Monday, August 26, 2013

Happiest Place on Earth!

(Like I promised, I am slowly making it back to blogging...every girl needs a break from blogging...I just wish blogging would happen all by itself because honestly, I love to blog and I love having a record of everything because something that is failing me everyday is my memory...and the more kids we have, forget about it. So, obviously over the last six months I had no time to blog...we prepared to move halfway across the world!!!...However, I had plenty of time to watch seven seasons of How I Met Your Mother and countless other series on Netflix, but it was so hard to find an hour to blog...seriously.  Ok, back at it.)


So, since we were moving half way across the world...we decided to bite the bullet and take the boys to Disneyland (we did this trip in April). We joined the AZ Johnson the gurus of Disneyland. We had sworn we would NEVER take the boys this young when diapers and strollers were still a requirement, but when you are moving half way across the do things you NEVER thought you would do.  (And we all know that EuroDisney is not the same no matter what Europeans say.) Jake and I are totally not Disney people...not one little bit of us, so there are no sunshine and rainbows with the thought of taking three boys to DLand. We are the people who think you are totally crazy to go to DLand without kids and really don't understand why people do it (just like I am sure there are a million things we do that people will never understand). However, we really enjoyed our time and are so thankful we took this trip...not all moments were magical, but the boys had a blast and so did we. So, some things I learned about the happiest place on earth....

-If you leave your kids with Aunt Melissa, she will give them lots of candy to make them happy.
-Hugh LOVES roller coasters...has a little dare devil side to him (except when it comes to water...not a fan...he wears a poncho, but then tells you it was his favorite ride...go figure).
-Hugh reached a breaking point with Tower of tears, but definitely not his favorite ride.
-When Melissa tells you there are only three small drops and one big drop on Tower of Terror...she is lying...there are like fifteen drops.
-It is worth all the drops when your nine year-old nephew grabs your hand so hard you think you may start to lose fingers.
-Hugh would not be bothered by the characters (no Mickey or Minnie...he wanted to ride rides)...but he was very disappointed that he didn't get to meet Belle and the Beast (who weren't there...don't trust a mom who knows nothing about Disney and makes a lot of empty promises to make her kids happy).
-It should not just be assumed that any red headed girl is hair didn't make Ariel who she was...her mermaid tail did.
-When Jake tells you what time a bus leaves the park at night...listen to him because he actually listens to the bus driver when you just think you were listening.
-It is amazing how quickly you can run to said bus (with children, food, you name it) when you are going to miss the last one of the is even more amazing how fast Grandmas can run.
-There is nothing magical about any place after three days of no naps...just ask Sam.
-Sam believes sleeping in a stroller is beneath him...awesome.
-It is possible to lose every pacifier you bring to DLand...and even some into water...Sam has quite the arm.

-It is a hard lesson to learn that you cannot just ride the ride a second time right after your first time just because you want to.
-You realize that you are willing to sacrifice your happiness and well-being to see Judah with a big smile (like riding the Ferris the carts that have to constantly be moving).
-It is crazy how expensive the food is at DLand...and yes, we are way too lazy to pack and bring food with us, so I guess I cannot complain about the costs (but it is highway joke...but the churros were awesome and well worth every penny).
-Jake knows he can no longer trust me when I tell him - "you can count on me to stay awake with you for the drive"..because we both know I am totally lying.
-Five minutes of watching Jedi fighting pretty much gets your boys hooked to Star Wars for life.
-It breaks my heart to see my Judah too short and not get to ride the Cars ride...sad.
-Listen to Melissa and Carol...they know their way around the parks.
-Take extra hands with you (you can never have too many people watching your children...thank you Carol and Mom!).
-When it is time to leave, it is time to right that second.

Again, this trip was well worth it - the boys had an absolute blast and LOVED being with their cousins, who are so sweet and patient with them. We are thankful we pulled the trigger and did this trip. Our boys still talk about it...four months later. They actually play lots of games focused around their trip to DLand...very sweet. I am fairly certain we will be back...not sure when, but we'll make it happen...or, maybe we'll just go all Euro and head to DLand in France.

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Amy Gerak said...

So glad you had fun and was totally laughing at all the high-jinks!! :)) And, yes, you have a cousin who has gone to Disney by herself as an adult. You still gotta love me!! Love, prayers, and missing you all...