Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Best Friends are Hard to Find...

It’s surreal that this is the third time I’m writing one of these blog posts.  That means little man Sam is almost one.  Hard to believe.   Seems like just yesterday that we found out Jenn was pregnant with baby #3 and that Judah and B3 would only be 18 months apart (cause for shiver).  Also seems like yesterday that we did the big cake pop unveil (drama is limitless in this household) to announce the sex of B3.  Again, it feels like yesterday that Jenn and I were out on a walk talking about names and we came to Samuel Elias Saylor.  It seems like yesterday that I was getting the family going on a Friday morning - on a day that just so happened to be a huge work event for me (Boeing 787 visit to Honeywell Phoenix that I had planned) – when Jenn came down the hall and said “I think my water just broke.”  I’m sure Jenn wouldn’t appreciate this recount, but it seems like just yesterday that I was telling her to drink the castor oil with a straw to help it go down easier (you all know how that ended).  Then it seems like just yesterday that I was holding Jenn’s hand while Sam joined us.  It was an incredible experience.  This boy has been a blessing to our family ever since – even when he screams and we all have to close our eyes a bit to bear the pain of his pitch, he’s a blessing. Some of my fondest memories of Sam in this last year include:

His voice.  Not to be confused with his scream – as previously mentioned, that can be ear piercing while at  the same time amusing because he will stop at nothing to rise above the fray and be heard – but his actual voice is sweet.  Early on when he started to be vocal, he made this “Aaaaah” sound.  I would mimic him and then he’d respond again.  It was like we we’d have a conversation.  Sweet memory.

His laugh.  He has a great laugh.  I have identified a couple spots on his body that can really get him laughing like crazy.  The most random things have made him bust a gut also – like me spitting water out of my mouth like a fountain, or saying “hey!...ho!”  Whatever the cause, I love to hear that laugh.

Tackling.  Sam likes to take any opportunity when he sees me lying down to crawl on over and tackle me.  He won’t just do it once either.  He’ll keep doing it.  All the while, he laughs like it’s the best thing.

Face hugs.  Or rather face slaps.  But they are always loving.  Sam likes to give Jenn and me these playful “hugs” while we’re holding him. 

Serious spunk.  This isn’t a specific memory, but rather a summary of many memories where Sam has shown us he has fire in his belly. 

Water baby.  This kid loves himself some water.  From the pool to the bathtub to the shower to the toilet (yep, that last one is correct).  He’s all about enjoying the water. 

Love for his brothers.  And his brothers’ love for him.  Sam lights up when he sees his brothers – his whole face lights up with a big smile and expressive eyes.  I should clarify that this is not an all the time sentiment because there are definite times when Sam just wants his brothers to go away.  But most of the time it’s love. Hugh and Judah have big love for Sam also.  Hugh wants to smother him with hugs – seems like we’re constantly having to tell Hugh “leave Sam alone, he doesn’t want a hug right now.”  But what a good problem to have!  And Judah – every morning when Judah sees Sam for the first time he lets out with a “Look!  It’s Sammy Lammy!  There he is!  He’s awake!”  I love it.  I hope and pray they are the best of friends who support, challenge, love and care for one another – most of all by sharpening each
other as brothers in Christ. 

Tough guy.  The day he had surgery, while by no means pleasant, I remember fondly his response.  Not an hour after we got home, he was lying on the ground and playing like nothing had happened.  Tough guy Sam.

Soft guy.  Unlike his brothers, Jenn has put Sam to bed every night.  It’s a time where he just melts into her, they snuggle and giggle.  I know it’s a time that Jenn cherishes and I’m pretty sure Sam loves it too.
Spider monkey.  Sam likes me to hold him.  It’s something I’ve bred – or as Jenn says, it’s the bed I’ve made – and I realize it, and while there are times it drives me crazy, I love that he wants me to hold, squeeze and take him wherever I’m going. 

I love Sam.  I truly can’t believe he’s almost one.  I know the time ahead will fly by even faster and I hope and pray that I use the time wisely to share the gospel with him and that God saves him from his sinful nature through Jesus Christ.  Sam is a great blessing, as are my two other boys - I am immensely blessed to be their dad.  I’m even more blessed by the woman who bore him – my wife is a gift and a treasure to me and my boys.  Thank you God for your kindness to me.  Happy birthday Sammy.