…or when he is getting his diaper changed or getting dressed…or (and the list goes on).  Such a pistol.  BUT, then he can be the sweetest baby ever…he has lately been snuggling with me at night when I lay him down.  He rests his forehead against mine and then he’ll throw both arms around my neck and rest his head on my shoulder.  Oh, I am so in love…makes me want to have like fifty more babies (ok, not really, but I love this time with my babies…when I have those few minutes just to be with him and the rest of the world (his two screaming older brothers) just doesn’t happen often, but I’ll take it when it does.

He still hasn’t gotten those two teeth we have been waiting on for basically forever…seriously.  Maybe he’ll just have four teeth…now that would be awesome…he would be like a total honey badger.  I am hopeful that the rest of the teeth coming in will be a total breeze (and clearly I am a little delusional).  Jake swears he said the word “touch”…I think I heard it, but not 100% sure.  Of course, he would say “touch” when we say “no touch”.  He is quite the mimic still and he loves to scream when others scream – definitely his favorite sound to mimic.  We are desperately trying to teach our boys some table manners and the screaming always seems to happen at dinner – so, who wants to have some animals over for dinner?  He has been eating great again this week – and he is a total meat eater…this kid hasn’t met a meat he doesn’t like.  And, he still LOVES his fruit.  (And, let’s be honest, he loves his cheese puffs.)  Milk is still on the bottom of his list…oh well.  He loves to play with his brothers (when his brothers are acting like brothers and not second Mamas).  I think his favorite time of the day may be bath time with his brothers – he loves the water!  He doesn’t really seem into toys – more into getting into things…that’s my boy.  He loves to swing – we have one set up on our patio that he loves.  When I told Jake how much he loved it, he about freaked out…guess the swing on the patio isn’t secure yet and not allowed to be used…that would be helpful to know before putting a baby in it.  Oh well, we are good…Sam survived.  Jake said he can see so much of Sam in me – he looks like a Johnson, and I heard twice this week that he looks just like me…lucky (LUCKY) boy.  It is about time to have a baby that looks like me!  We love our sweet baby…that is quickly turning into our little boy.  This little guy is not turning back.

It is really hard to believe Sam has almost been with us a year and even more crazy to think that when Judah was this age, I was pregnant with Sam…yikes!  A lot has happened this last year – we have been so blessed...A LOT has happened in the last five years!  Crazy how fast time flies.  We are so thankful to God for this journey He has brought us on.