Sunday, September 8, 2013

And, We Have a Graduate!

(Yes, we are still in look back mode...going to be here for a bit.  And, not quite sticking to my once a week steps.  When you don't blog for many months, there is a lot to catch up on - and just because you don't blog, doesn't mean life doesn't happen.  So, back to the past we go...)

Yep, back in May, we had our first graduation celebration (hopefully, the first of many - because if preschool is the only one we have, it would be a little sad...and now that we are in Switzerland, we can't even bank on kindergarten graduation (they don't do those here, which to be honest I am okay with that as I think these preschool and kindergarten graduations are a bit silly...Hugh happens to love them since we give him gifts))...Hugh graduated preschool!  Originally, we weren't going to have him graduate since by US standards, he is not officially a kindergartener, but by Swiss standards he, we graduated that little boy to bigger and better things!

Honestly, he enjoyed preschool...well, as much as Hugh can enjoy anything that I make him do.  He did make some friends...three...the trouble maker, the mean girl, and the kid who didn't speak English...for those of you who know Hugh, you can totally see this and you just have to laugh.  You know, I am glad he found some peeps...glad the first two won't be friends for life, but how much trouble can preschoolers really get into?!?  According to Hugh, a lot - his trouble maker friend was quite a trouble maker.  Our son is a total creature of habit and LOVES routine, so every Tuesday and Thursday when I would pick him up - he would be sitting in the EXACT same spot - at the snack table and on the rug.  It didn't matter if his friends sat elsewhere - he would be in the EXACT same spot.  I asked him, "Why don't you sit with your friends?" and his reply, "Because I have to sit in my same spot every time."  Of course you do sweet boy.  Oh, my sweet boy.  We didn't expect preschool to teach him much, but it did help with his writing.  He scored a 100% on his exit exam...go Hugh.  He enjoyed doing all the crafts because we all know I am the mom who buys all the items for all those fun crafts and then you hear me say, "Ain't nobody got time for that."  And honestly, I do have time for it...just so dang lazy (and hate cleaning up messes...I feel like I am constantly cleaning up messes)...sigh.

We are thankful he had this experience - we were never planning on preschool for our boys, but the Tempe program was cheap and in hindsight, we were so thankful we did it since now he is in school and the preschool program gave him a little taste of school.  Congrats, graduate!  We love you so much and thank God for you everyday!

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Amy Gerak said...

Love this guy! Go Hugh!!!!