Sunday, February 17, 2013

Still Screaming...

Week forty-nine! Yes, way! This baby boy is pushing one less than a month I will have three boys...past the baby baby will become a toddler. Maybe, I'll freeze time this week and keep him a baby...but to be honest, I am ready for him to start walking...all done with the crawling. And, time keeps moving...can't stop what is already in motion. So, I embrace it...even when I would rather not.

So, what did week forty-nine bring for Sammy? Well, sadly it did not bring an end to the screaming...oh, how I wished it would have brought an end to the screaming. I realize that he screams to be be noticed amongst the chaos...but oh, it is like nails on the chalkboard. I also noticed he screams because everyone else screams (except for me, of course, I would never scream, at my kids...never). So, in conjunction with helping Sammy to learn not to scream, I am trying to tone down the other two boys...and, maybe myself (and for sure Jake - he is such a screamer). Well, we (I...Jake was already there) finally broke down and took Sam to the doctor as the rash on his face was getting worse (and I was getting scolded for not applying lotion to his face twelve times a day). Well, glad we took him - he has impetigo, which is a fancy name for a bacteria skin rash. He is on a topical antibiotic and doing well...the fantastic nurse practitioner also gave me an oral antibiotic prescription in case he isn't getting better (I always appreciate when someone in the medical field provides me with the just in case next step because she can understand that going to the doctor with young children is not a treat, but rather it is torture.)...hopefully, we won't have to fill it. We also learned impetigo is HIGHLY contagious and Judah has it on his bottom...lucky boy (the boys bathe together in case anyone was wondering how in the world Judah would get it on his bottom). I learned Sam is barely nineteen pounds…twenty pounds here we come!  Sam is saying Dada more and more and he totally knows what he is saying - this baby is Team Jake all the way...pretty much always has been...let's just say it is a lonely Team Jenn (but that lonely Team Jenn enjoys sleeping in the middle of the night when members of Team Jake are looking for friends at 3AM...Captain Jake, that is all you). I should mention Sam did say Mama during our sweet nighttime cuddle...he likes to keep it between the two of us...our little secret (I do have some closet Team Jenn fans). 

We still have our sweet cuddle time at, love, love this time. He just melts into me at night…resting his cheek against mine…oh my, melt my heart sweet baby. He still isn't sleeping great...and we may or may not be feeding him again before we go to bed. Sleep in the middle of the night is a precious thing...sometimes, crazy things must be done in order to get the desired end result (you know, like when you eat so healthy and work out like crazy…oh wait, that never happens with me). He still has no desire to drink milk and I have bought my last container of formula...cow milk train here we come! And, I don't believe he'll enjoy the cow milk either...but at least I won't cringe when I am dumping a bottle.  He still eats well, but his picky side is coming out more and more.  He still shows NO desire in walking and if you try and get him to walk…you might as well just drag around a bag of potatoes…so, walking is so not in this boy’s future…ugh.  He still loves to get into everything he can – he opens any and every drawer and door he can and pulls everything out as fast as he can. I swear he can hear you open the dishwasher from upstairs…he LOVES the dishwasher.  He is so fast and is on the go as soon as he wakes up…keeps me on my toes.  Overall, he is a sweet boy (except for the screaming) – he loves to play, laugh, chase his brothers, be all boy, and cause havoc – love this sweet boy!

This week has been hard for me...nothing to do with Sam, just have a lot on my mind. I am learning (relearning things I already know) some great things this week. My God doesn't change - He is my rock...when I feel like I am spinning in a million directions and losing all control, I know I can rest in, it may take me freaking out and crying to get there, but I get there. Whenever I am dealing with something that feels very heavy, people tell me - "well, God doesn't give you more than you can handle"...and I laugh because I remember saying that and having someone very wise tell me that God's word doesn't tell you that, it says God will guide you through the hard times and see you through it…God can handle everything. And I do know, God will meet me in my circumstances...He always does.  I am thankful I serve a God who loves me…knows every hair on my head and will meet in every struggle.  Praise God for His faithfulness!

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Brandie said...

"God will guide you through the hard times and see you through it…God can handle everything." Yes. Thank you for reminding me of that today. :)