Monday, February 4, 2013

Crazy Boy

 Forty-seven weeks!  No way…forty-seven weeks!  My baby cannot be forty-seven weeks!  Oh, I am so not ready to not have a baby…but let’s be honest he doesn’t want to be my baby anymore.  He wants to be free…time to cut the cord.  I am embracing my baby seeking his independence (because I know he’ll always need me, he is a boy), but sadly, Hugh is not embracing Sam’s need for independence because Hugh truly believes Sam needs his second Mama more than anyone else (Sam needs this memo).  Sam is trying to tolerate his second Mama, but Hugh is definitely cramping his style…poor buddy.  I know he is just waiting for the day when he can smother Hugh back and give him a taste of his own Mama love.  And, I know that time will be here before I know it because this baby is not turning back now. 


So, what did week forty-seven bring for Sammy?  Well, I think I may have noticed him starting to cruise a little bit (emphasis on little).  He is a fantastic crawler – fast as all get out, so I envision him following in his oldest brother’s footsteps and delaying the walking until the bitter end.  As much as I appreciate an experienced crawler (we all know I love the crawling), I like the walking as well…the crawling gets old really fast.  Since he is so fast at crawling, I have noticed he is a total menace at church…the baby that pulls out all the books, pulls on wires…basically, making a mess wherever he can…glad to know he isn’t just a menace at home…he is a giver and likes to share his menacing behavior with everyone.  He is still loving the stairs…and is still choosing to go head down most of the time…I am sure he will learn the hard way…sad.  This little boy gets more feisty and independent by the minute – oh, he is a wild one.  He is full on throwing tantrums when he doesn’t get what he wants or he doesn’t get his way…or when he is getting his diaper changed or getting dressed…or (and the list goes on).  Such a pistol.  BUT, then he can be the sweetest baby ever…he has lately been snuggling with me at night when I lay him down.  He rests his forehead against mine and then he’ll throw both arms around my neck and rest his head on my shoulder.  Oh, I am so in love…makes me want to have like fifty more babies (ok, not really, but I love this time with my babies…when I have those few minutes just to be with him and the rest of the world (his two screaming older brothers) just doesn’t happen often, but I’ll take it when it does.

He still hasn’t gotten those two teeth we have been waiting on for basically forever…seriously.  Maybe he’ll just have four teeth…now that would be awesome…he would be like a total honey badger.  I am hopeful that the rest of the teeth coming in will be a total breeze (and clearly I am a little delusional).  Jake swears he said the word “touch”…I think I heard it, but not 100% sure.  Of course, he would say “touch” when we say “no touch”.  He is quite the mimic still and he loves to scream when others scream – definitely his favorite sound to mimic.  We are desperately trying to teach our boys some table manners and the screaming always seems to happen at dinner – so, who wants to have some animals over for dinner?  He has been eating great again this week – and he is a total meat eater…this kid hasn’t met a meat he doesn’t like.  And, he still LOVES his fruit.  (And, let’s be honest, he loves his cheese puffs.)  Milk is still on the bottom of his list…oh well.  He loves to play with his brothers (when his brothers are acting like brothers and not second Mamas).  I think his favorite time of the day may be bath time with his brothers – he loves the water!  He doesn’t really seem into toys – more into getting into things…that’s my boy.  He loves to swing – we have one set up on our patio that he loves.  When I told Jake how much he loved it, he about freaked out…guess the swing on the patio isn’t secure yet and not allowed to be used…that would be helpful to know before putting a baby in it.  Oh well, we are good…Sam survived.  Jake said he can see so much of Sam in me – he looks like a Johnson, and I heard twice this week that he looks just like me…lucky (LUCKY) boy.  It is about time to have a baby that looks like me!  We love our sweet baby…that is quickly turning into our little boy.  This little guy is not turning back.

It is really hard to believe Sam has almost been with us a year and even more crazy to think that when Judah was this age, I was pregnant with Sam…yikes!  A lot has happened this last year – we have been so blessed...A LOT has happened in the last five years!  Crazy how fast time flies.  We are so thankful to God for this journey He has brought us on.

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