Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Screamer

Happy forty-eight weeks and eleven months to our little Sammy!  Less than a month away!  My baby is going to be one.  And yes, I know I write this every week…right now, he is MY baby and it is a little hard to imagine him not being MY baby…now, of course, he’ll still be my baby…he is not  all of sudden going to be someone else’s baby or something, but he is getting older.  And, I know I will be a Mama forever…I have three boys…I will be a Mama forever, but I won’t be a Mama to a baby forever…this time is quickly escaping me and there is nothing I can do about it (well, I guess I can continue having more babies…but my body would hate me forever…just bein’ honest).  So, I pray I enjoy every minute…even when Sam is screaming at me with this high pitched, ear bleeding scream!


So, what did week forty-eight bring for Sammy?  Well, he definitely now has officially earned the title of Screamer.…he has earned this.  Honestly, it is horrible.  He screams so loud and it is ear piercing and I hear the screaming all the time…it has been etched in my brain…wakes me up in the dead of the night…and he isn’t even screaming then…I just hear it…it is haunting me…ahh!!!  We have never had a screamer (at least not like this) and we don’t know what to do…makes me wish I could cut off my ears (ok, not really, but wowzers – it is horrible).  Think I am going to get a t-shirt made...The Screamer.  So, we are at a total loss with our screamer, but it is bad and we know we need to nip it in the bud, but not sure what to do…ugh.  He screams for everything – when he is happy, mad, sad…whatever – just loves to scream.  And then, I lay him down at night and for those fifteen minutes, I forget about the screaming because he just cuddles me…hugging on me, resting cheek to cheek…oh,  I don’t think I could love this boy anymore – so, I put up with the screaming for those fifteen minutes, which I look forward to everyday…it is our time and it is sweet.  Of course, as soon as I leave the room – I hear the Sams screaming again (the lambs are screaming…seriously…they are really screaming at our house).  Ok, moving on from the screaming.  Sam has started to play before every nap and night – normally around twenty minutes, but also up to an hour and a half…and he stays happy (normally he is doing his happy scream, which is just as piercing as his angry scream).  He also throws himself all around and sometimes you would think he is going to put a hole through the wall (the walls are thin).  Even though, he is super cuddly at night – he still won’t give me a guess…now, he normally acts like he is going to do it…gets really close in and then normally burps in my face and then blows it in my face.  That is disgusting and I have horrible memories of my brothers doing this to me when I was young (and by young, I mean college – my brothers are super mature).  Sam actually kind of laughs when he is doing it – ugh, boys.  I guess that is my life.   

He finally crawled down the stairs the right way – I said to Jake that finally I can stop watching him around the stairs (I think Jake thinks I was joking…hmmm).  He cried today when I dropped him off at church…scratch that, he screamed (you know, the ear bleeding scream)…he has never done that…hoping it isn’t his new thing because I think it will be really hard for me to leave him!  So, he has like baby acne on his face – or a rash, or something – not sure if it is a food allergy.  I don’t think it is really bothering him and normally, I would consider taking him to the doctor, but we have a high deductible plan…so, you have to be REALLY sick to get to go to the doctor…and like I said, it doesn’t seem to be bothering him and he will see a doctor in a month…so, I guess we just wait it out?!?  (Wow, I sound like such an awesome mom!)  He is still having a blast exploring everything he can – he loves playing with his brothers and driving them crazy!  They drive him crazy as well – tit for tat over here.  I am sure a highlight for Sam this week was when he pulled out as much as he could from one of our cabinets so he could climb right in and play - he was pretty proud of himself...and then Judah came right over and shut both doors on him and walked have to laugh (at least I did).  He continues to mimic us like crazy – he LOVES all the sounds he can make with his lips…so cute to hear him.  He is a daredevil – loves to be thrown all around…not a bit of fear.  He likes to have fun and doesn’t like to sit still.  He is all boy and he is all mine.  Blessed!

So, I'm going to enjoy this last month of babyhood…and will really be seeking how we can stop the screaming!  The screaming has got to stop…or, I might lose my mind!!!  I love this baby boy!  But, I would prefer to have a non-screaming baby boy! 

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One Blessed Family said...

I SO UNDERSTAND! We call Briella our little "Shrieker" it hasn't gone away... YET! The best is at the store after that long silent gasp comes the ear piercing window shattering scream that brings all the shoppers out of the aisles to see what kid is dying!! Man oh man... i feel ya! Good luck with that and let me know if you figure it out ;)