Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happy Birthday, Sammy Lammy!

Fifty-two year old. How did it happen? Well, I know how it happened, but it always seems to go by so fast. As I sit here watching my little baby destroy his brother's train tracks (with his brothers screaming at him), I realize that I am no longer looking at my baby, but I am looking at my little boy (my littlest boy, in fact). As much as I want this boy to stay my baby forever, I know he cannot...he must grow up to be a wonderful, God fearing man...he must seek his independence and explore the world...he must be his own person and create his own destiny...he must leave me. And yes, I know he is only one year old...a mere fifty-two weeks, but this Mama starts preparing her heart now...knowing what the future will bring. I pray for this sweet baby of mine - praying he loves the Lord  with everything in him...praying he understands that Christ is the point of his life, not a part of his life...I pray the world is kind to him, but that he always seeks the solace and wisdom of the Lord. I pray he knows how much we love him and that we will do anything we can to support him, and that we want to see all of his dreams come true. Happy Birthday to my sweet Samuel Elias "Sammy Lammy" - you have brought immense joy to this have made my heart swell. I love you little boy. 

Wow, it has been quite a year and we have learned so much.  So, just like his two older brothers...time to look back to see what we have learned these past fifty-two weeks. We have learned babies come on their own time clocks and you cannot wish them out early...even if they could have a chance to be a leap year baby. I have learned what it feels like for my water to break all on its own...yep, just like peeing your pants. We have learned that babies are actually born on their due dates.

We have learned that castor oil is not your friend...never was, never will be...but it can help stubborn babies come. I have learned that I can nurse a baby...I have also learned that there is no love affair with nursing...never was and never will be. I have continued to learn that babies survive and thrive on formula. 

I have learned that growth charts are for the birds and to focus on them would be a waste of time. We have learned that a tiny baby = a more spicy baby...very, very spicy. We have learned to be so thankful for flexible babies. We have learned that swings break...and the world doesn't end.

We have learned that sleep training isn't hard for all babies (praise God). We have learned that sleeping thru the night is a thing of the past...for all of us...and we wouldn't have it any other way (ok, that is not true...I would LOVE a baby to sleep thru the a sista out!). We learned that straight jacket swaddles are our friends...and not some cruel form of punishment (can I get a woot, woot for the Woombie?!?). We have learned that Sam loves his naps...much more than sleeping at night. I have learned that babies can start off so quiet and content and then they hit a wall and want to be heard...and never stop wanting to be heard. 

We have learned that piercing screams can burst eardrums (or at least it sure feels like it). We have learned that third born babies have a right to be heard...shoot, they demand it. We have learned that babies like to be all day long. We have learned that we have another milk hater on our hands...can we ever get a break?!? We have learned that Sammy likes to eat and will pretty much try anything...except breakfast...definitely not his scene. 

We have learned that big brothers really step up to the plate and love their little brothers...even when they are destroying their train tracks (normally, those big brothers are then screaming and threatening their innocent, angelic little brother). We have learned that Sam can make a career out of crawling and thinks walking is very overrated. We have learned that teething really really, really bad. We have learned that it is possible to stain almost every piece of clothing you own. We have learned that parenting (or I guess just watching your children) in a two story home is much more difficult...darned stairs. We have learned that Sam is a sneaky, little guy and is normally found racing up the stairs every chance he gets. 

We have learned he loves to play in the potty...yuck. We have learned he loves really loves it. We have learned that Sammy loves oh my wowzers, loves his Daddy (we joke he has imprinted on Jake...come on all you Twilight fans)...there is not even a close second (like nowhere near close...he just simply tolerates others). And, we have learned that Mama loves to say, "You made your bed, now you have to lie in it."  We have learned that a baby can never really spend too much time on a playmat.

We have learned that staph infections are not the worst thing in the world and not every weird thing is MRSA (that stuff is nasty and no, there is no MRSA up at our house). We have learned that if we think we are going to sleep on vacations, then we are just plain, straight-up crazy. We have learned that it is hard to see your baby go into surgery, but we have learned to trust God even more. We have learned that babies can fall right out a high chair onto tile floor and be just fine. 

Sam has learned that he will survive even when someone is not at his beck and call every second (he doesn't enjoy this lesson at all...and normally it doesn't happen with Daddy). We have learned this baby loves his blanket with a fierce passion...just like his brothers. We have learned that Sam likes to grip you like a monkey when he is being held. I have learned I am strong and I can handle weeks alone with my boys. I have also learned that we have an awesome family - my mom is amazing and I appreciate her so much. 

We have learned that black eyes, bumps, and busted lips heal. I have learned that I love having a little parrot around.  Sam has learned that watching from the window is not how he enjoys his days and he longs for the days when he can run around with his brothers (start walking already). I have learned that rocking Sam to sleep at night is my most favorite part of the day...and it can cover a multitude of wrongs from the day. I have learned that Sam likes to cuddle on his own terms and will not give kisses, which is sad because I am a total smother mother. I have learned to value the treasures of being a mom, and forget the hard things. I have learned that my heart can keep growing and loving more babies. I have learned that being a Mama to three boys is the best thing in the world. I have learned that God blesses me in spite of my disobedience. I have learned that this life goes by fast, so I better enjoy it now. We have learned that Sam Saylor is an awesome little boy and cannot imagine our lives without him!

Oh, my sweet one year can it be?  Praise be to God for His incredible blessings on this family...we are undeserving. My sweet Sammy baby...oh, I love you and I cannot believe you are growing up.  You are such a wonderful little boy - an amazing blessing to this family. I look back over this year with such fond memories and cannot believe it is done...the first year in the books. Oh, my son - I have such big hopes and dreams for you...the sky is the limit, let the adventure begin (and trust me...there is a big adventure waiting for you). I pray you know the love of Christ and live for Him. I pray He grabs ahold of your heart from a young age and you realize that a life without Christ is no life at all. I pray you know how much we love you. Thank you, Sammy, for showing me that it doesn't get any better than three boys. 

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Kimberly Dee said...

It sure doesn't get any better than three boys. Happy Birthday Sammy!